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Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/9/4 16:31
Posts: 94
The Lesbian Society Annual Show-night took place last night, and I am still buzzed from the fun. It was a lot of work, but it went brilliantly for the most part. The crowd was big, members and supporters and people just there because they knew we would put on a good night.

For those who have never been, let me start by saying that no, this was not a night of girls having sex with girls on stage. The Annual Show-night is what it sounds like, an evening of performances, some by members, some by other students on campus, occasionally even a staff-member. A talent show of sorts, but I’d like to think a good one – we choose out acts pretty carefully!

As a special treat we showed Megsy’s trailer for Death Angel 9: Bloody Vengeance, as well as the most amusing of her outakes – you know which one I mean! The audience loved it, showing once again that Megsy is capable of putting something together that entertains a broad audience at CUNT.

As an organiser, the thing about a big event like this is that you know not everything is going to plan. If you define success as the whole night following some script to the letter, then you are never going to feel it was successful. You have to be able to improvise, to deal with the unexpected, to make it up as you go along if necessary. Once everyone else is there, the event doesn’t just belong to the organisers, but to us all.

Our final act this year was Professor Godrick McGuiness of the Psychology Department. He is heading off on sabbatical to Europe for the next six months, so it was a kind of farewell for him, and lots of his students turned up just because of that, a testament to his popularity. When I’d spoken to him about his act the week earlier, he explained that was going to use his performance to showcase the results of his research over the last two years. “I finally did it!” he said. “I broke the predisposition barrier!”

I said I didn’t know what that meant.

“Hypnotism, my dear,” he said.

“Really? I didn’t know you were a hypnotist,” I replied.

“Well, I’ve had to become one of sorts for my research. We got a grant – I can’t tell you from whom I’m afraid, confidentiality and all that.”

“Research? But hasn’t hypnotism been around for ages?”

“Oh yes,” he said, “but is always had enormous limits to its usefulness. The predisposition barrier was the big one, no-one had found a way around it. Until now!”

Well, I’m not a psychology student so I didn’t really know what he was talking about, but a hypnotist seemed like an excellent act for out Show-night and I was pleased that we would be able to give the Professor a good send-off.

“There is something I will need, though,” he said. “For my last ‘trick’ I will need you to have found me something, or rather someone…”

Well, fast-forward to last night, and to the Professor being introduced by one of his students, in a quite moving tribute to the Professor’s teaching and commitment to those in his class. The Professor then came out, all smiles and confidence, and declared that he would be displaying “the power of hypnotism over the human mind, in ways never before accomplished!”

He called up volunteers from the audience and began. He would have then sit down on a stool up on stage, and then they would be staring into each other’s eyes and he would be talking to the students in a soft calm voice, lulling them into a trance. He would then give them instructions, including giving them the key-words he would say in order for them to be free of those instructions after their little performance was over, then tell them to forget the instructions, and bring to full consciousness again by counting down from five. The audience members he did this to certainly appeared to have no memory of their time in the trance, and he would have them do strange or even ridiculous things for our amusement before bringing them out of it and sending them back to their seats with no memory of anything from their initial trance to their moment of return just before going back into the audience.

He had a law student think he was a judge for a few pompous minutes, he had a science student think he had had an amazing breakthrough, and then he had Ms Jenkins think she was teaching a class right there and begin lecturing the audience, following her instructions to not notice that her ‘class’ was laughing the whole time. People loved it! For those at the back we even had a huge screen above the stage with video of what was occurring projected live, a feature the University had installed recently.

Then Professor McGuiness spoke to the audience. “Until now I have been performing hypnotism as the world has known it for many decades. Those who have performed for us tonight have done amusing things, but with two important limits. They haven’t remembered what they have done, because they were only really ever half-conscious during their performing. And more significantly, they have not done anything that they would not have a desire to do, they have done nothing that is really against their nature. It turns out the law student really does want to be a pompous judge!” he said and got a laugh from the crowd.

“But our research here over the last two years will change all of that!” he declared. “We have broken what we call the ‘predisposition problem’! What’s more, this technique will have our subjects fully conscious, fully themselves, and yet unable to stop themselves from enacting their hypnotic programming – no matter how much they want to!”

The audience seemed to be following all of this, and even looked excited about what they were going to see.

“I will need another audience member,” he said. As before, a spread of people put up their hands, willing to play along for the amusement of their friends and everyone present.

But this is what the Professor had asked of me earlier. “I’m going to need an audience member,” he had said days ago. “But they need to be something quite specific. I need someone shy, reserved, someone who wouldn’t want to be on display up on stage because they wouldn’t want to be on display at all – someone who would hate that kind of exposure. Their reluctance is going to be important for this demonstration, so I need you to give this question some thought and help to make sure I have someone there on the night who will help me to show what we have really accomplished over the last two years. Can you do that?”

Well, I had assured him I would, and had spent some time thinking about what he would need. And then I thought about who would be good for his purposes, but also good for the audience. And after a day I had it. Rebecca!

Rebecca, for those who know her, is one of the most shy, most modest students on campus. She was very resistant even coming to this campus, because of the dress code and inspections, but her parents arranged a scholarship interview and those on the scholarship committee had taken one look at her during the interview and awarded her a full scholarship straight away. Her parents aren’t rich by any means, and the possibility of a full scholarship was something the family couldn’t afford to turn down. So whatever her reservations, Becky was coming here!

She had tried to keep a low profile, so far as I could tell, dressing as conservatively as she could manage without provoking the ire of the inspectors. She seemed to shower at times when no-one else is around, judging from when she showed up on the Lesbians Society’s hidden shower cams. She was truly mortified when she found out that those cameras existed, but it was an exciting discovery for the Society when we found Becky on video, let me tell you!

Because Becky is beautiful. With her pretty heart-shaped face, long blonde hair, long, beautifully-sculpted legs, and – as I found out from those shower cam videos – her awe-inspiring bubble butt. And with 38CC breasts, not only very large but firm and perfectly shaped and apparently gravity-defying. What she was so concerned to keep covered what was I thought the audience would like to see on stage, even if fully dressed.

So, as per the Professor’s request, I had arranged for Becky’s boyfriend to have two tickets to our Annual Show-night, and to invite Becky to come along. Becky had agreed!
Of course she wasn’t volunteering for anything, let alone to be the subject of a hypnotist’s attention. But she was there, and that was what the Prof had asked for.

So when he said he need someone from the audience and people put their hands up, Professor McGuiness had continued by saying “Please keep your hands up, because for this demonstration I’m going to need someone who would never put up their hand to be up on stage like this. Someone whose participation tonight will be at best reluctant!”

He made a show of looking around the audience at those who did not have their hand up. Becky didn’t think quick enough to put her hand up and make it harder to justify him picking her, but then she didn’t know that I had pointed her out and where she was sitting immediately before the Professor went on stage.

Standing at the back of the room, I saw the Prof pretend to be thinking about it before he suddenly pointed directly at Becky and loudly said “You! I think you, my dear. You look truly reluctant!” People laughed but Becky looked shocked as a spot-light was pointed her way. Her boyfriend next to her was grinning wildly and clearly telling her she had to go up. Becky’s resistance was palpable but everyone around her was loudly urging her up to the stage and her boyfriend was giving her little pushes from her seat next to Becky, and after a minute or so Becky gave in and stood up. The audience cheered!

Becky walked up to the stage slowly, looking like she might try to bolt, but with everyone watching she ascended the few steps and then was there, next to the Prof on stage being watched by hundreds. On the big screen above the stage a close-up of her face showed her smile to be of the very nervous variety.

“Don’t worry, my dear!” the Professor said reassuringly. “We’ll look after you!” Becky still looked distinctly worried, though, and the audience couldn’t help but laugh, expecting that she might be embarrassed by whatever the Prof had her do. “What’s you name?” he asked, though I’d told him earlier.

“Rebecca, um, everyone calls me Becky,” she managed to reply.

“Ok Becky, just try to relax.” Nothing about her expression or body language suggested she was having much luck with that!

Well, the Professor had her sit on the stool on stage and then he started his calming talk as they looked right at each other. But this time he reached out with his hands and held both of Becky’s hands in his own, appearing to be massaging her hands in some way as he spoke. At first she still seemed both fully awake and very nervous, but, after a bit longer than in his previous demonstrations, she appeared to relax, her eye-lids dropping just a little as she continued to look into the Professor’s eyes.

“OK, Becky,” the Professor said in his soft, calming voice, and if wasn’t for the microphone he had attached to his lapel I doubt we could have heard him. As it was, though, even at the back of the room I could hear him perfectly. (The University really has invested in some good quality audio-visual and recording technology over the last year, and they should be recognised for their desire to become a truly modern educational institution.) “I can tell that you are a shy and modest person. That will not change. However,” and I could tell the audience were listening intently, some were even leaning forward in their seats even though this wouldn’t help them to hear what was being put over a most adequate sound-system, “when I bring you out of you trance you will find your body following these instructions. You will be fully conscious, and your consciousness and personality will be in no way changed, but you will discover that you are unable to stop yourself from enacting the instructions no matter how much you don’t want to.”

The Professor had the audience, sometimes literally, on the edge of their seats. But if he had them in the palm of his hand then, that was nothing compared to the audience excitement when he continued giving his instructions to a tranced-out Becky.

“Becky, when I bring you out of this trance, nothing will seem or feel different from how you were before. You will not remember the conversation we are having, but your body will follow these instructions. When you hear your full name, when you are address as ‘Rebecca’, you will find that you cannot leave the stage, no matter how much you want to, no matter how much you try, you will not be able to walk away, will not be able to do anything but face out at the audience. And Becky, every subsequent time you hear yourself addressed as ‘Rebecca’ you will find that your hands undo something on your clothes, one button, one zip, one snap, they will take one more small step toward nudity. Your conscious desires for modesty, your desire to be covered in front of all these people, will be unable to prevent your hands from starting to strip you, an uncontrollable stripping right on the stage. Only when I say the word, um, ‘jenny’, will you be able to leave the stage. Afterward I will put you back into a trance in order to remove the instruction about your involuntary clothes undoing. But other than your time in a trance, you will be fully awake, fully conscious, and fully yourself the entire time.”

There were some cheers, even hooting, and much laughter. I looked around and saw an audience extremely excited, boys and many girls, certainly many Society members, who looked like they were having an amazing time and expected it might get even better. Becky’s boyfriend looked particularly excited. Some were quickly reaching for cameras or hastily putting their phones on video-recording settings, and Becky’s boyfriend was one of the latter. Becky in all of her modest, obviously big-breasted beauty, was projected onto the big screen, so that everyone could be sure to get a really good look. The perfect teasing set-up.

This is exactly what I had been hoping for.

“Now Becky,” the Prof continued, “as I count back from five you will find yourself coming out of this trance. You will remember nothing of this chat. Five...four…you are slowly coming around…”

As the Prof counted back to zero Becky started to come around, you could see her moving into full awareness. “…zero.” Becky, still on the stool, had her eyes fully open and was looking around, nervous and obviously worried about what she might have done, having seen some embarrassing things the other audience participants had been made to do.

“So, Becky, do we have you back? Fully awake again?”

Becky nodded back at him, glancing around.

The Prof smiled reassuringly at her and ushered her to her feet and toward the very front of the stage, where he had had joined previous subjects in giving a bow before returning to the audience. So Becky, assuming she had done her part already, took the few steps to the edge of the stage, obviously scanning the audience, probably trying to read their faces to try to work out the kind of things she might have done under her hypnosis.

From my observation, what she would have seen, looking down from the stage, would have been an lot of excited, expectant people, faces often grinning up at her. This audience was buzzed! Becky looked confused, certainly.

She and the Prof gave a bow and then the Prof turned to her and said, “Ok, you can return to the audience now, thanks for participating, Rebecca !”

When the Prof said her full name, there were laughs in the audience, and Becky looked out from the stage, even more confused.

Then Becky obviously tried to smile, being a good sport, though it was a pretty weak smile, and then she made to walk toward the stage steps and return to her seat.

But when she got to the steps at the front of the stage, right in the middle, her feet just stopped moving! She looked down at them, and made as if to step onto the first step going down, but her foot never even got close!

The audience broke into cheering! Becky looked out at them and then to her side where the Prof was looking pretty pleased with himself. You could tell Becky was realizing that he had done something to her, something still going. Now she really looked nervous.

“Our first achievement!” the Professor declared loudly to the audience. “Fully awake and conscious and herself, but her body does what it is told during her hypnotic trance!”

People cheered again. “And now to the second part – acting against predisposition.” Even louder cheers from those who realized what this would mean. The Prof turned to Becky again with a pretend-apologetic smile. “Sorry, but you’re still need for this next demonstration. My apologies, Rebecca.”

And then Becky looked astonished as her hands reached up and undid a button on her dress. Her eyes were so wide as she looked down to where the top button of her dress was being undone, seemingly with no intent on her part!

Becky’s black dress went from her neck down to her knees, and was held together by a row of buttons going all the way down. This was only one, and only another inch or two of her body was display, but ecky certainly looked horrified. No-one could doubt that the Prof had indeed overcome the ‘predisposition’ issue – this was not something Becky would ever do herself!

Suddenly, as I had pre-arranged, a spotlight appeared and was pointed at Becky. Before Becky could say anything, the Prof grinned at the audience, and then looked at Becky and loudly said, ‘Is something the matter, Rebecca?’ Once again a big part of the audience cheered but Becky watched with wide eyes as her hands once again came up and undid the next button down. Though the cheering meant we couldn’t hear it, on the big screen we could all see her mouth make the words “oh my god!” Any more buttons and the audience would start to be able to see more of those huge tits – and boy did they know it! (Becky obviously did too!)

Becky’s face was rapidly going a delightful pink, if any other sign was needed of her extreme embarrassment at this point. Looking out at the eager audience, Becky actually gulped!

“You’re looking a little embarrassed, Rebecca!” Professor McGuiness continued with a smirk at the audience, and Becky made a little squeak noise as her hands seemed to move themselves up to undo the third button, so that we could now see the beginning of the swell of each of those big boobs under that dress – shown in close-up on that big screen above the stage. You could see en enormous strain on her face as she was obviously trying to will her hands not to follow the Prof’s hypnotic instructions – with no effect whatsoever!

“Eeek!” is the best approximation of the noise Becky made as the first flashes of cameras went off in her direction. (Obviously others had been taking video the whole time.)
Becky now had her arms over her dress at breast-level, as her face started going from pink to a deeper color, getting closer to red!

“Ok,” the Professor said, obviously very satisfied that he his demonstration had worked perfectly. “As you can see, the new techniques are a total success. Those subject to them follow the instructions utterly, no matter what they consciously wish!”

“More!” someone in the crowd yelled out, producing a panicked expression on Becky’s face and cheers from the audience.

The Prof smiled and shook his head. “I think the demonstration is complete. Any more would be just-“

Rebecca!” a girl loudly yelled out from the back of the room. (It was me!)

On the big screen I could see Becky’s horrified face as her hands once again undid a button, revealing much more of that heavenly cleavage, much more of those perfect tits.

“Now come on-“ the Prof tried, but members of the raucous audience were now taking the initiative themselves. “Hey Rebecca!” “Show us your tits Rebecca!” “Strip for us Rebecca!” I’m almost certain the first of these voices was Becky’s boyfriend!

Her feet appeared to be stuck to the floor, and Becky was actually shaking with embarrassment as her hands now rapidly undid more buttons, until the dress was open all the way down to her belly button! The Prof was waving his hands to try to stop the audience and looking pretty panicked himself!

But though her dress was unbuttoned to below her breasts, Becky’s dress was not pulled open and so while we could all see more of those tits they were still not really on display more than they would be in was extreme-cleavage top (of the sort Becky would never wear!) – which didn’t stop her face from going an ever darker red, as her hands sought to cover her breasts for those brief moments when they weren’t undoing more buttons!

“Everyone stop-” the Prof tried again, but people just kept yelling over him, the roar of the crowd was becoming ever-bigger.

“You wanna get naked, Rebecca!” “Let us all see those boobies Rebecca!” “Take it all off Rebecca!” This was going exactly like I’d hoped!

And then Becky, in front of a laughing, whooping audience, was down to the buttons over her crotch. The last thing I heard some yell out was “Are you a real blonde, Rebecca?!” After that you couldn’t even hear the Prof or anyone else over boys and girls now chanting together “Rebecca! Rebecca! Rebecca!”

And Becky, powerless to stop it, just kept undoing button after button. Her hands busy with more buttons and so unable to stop it, her dress started to fall open at the top, and then we all got to finally see them, spotlit on stage and in close-up on the big screen, Becky’s amazing titties poking straightforward even bra-less, with nipples like little cherries. The audience whooping reached new heights as cameras flashed all over, making Becky blink despite her wide-eyed horror at what was happening. The event’s camera operator, a reliable Lesbian Society stalwart, zoomed in to capture those titties on the big screen, where they appeared at fifty times their actual (already big!) size.

And as she got toward the last couple of buttons at the bottom of her dress, we had our next surprise – it wouldn’t immediately be obvious if she was a real blonde because Becky, in clear violation of college rules, was wearing panties, cute little white panties! I’m sure people were yelling things out about that but I couldn’t hear it because of all of the whooping and chanting of her name continuing as Becky couldn’t stop her hands from following her instructions.

As Becky got to the bottom, to the last button of her dress, and started to pull the dress off to the loudest cheers yet, someone, a girl, started to run on stage. Becky looked at them and you could see the pleading in her eyes as this woman moved quickly toward her.

Many people undoubtedly recognised the girl running on stage, not least as she had appeared in some footage shown earlier in the evening – it was an inspector, Audrey Harper, striding across the stage to where Becky stood just letting her dress fall to the floor.

And though Becky would have undoubtedly pulled off those panties next, however much she didn’t want to, Harper seemingly didn’t want to wait and, whether out of commitment to her job or caught up in the spirit of the evening, she reach out to grab a handful of those panties and just YANKED them up as hard as she could, so hard that Becky gave out a squeal loud enough to be heard over the audience’s laughter, cheering, chanting, jeering. Becky’s wedgie didn’t last long, though, as those panties were unable to deal with the strain and ripped right off, I think they were actually in three pieces by the time Harper dropped them on the stage floor to more audience cheering and whooping.

Harper stepped aside took a bow, and the event video camera zoomed in to get a close-up of Becky’s blonde snatch up on the big screen for everyone, just before, no more clothes to remove and so no more instructions to keep her hands busy, Becky managed to get a hand over her pussy and an arm over those tits – though Becky’s tits are so big that an arm can only cover so much! People snapped away with their cameras and at least fifty people were getting video of Becky standing naked on stage, unable to walk away. “Move your hand!” and “Show us your pussy!” were two things I heard yelled out, the first I’m pretty sure was called out by Becky laughing boyfriend, the second by last year’s president of the Lesbian Society.

Harper though had walked behind Becky and was obviously pointing her phone camera at Becky’s perfect ass, getting some nice snaps or else some video, it was impossible to know from where I was. Harper then walk up and picked up all of Becky’s clothes and strolled off stage to applause.

The Prof had been standing there looked shocked for the previous several minutes, but he now came to life and loudly said ‘jenny!’ in Becky’s direction, the key-word to permit Becky to move off the stage.

Which Becky did at great speed, hands still desperately trying to cover her naughty bits, but not well enough to stop those huge tits from bouncing, her perfect ass jiggling as she tried to run off to the side of the stage where a door, she rapidly discovered by trying the handle and giving everyone another nice look at her bouncing tits from the side, had been locked to prevent anyone trying to sneak in without paying. She even took her hand from her cunt to use both hands in her efforts to get the door open! That certainly got another cheer and people were yelling out some very rude things indeed. I’ll have to take another look at the video to see if I can make out what people were saying, but if anyone can remember please let us know.

So a panicking Becky, arms back in place, ended up running awkwardly back to across the stage and down the steps to flee down the path right through the middle of the room and to the exit out the back, as dozens of people yelled things out and pointed cameras he way and laughed uproariously, as her running legs and ass were projected on the big screen.

From there I don’t know where she ran, and I'm not sure, apart from those who saw her running frantically across campus with no clothes on, that anyway has seen her since. But Harper told me she took Becky’s clothes as evidence for a hearing about her panty-wearing ways.

A good night was had by all, in any case.

As to the Prof, I saw him just before he left for his sabbatical the next day, and he said he hadn't had a chance to try to see Becky since her time in the spotlight. "maybe apologise for me if you do see her?" he said to me, and I assured him I would. He seemed philosophical about the whole thing, which I thought was kind of nice. "Every new development creates possibilities and problems," he told me, shrugging.

So the Prof is somewhere in Europe by now. Only after he had left did I think, hang on, that means he never took away Becky's instruction to undo some clothing every time she hears her full first name. If people here realize that, becky could be having an interesting six months until the Prof gets back!

Posted on: 2012/6/3 2:38
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/24 23:13
Posts: 100
It does seem that a good time was had by (almost) all.

These days of course the moral police appear to be out in force, but hopefully there won't be any of those ridiculous witch-hunts against you or the Lesbian Society. The college itself probably won't want to go down that road, especially since one of their own professors was right there in the middle of it all. So let's hope.

As to Becky, I guess she'ss be facing the tribunal for that dress code violation. A fact only exposed because of your night of nights!

Posted on: 2012/6/3 3:11
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Freshman Chatter
2012/3/26 10:45
Posts: 21
A lot of impressionable young boys and girls got a thorough look at beautiful Becky that evening!

I always disliked the idea of audience participation until now, but the people attending that night certainly got into the spirit of the thing.

And I liked the way Becky's pussy hair was a lovely blonde strip, quite short, very well trimmed, more calling attention to than covering the slit of her cunt.

Posted on: 2012/6/3 4:09
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2012/1/30 13:36
Posts: 58
Oh, that show was awesome! And not just because I got to screen my trailer again to a receptive audience! It was a heck of a show all around, but I guess I'm going to show my obsessive geek side now when I say that the highlight for me was the camera work. Those loving and leering close ups on Becky's lady parts were expertly done! My compliments to the fine women of the Lesbian Society. Your ability to capture the beauty of the female form on film keeps me in perpetual awe.

One thing has me curious though. I get that if Becky hears her full name, it causes her to take one little baby step towards complete and total nudity, but what happens if she reads the word? Like, what if she was reading my post right now, and I just typed "Rebecca." If she read the word, would she be compelled to strip? I think it'd be a really important fact to find out. If thats the case, she'd end up removing pieces of clothing in school every time she had to write her name down on something, or fill out an official form! For her own good, I think we need to check this out. Anybody who's friends with Becky, please get her to take a look at this thread. Okay, here goes:

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca,Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca.

Okay, that should do it. Alright, Rebecca, if your reading this, are you reading it bare ass naked? Inquiring minds want to know!

Posted on: 2012/6/4 0:47
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/9/4 16:31
Posts: 94
Thanks Megsy! I'll pass that on to the girls in question in case they don't take a look at the forums here. I'm especially happy you liked the camera work, because I was given the task of organising it for the night, and so had to give directions to both the camera girls and the girl on the spotlight.

I mean, I'm not an expert or anything, so it was basically just giving an indication of when the spotlight girl should direct it at Becky and make sure she stays, well, like a deer in the headlights I suppose you'd say. And it certainly turned out that way!

As to the camera girls, the message I sent to them the day before was just: "Hey girls, just a reminder about your role tomorrow. When Professor McGuiness is getting toward the last participant for the night, if everything goes well, it is going to be especially important for you to focus on her. Because if everything goes well we might be getting to see a lot more of her than she will be expecting! So just be ready, pay attention to what is happening, and make sure everyone in the audience can see everything on the enormous screen above the stage. If all goes according to plan it will be Becky of the big tits and modest ways, and this will be a great opportunity. I know I don't need to say it, but remember that shots taken with the camera lower down and shooting up offer good opportunities, though it is important to try to get her face in as much of it as possible as well. Good luck girls!"

They did us all proud, with enthusiasm and commitment.

And I'd repeat what Megsy says above: if anyone out there does see Becky, could you get her to have a read of Megsy's message above, and report back to us all?

Posted on: 2012/6/4 5:39
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/9/4 16:31
Posts: 94
Oh, a couple of things I forgot before.

Firstly, Megsy, the Lesbian Society is putting together a DVD of this year's Annual Show-time performances, and we were wondering how you would feel if we included your trailer in with the live performances, since it was shown on the night? I think it would be a popular inclusion, and of course it would be more exposure. What do you think?

Also, we were wondering if we could also include the out-take from shooting we also showed on the night. You remember, the footage of Erin in character being vengence-girl, where we can see the inspector riding up behind her and then RIP!! there goes Erin's thong and Erin is jumping around squealing. Is that ok?

(I was going to ask Erin put I know she didn't know you were going to put that out-take on-line or let us show it, so I thought she would be more likely to say no. But the movie and its out-takes are yours, of course, so this just seemed a better way for everyone, you know?)

Posted on: 2012/6/4 7:52
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/24 23:13
Posts: 100
Of course Becky has a hearing coming up for her dress code violation. Audrey Harper apparently wants to re-enact her panty-ripping.

Of course, given how modest Becky is, I expect the hearing will be packed. Who's going to be there?

Posted on: 2012/6/4 10:58
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/27 10:04
Posts: 62
I sure wouldn't miss that for the world. The idea of Becky having to re-enact the lesbian night spectacular in a hearing, complete with wedgie and pantsing, is simply too delicious. And since the video evidence makes her conviction an odds-on certainty, it's not too early to start speculating about what choice of punishments she'll be offered... given the girl's modesty, I'm betting she'd rather do just about ANYTHING than accept a penalty that involves nudity. So a spanking event seems more than possible...

Posted on: 2012/6/4 12:50
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/27 10:04
Posts: 62
An interesting development --

As you know, Becky hasn't been seen since the Lesbian Society Annual Show, where she was seen rather more than usual. Well, since it was raining today she must have figured nobody would be around so she ventured out to buy food, carefully dressed in a raincoat with many many buttons, holding her umbrella low to disguise her face. But, as you all know, Becky's face isn't the only recognizable part of her body. Or even the most recognizable.

"Rebecca!" I called, seeing her in the plaza. I wasn't thinking, I just thought I'd like to compliment her on the great show last week, but when she froze where she stood I remembered about the hypnotic suggestion.

"How are you doing, Rebecca?" I asked, watching with satisfaction as she discarded the umbrella and undid her top button.

"Don't say that!" she hissed, looking about frantically.

"Say what, Rebecca?" Another button.

"My name!"

"What, 'Rebecca'?" Another button. "Well, what am I supposed to call you? "Girl with the big tits and great ass"? I think I'll stick with 'Rebecca'."

"Please!" Her raincoat was now half unbuttoned, and the rain was beginning to moisten her pretty pink dress underneath.

"Please? You're begging me? I don't understand any of this, REBECCA. I wasn't at the Lesbian Annual Show, and I haven't seen the video of your little strip tease act, so I certainly don't know anything about any post-hypnotic suggestions, REBECCA."

There were just two buttons left, now. Becky's awesome rack was thrusting through the gaping front of the raincoat, and the rain was doing a good job soaking her dress and making it figure-hugging and translucent. I could see her perky nipples poking through the flimsy material.

"You know it all! Say 'Jenny' and let me go. It doesn't seem to work when I say it!"

"I'd rather say Rebecca." The wind was billowing the raincoat so much now, filling it with air, that it could barely stay on. "Say, how's your boyfriend, Rebecca? He seems like a great guy."

"I never want to see that rat again!"

"Oh. So you're single? Would you like to go out with me, maybe?"

"You have got to be kidding!"

"Just one date? If you agree, I might be inclined to say that name. You know, the one that isn't REBECCA."

Now the raincoat came loose, and only stayed on because of the sleeves.

"Oh, you... if I agree, you'll let me go? Right away?"

"Sure," I said, fingers only slightly crossed. "A date with the girl with the best tits in school -- that's got to be worth a generous favor, like saying that name, Rebeccca."

Rebecca automatically shrugged off her raincoat altogether, and stood shivering in her clinging dress, every contour exposed and glistening. I was pleased to note that the dress had only two buttons at the top, plus a belt.

"Since we're going to be dating, how about you give me a little kiss? Just as a sign of good faith?"

"Oh, you really are insufferable! This is blackmail! Coercion!"

"I don't think so. I'm not threatening you with anything. Nothing's going to happen to you. I'm just offering to do you a favor of saying a name for you, only I want a favor in return, Rebecca."

Now one of those top buttons came undone, revealing a glimpse of that peachy cleavage. Becky was blushing furiously.

"OK, just a little kiss. I could kill you."

I moved in, put my hands around her waist, and gave her my best kiss. I must've been pretty good, or she must have been keen to do a good job, because her lips parted and she seemed quite passionate.

"Mmm, so nice. Can I touch your tits?"


"You sure? Because I wouldn't dream of doing it without permission. But I have a feeling you might give me permission in a minute, REBECCA."

The last button was swiftly undone by Becky's trembling fingers, even as she stared at them in hatred, as if she wanted to smack them with a ruler. Her cleavage, slick with rain, looked more inviting than ever.

"Oh God. Where is this going to stop?"

"Just let me touch your tits. I swear that's all." Becky didn't quite reply, but she looked away and made a microscopic nod. I uncrossed my fingers and started kneading and squeezing those beautiful orbs through her sopping dress. Naturally, I kissed her too, and again, her response seemed to indicate a naturally passionate nature.

"Mmm! You're a great kisser," I said, tweaking those big hard nipples. "Rebecca." I added.

Off came the belt, and Becky glowered at me like she was ready to strangle me with it.

"You always knew you were going to end up naked, didn't you?" I asked. "You just went along with this for fun. Rebecca."

Becky pulled off one of her boots.

Becky certainly wasn't going to admit to that. "Please, Bob! I'm not wearing any panties! These stupid dress codes!"

"I can't help that, Rebecca." And now she was barefoot in the rain, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she squirmed in embarrassment.

"I'll kiss you real good! You squeeze my tits again! And my ass! But just let me go!"

"I'm not keeping you, Rebecca..."

And with a defeated sigh, the poor girl found herself automatically pulling the dress off over her head. I won't bore you with the details, you've all see that magnificent bod. I will say that, glistening and rainslicked, nipples hard, it looked even better. And with the full-body blush.

I stepped in for my kiss, and took her up on the tits and ass stuff too.

"You're a good sport, Becky," I said, as I mauled those great boobies. "So I feel I should warn you."

"Warn me?"

"While you were in a trance, Professor McGuinness implanted another trigger word. This one could have quite...embarrassing effects."

"My God! What do you mean?"

"Well, this trigger word... if anybody besides you speaks it... it'll cause you to masturbate."

"No! I don't believe it! WHy would Professor McGuinness do such a thing?"

"I think he just wanted to test his technique to the max. But he never got around to trying it at the show. Maybe he didn't plan to. But as he left without removing the post-hypnotic commands, it's still there, in your mind, and anybody can trigger it."

"Well, is there a way to un-trigger it if somebody DOES say it?" she asked, wide-eyed.

"No," I said, regretfully. It isn't easy to squeeze a girl's ass, which I was still doing, with your fingers crossed, by the way. "The command holds until you've orgasmed three times. Then, and only then, you can stop."

"This is terrible! Thanks for telling me! I've got to get Professor McGuinness to come back here and undo this!"

"The trigger word is -"

"Don't say it! You'll set me off! I can't be... masturbating in the street!"

"I was just going to say that the trigger word is STEWED PRUNES."

Now, this was the point where the joke was supposed to end. Becky would realize I'd been bullshitting her and she'd maybe even have a laugh about it.

But when I spoke those words, Becky's fingers started moving down her smooth belly, her eyes were wide in alarm, and I stepped back in amazement, but also to see what happened.

"Oh nooo..." whispered Becky as she began to rub herself between her creamy thighs. Either the power of suggestion is such that believing yourself hypnotized is enough, or else Becky has an inward craving for sweet humiliation...

Either way, the results were spectacular. If she was embarrassed before, now she was mortified, looking this way and that in panic as her fingers teased her pink pussy. "Hide me! Cover me! Help!"

I wasn't about to do any of those things, and there really didn't seem to be much I could do, given the rules I'd unthinkingly created. Becky would have to keep frigging herself until her third orgasm. Harsh, but that's life.

"OOooooohhhh!" Becky was heating up rapidly. I like to think my kisses started her off. I walked around her digging the way her ass thrust out behind her as she rubbed her clit. The rainwater trickling down her curves.

With one hand, Becky was stroking her breasts as she fingered her hot little cunt. I moved in close and SHE kissed ME -- she just couldn't help herself. I cupped her breasts, then let one hand slide down to her creamy pussy, where she grabbed it and thrust two fingers into her slit.

Becky came. Right there in the street. And I gave her ass a good spank and yelled "Jenny!" because I felt a little sorry for her, really. Although she was kind of having a great time, too.

Becky blinked, then realized she was free, and took off like a shot, my hand-print still on her ass. Unfortunately for her, a class had just come out and were hurrying through the rain. Becky ran smack into Audrey Harper, and they both fell down on a grassy verge. Well, more like a muddy verge.

Becky was still masturbating, or course, which Harper noted with surprise. She ran off, her muddy behind wiggling excitedly, hand still busy between her legs. Harper noted the infringement of college rules -- lewd, sexual behavior in public, and resolved to bring it up at Becky's hearing.

I know Becky doesn't read these forums, but I trust nobody's going to let her know that I invented this hypnotic suggestion. Not until after our date, anyway?

Posted on: 2012/6/5 3:10
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/9/4 16:31
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Wow, that explains things then. You see, a few of us were have a Society meeting, editing together the footage from the Show-night, making sure we had all of the best shots of Becky involuntarily stripping on stage ready for our DVD of the evening. We had the video running on a large high-def screen, and were enjoying the view and debating whether or not to have a close-up of Becky's natural blonde muff on the cover, when who should burst through the door but Becky herself, absolutely naked, eyes wide and manically looking around everywhere, those beautiful big boobs still bouncing as if she had been running, and - most surprisingly of all - with her right hand down between her legs furiously rubbing her pussy. "Eeeek!" was pretty much the sound she mad when she saw us, and then she made the exact same sound as she saw herself projected on the screen.

"Help! I can't stop!" she squealed, "I need to hide!"

Well thank god for Leslie, our camera operator on the show-night. Level-headed as ever, she just grinned and picked the video camera from the table. "Should make a great extra!" she laughed and started filming poor Becky.

Becky squealed again and turned to run out of the room, but it is hard to do things with one hand busy in one's crotch, so she had a lot of trouble getting past the two giggling Society girls who had moved in front of the door.

You have to understand that Becky is not only one of the most modest girls on campus, she is also one of the straightest - no Society member had ever seen her playing with herself, that is for sure, and none of us could take out eyes off this amazing sight. Becky looked truly mortified, her face wasn't pink with embarrassment so much as red with humiliation.

"Hypnotic...suggestion...have to cum...three times..." she managed to say. We all gave each other glances, bewildered as to where this was coming from. But we weren't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, not when Becky's tits were bouncing right in front of us as she started ramming two fingers deep into her snatch.

Becky slid to the floor, where she sat with legs spread, obviously nearing orgasm. Leslie giggled and came in for a close-up of the action between those thighs, and though Becky tried to block the camera with her other hand Ashley decided to help out by gently but firmly taking Becky's 'free' hand and holding it aside so Leslie could get an uninterrupted shot.

And that is how Leslie got the extreme close-up of Becky's cunt just as Becky came.

And though she immediately started to play with herself again, she staggered up and managed to force her away out of the room, and out into the world.

It makes more sense now, but even when we didn't really understand it, it stood out as a great moment in Society history.

Posted on: 2012/6/10 6:05
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/27 10:04
Posts: 62
Great story, Linda. I wonder if anybody else saw Becky as she was trying to get undercover?

Remember, now, everybody, if you see Becky, "stewed prunes" is the phrase to get her to masturbate. This can run and run.

Posted on: 2012/6/13 4:31
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/27 10:04
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Becky still hasn't figured out how to get un-hypnotized. I saw her the other day in an amusing situation. She was hiding in some bushes by a wall, naked and masturbating again, and looking very embarrassed about it too.

"Quick, cover me up!" she begged, so I threw my coat over her. I wanted to know how she got this way.

"I thought I had the problem solved! I sewed up all my clothes so I couldn't just unbutton or unzip them! And the I put on boxing gloves so I couldn't masturbate. I thought it was foolproof. If somebody said that phrase, I wouldn't be able to rub myself except by rubbing my thighs together, and I can do that quite discretely."

I lifted my coat to get a look at her naked body, her fingers buried in her snatch, frantically frigging her hot puss.

"So what went wrong?" I chuckled.

"Everything! I ran into Liz and she got to talking. She said she was sorry about my position and would love to help. She knows a psychology major who might be able to get me un-hypnotized, or so she said. But all the time some lesbian friend of hers was behind me, snipping at my stitches with a pair of scissors. She did such a good job that my clothes were falling apart without me knowing it.

"Then, when she'd gotten everything ready, she tugged the laces of my gloves and Liz said my name twice, and I found myself pulling the gloves off! By the time I'd removed them, my clothes were in a heap at my feet, fallen to pieces, and Liz's friend had snatched them up!

"I was nude, and then of course Liz said 'Stewed Prunes' and laughed, and I couldn't help it, I started to stroke myself down there... I wanted to run away, but Liz and her friend held me in position while a crowd gathered...

"They had their fun, I guess. I came three times, which took quite a while, with everybody laughing and making comments. And then somebody said the words again and I had to start all over again. Liz said it would be psychologically interesting to see how many times a girl could cum. I'd had eleven orgasms and I was getting really tender from all that rubbing, when luckily a teacher showed up.

"What's all this nonsense?" she snapped. I don't know which department she's from or what her name is but she seemed a real bitch.

The crowd scattered and I was able to make a run for it, but with that woman yelling after me. I think I gave her the slip, but I need you to help me get back to the dorm..."

This seemed like fun, so I let Becky drape my coat around to hide her form.

"Can you walk OK and masturbate at the same time?" I asked.

"I've found I can run pretty fast!" she said, her cheeks flushing as she neared orgasm. We started towards her dorm when I saw a middle-aged woman striding towards us.

"It's her!" gasped Becky, lowering her head. "Don't let on I'm the girl she saw before!"

"What's that, Becky?" I asked. I swear I didn't mean to use her name, but Freud says there are no accidents so maybe it was deliberate. Maybe I wanted Becky to have to shrug off my coat and stand there, naked and stroking her wet slit in front of the outraged tutor.

"Eeek!" said Becky.

"This is an outrage!" said the tutor, who looked kind of like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, only meaner. She produced from somewhere a long wooden ruler, and smacked Becky on her bare behind. Grabbing Becky's free arm, she was able to rain down blows on that defenseless, gorgeous butt.

"Stop!" yowled Becky, her twelfth orgasm approaching.

"I'll keep spanking you until you stop this disgraceful display!" declared the teacher.

She didn't have long to wait because, maybe exacerbated by the furious spanking, Becky came right then, gasping and moaning and totally failing to keep her dignity about it. As her climax subsided, the tutor paused, ruler in mid-swipe, waiting to see what would happen next.

Becky was out of trouble, I knew. The teacher would walk her home and be able to discover what had happened and let her off with a warning, probably.

"Stewed prunes," I found myself saying.

"Oh Bob, you ****!" shrieked Becky, as her fingers frantically dived into her tender cunt again.

THWACK! The next ruler blow was the hardest yet. I stood back and watched the fun, wondering how hard you could swing that ruler before it snapped, and what the teacher would do next if it did...

Posted on: 2012/7/6 12:13
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2011/6/10 3:00
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I neither confirm nor deny my part in this scenario

Still, I wonder why Becky would even think of asking you for help after what happened last time. Either she really is at her wits end with the near constant nudity and sexual arousal she's been experiencing, or she's becoming a glutton for punishment.

Posted on: 2012/7/7 22:57
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2010/8/27 10:04
Posts: 62
I suspect Becky may be enjoying the attention more than she lets on. After all, the masturbation isn't even something she was hypnotized into, she just THINKS she was. So all this embarrassment is fulfilling some deep-seated need for her. I urge everybody to keep it up, it's obviously beneficial for Becky. Maybe if we can devise some ultimate embarrassment she'll be cured.

Any ideas?

Posted on: 2012/7/11 10:23
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Re: Lesbian Society Annual Show-night a great success!
Junior Chatter
2011/6/10 3:00
Posts: 64
Maybe if we can devise some ultimate embarrassment she'll be cured.

Any ideas?

Hmm... I'm still pretty busy trying to win the tan-lines competition. I'd rather not divide my attention on that right now with so many people still competing to win. I think I'll leave this one to you.

Posted on: 2012/7/14 14:20
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