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Mile High Club Now Open
2008/7/7 17:56
Posts: 220

Ever imagined flying the friendly skies of yesteryear? Where the sexy stewardesses catered to your every whim and every flight was a party over the clouds. You know, the one that never actually existed? That's where the Mile High Club comes in. Out first-class jumbo jet themed gentlemen's club creates this fantasy memory of the past that never was for all our members.

All members gain full access to the five-star restaurant, dance club, theatre shows, gaming center, and more, starting with the Business Class Ticket holders. First Class Ticket holders also gain access to special events, private shows, spa treatments, massages, and can rent private rooms. Charter Jet Ticket holders gain special services, always have private rooms available, and full run of the premises.

Our highly attentive and carefully hand-picked staff will see to your every need and make sure your time at the Mile High Club is everything you want it to be, within the allowances of your Ticket Class. Let them help you fly the friendliest skies you ever find without even leaving the ground.

Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons are for non-members to come in for the Coach treatment. The side show rooms open to the public (for a reasonable Coach Ticket fee) to give a taste of what full members can gain access to at any time they wish. There are games, shows, drinks, and surprises. Give it a chance and see if you too want to become a true member of the Mile High Club.

Invited guests and those in attendance for the Coach treatment will be give the chance to learn what it takes to become a member. Do not contact the club directly with questions. If you have to ask, you are not ready to join.

Posted on: 2014/7/17 20:40
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Re: Mile High Club Now Open
Potential Student
2013/4/28 20:15
Posts: 5
We've actually been open for a few months already, not only getting things set up but arranging the way things are going to work and everything, but only special invited guests have become members so far. I still can't say too much about the place, because of the nondisclosure agreement I signed, but now that it's finally open to the public I can say a little bit more about my job.

My official title is server, but your title is really only the basics of what anyone position here does. Mainly I go around from location to location checking with members, taking orders, bringing them their requests, handling special requests and things like that. If they request something that I'm not qualified to handle or that is specific to somebody else then I go get those who are needed to fulfill it, but otherwise I do everything I can to take care of them right away. Everything is about fast and friendly service for our members.

Guys, if you have the time and money you should really get a coach ticket and check out the place one of these open nights, it's worth it. You may even be asked about becoming a member.

Posted on: 2014/7/19 9:44
Is it better to be master of something or a jack of all trades?
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Re: Mile High Club Now Open
Freshman Chatter
2008/7/21 18:25
From Harlow Dorms, Room B-417
Posts: 24
I too am very happy to be working at this place. Mirta is too. Because we no speak English that good they no make us servers. We work in special suites seeing to those who want extra help with certain things. It is very fun to do and reminds me of taking care of my family, my father, and his friends back home. Only I no get yelled at and get paid to do it.

We help them have what they call "International Flights" as part of the tickets for high members. It is very nice. I am afraid to say too much as I no want to lose job. So I will just say I love the job and they tell us we do really good.

Posted on: 2014/7/19 13:23
In the old country I am worshipped, here I actually have fun.
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Re: Mile High Club Now Open
Hack Master
2008/7/15 17:43
From The Precipice of Truth
Posts: 24
Want to know what really goes on in the club before deciding if you want to join? Check out my Truth page about it... and you know you want to join.

Truth About The Mile High Club

Posted on: 2015/3/18 19:32
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