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My Holiday At Home
Junior Chatter
2011/1/11 20:59
Posts: 73
I wasn't expecting anything out of the usual when I went home for the holidays. I completely expected it to be like every other holiday, except that I was coming home from out of town instead of already being there. I figured I would be greeted a little more warmly, since my family hadn't seen me in months, but otherwise I thought it would just be like every other holiday since I've been a teen. At first I thought it was.

Sure, there were all the usual decorations up around the house. It looked as though my dad did his usual going overboard with the lights in the yard. It would even have made the Clark Griswold jealous. I felt a sudden warmth and excitement about being home that I hadn't expected when I pulled up. Sure, I missed them and everything, but the school and my friends have started to feel so much like home that I didn't expect this feeling to hit me so hard when I saw my real home. We pulled up and I got out of the taxi, wanting to rush inside and see everyone. It suddenly felt urgent and important to see them. Strange how that happens.

I didn't even grab my things out of the taxi yet, just wanting to get inside and be home with everyone again. It wasn't until I hit the porch that I even wondered if I should knock first or just walk in. I mean, I didn't technically live here right now, but it was still my home. What is the correct protocol in these situations? It didn't end up mattering since the door was locked. I had to knock... well, ring the bell, after all.

When the door opened it was my father standing there and smiling down at me. He welcomed me home and gave me huge hug. He then guided me inside to see mom and the others who were already there, while taking care of the cab fair and getting my things. Everyone welcomed me home with pleasant greetings and hugs. Then the talk about what everyone's been up to started. It felt great to be home and so far everything seemed normal and perfect.

That all started to change when my mother asked me how school was going. It didn't exactly register at the moment, but that sent a kind of cold wave through everyone, as if they all knew something I didn't. Since I didn't notice the change I just went on talking about classes and the parts of school I knew they would want to know about.

"Is that all?" My father said, looking down at me with strangely hard eyes. I didn't know what he meant, but of course that wasn't all. But I wasn't going to tell them about any of that stuff, so I just looked confused at him.

"Your sister seems to have found out a few things about what you've been up to there and brought them to our attention." He went on.

My eyes went wide as I realized all the things she could have told them. I glared at her for a second and then tried to screw my face up so I could look confused again, but it was too late. They had already seen the shock on my face and knew I knew what they were talking about. Or at least some of it, if not exactly what they knew.

"That's right." He said, "We've heard about the special rules you are under there and she read some stories about things you've been involved in there. I was quite shocked and angry at first, but your mother talked me down and made me realize that you're an adult now and I should respect your choices. It was hard for to come to grips with, but she was right. So we are going to respect your choices and help you out."

I was still trying to come to grips with the idea that my dad had heard about some of the things I've been up to at school and wondering which ones he had heard about, so I didn't even register the rest of what he said or what he might have meant by them.

"We are going to treat life here just like your life at school." He said, although I wasn't really paying attention still. "Just think of our property as an extension of the campus, so you can be comfortable here and live just as you're used to here. Your mother and sister even went into your old room and removed any clothing that didn't confine to the school's rules."

It was those words that suddenly snapped me back to what he was saying. "Wait! What? You took my clothes?" It was all a lot to take in, but the idea that they took my clothes was too much. Those are my things I should get to choose which ones I don't want any more.

"Don't worry honey," My mother said, smiling sweetly. "We only put them in storage. We just didn't want you to have to worry about temptation or anything while you were home."

That, at least, was a relief. They were still my clothing, even if I wouldn't have access to them this trip. I just wondered what things my sister left me with. If she was involved I could imagine she would try to make things worse for me. Payback for all the things I've done to her over the years. She must have seen this as a perfect chance to get some revenge. I could tell by the look on her face that I was right too. She was loving this.

"Also," My father then said, "Since there are no actual school officials here, your mother and I will be taking on those roles. Consider us as staff members or teachers or the like. We are in charge here, so any problems or rules have to go through us. That also means we are authorized to perform dress code inspections, to make sure you too are following through with the rules during your break.

"If there are any problems during your visit we will oversee things and assign any punishment that may be needed. Since we aren't a whole staff and there isn't a court system here, we will handle things the way teachers are allowed to. At least from what your sister told us. We will just assign a punishment if you do something wrong without the whole court procedures part. I don't foresee this happening, though, as you are usually a good girl, but we will if we have to."

I couldn't believe this. Did they even know what that meant? Were they actually going to expect me to strip in front of them for an inspection? What exactly had my sister told them? Was she trying to get me to do things in front of them that would go too far and get me in trouble with them? She had me good this time, and there was nothing I could say about it.

"And since your sister brought all this to our attention." He went on. "And she know the rules better than we do, having read them all, we will also give her Inspector status. She won't have all the rule control and authority of us, since she isn't considered a teacher or staff member, but she can do inspections to make sure you follow the dress code."

So that was her plan. She was going to get to strip me whenever she wanted through the break and try to set me up for punishments through the parents. That means she most likely told them a lot about what goes on at the school, so she would be able to get away doing more to me than if she hadn't. I was going to have to be on my toes this break.

"If fact," My father finally said, looking down at me seriously. "We should make sure you are following the dress code right now. Just to make sure we start things off on the right foot and all."

I gulped. Did my dad just ask me to strip in front of him, my mother, and my younger sister and brother? That couldn't possibly be what he just asked, but he did want me to show that I was following the dress code. So I turned my back to them and pulled up my skirt, showing them my bare behind. I hoped that would prove to them that I was dressed appropriately and we could just move on from here.

After a long silence that seemed to stretch on for eons my sister was the first to speak. "How do we know she's not wearing some kind of tricky thong or something we can't see from this angle like this?"

I could have killed her.

"Your sister's right." My dad said, sounding serious. "Turn around and properly remove the skirt, so we can make sure you aren't trying to hide something. Isn't that how it's done there?"

The last part seemed to be asked more to my sister than me, but either way I was going to have to do it. As I turned back I saw my sister nodding to my father before turning back to smile evilly at me. I took a deep breath and felt my heart start to race as I realized I was soon going to be standing bottomless in front of my family.

I fumbled with the clasp on the side of the skirt, but soon had it undone and just had to let go it if to let it fall to the ground. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but I finally opened my fingers and let it go. Then, there I was, standing with my shaved little pussy on full display to my father, mother, sister, and brother.

My sister's seemed to be filled evil glee and brother had some other strange look on his face, almost like eager excitement. For all I knew, this was the first time he'd ever seen a live girl's pussy before, even if it was his own sister's. My dad just looked down seriously at me, not showing any real emotion, but his eyes were looking down and not meeting mine. That meant he too was looking at my exposed cunt. My mother seemed to be the only one looking me in the eyes, although she just seemed pleasant and happy, as if she was proud of me.

"Can I put my skirt back on now?" I asked after a moment. It was hard to keep my voice even, but I managed. "I think you've all seen that I follow the rules."

I thought I saw my father starting to nod, but sister spoke over him, getting his attention. "You're supposed to give your skirt over to the inspector, so they can check to make sure you haven't tried to hid anything inside as you pulled it off."

My father's nod continued, but it was as he glanced at my sister this time. "That's right. I forgot about that part. Thank you."

My sister smiled smugly and clucked her tongue at me, as if to tell me to hurry up and comply. I knew that if I didn't move fast enough she would most likely bring up that part of the rules too and who know what I'd end up having to do. So I simply stepped out of my skirt and bent over to pick it up. I then held it out for her to take it.

"Dad started this inspection," She said, refusing to take the skirt. "That put him as the lead inspector here, so you have to give it to him."

That meant I would have to step forward to reach him, since he was standing behind the couch my sister and brother were sitting on. I had to move fairly close to my siblings to get it to him, unless I really wanted to walk all the way around the couch, but I was sure that wouldn't be allowed without being accused of delaying by my sister. So there I was, with my bare lower half just inches away from both my siblings as he took the skirt from my hand. I then quickly stepped back, not liking being so close and waited for him to finish inspecting it.

After giving the skirt a cursory glance he looked down at my sister and said, "Okay, this seems fine, but isn't there also a chance of layering up top too?"

I thought she was going explode with evil pleasure as she fixed her face and turned to look up at him. "That's right daddy. Inspections usually have to check all the clothing."

I knew there was no way to fight it now. I was going to end up naked in front of my family and all because my sister set me up. With my dad looking seriously at me again I started to pull off my shirt and expose my entire naked body to my family. I had never felt more embarrassed then at that moment.

Before being told to do it, I stepped forward and handed my shirt to my father. This put my naked for within inches of my sister and brother again and I was too embarrassed to look down and see what they were looking at. As soon as my father had the shirt I quickly stepped back and stood there with my hands at my side, assuming the inspection position.

After a few way too lengthy moments my father held out my clothes and said, "Everything seems to be in order here. You are free to put these back on. Just make sure you stay this way during break and everything will be just like you have at that school of yours."

I quickly stepped forward and snagged the clothes from him, although again getting way to close to my siblings in the process. I then quickly pulled them back on and felt covered again, but I knew that wasn't going to be the case for the whole visit. Not with my sister having inspector status in our house.

Already embarrassed I just left the room to go bring my things up to my old bedroom. I found it just as I left it, at least at first glance, but once I went to put some of my things away I noticed what my mother had taken away. All my panties were gone, which was fine by me since I never wanted to wear them again, but so were all my nice pants and several of my dresses. Even my bathrobes were missing. I couldn't understand why they would be missing, but then I remembered that my sister had a hand in choosing what was taken away. She made sure that anything that gave me any kind of modest covering was taken away, leaving me wearing skimpy outfits around the house. She was going to make sure I was on display and embarrassed the whole time.

Since it was already late in the afternoon, nothing much more happened the rest of the evening. I had dinner with the family, watched a little TV, and then went to bed. I had a rather busy and stressful day, so I was ready to get some sleep. I also still had some hope that the rest of my visit would go as smoothly as the rest of this evening had.

Unfortunately that's now how it went... but I'll go into that more next time.

Posted on: 2013/1/6 20:53

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 2
Junior Chatter
2011/1/11 20:59
Posts: 73
I slept in nothing but an old comfortable tee-shirt I've had for years, since all my pajamas had been put into storage, and who sleeps in a skirt. But when my mother woke me up bright and early, I wished I had.

She shook me out of my sleep and said, "Get up dear, you can't sleep all day. I've got breakfast on the table."

When I just groaned and rolled over, she then pulled the covers off me and smacked me on the thigh to get me moving. I just turned my head and glared at her with bleary eyes.

"Don't give me that look grumpy puss." She said with a way too chipper smile. "Get your rump downstairs before it gets cold. Everyone else is already at the table and wondering what's keeping you."

I sat up and grumbled. "Fine, I'll be down in a minute. Just let me get dressed."

"No time for that." She said and grabbed my hand. "You've lollygagged enough and things are going to get cold. You can come down in your pajamas and eat with us."

"I'm not wearing pajamas." I gasped, exasperated. "This is just a tee shirt."

"It's fine." She said, dragging me out the door. "You always used to wear shirts to bed. No big deal."

I grumbled again, but knew it was no use to argue, so I just let her lead me downstairs while trying to pull my shirt down as far as it would go. Sure, it was about as long as some of the "dresses" I happily wore at school, but this was my family. I didn't want to be walking around with half my ass hanging out around them, but there I was.

I quickly took my seat, so my lower half would be covered by the table, and started to eat. I had to put up with some gentle ribbing about how late of a sleeper I was from my father and not so subtle hints from my sister that I would miss classes if I did that at school. Luckily my parents didn't go along with her in that line of questioning, but it did get them back onto talking about my school and classes. They were more interested in what I had to say about what I was learning than the rules or any trouble I may have gotten into, so that was a relief.

"That reminds me." My sister then suddenly said as she finished her breakfast. "We never checked that you are dressed properly this morning. I should do an inspection."

"I don't think that's necessary." I tried to say, but my father spoke over the end of my words.

"That's a good point. And you wouldn't get to decline if you were at school, so you should do as your sister says."

I groaned and stood up, showing them how the shirt doesn't really completely cover me and hoped that would be enough. It wasn't, of course, and I soon was naked in front of everyone again while my sister pretended to slowly look over my shirt. I couldn't cover or move behind anything, as that would be against the rules, so I just had to stand there and let my brother ogle me while my parents looked on as well.

When I was finally allowed to get dressed, putting on a more modest skirt and shirt, I didn't really feel like hanging around with my sister, so I stayed in my room to read. That seemed to worry my family, so my father came in to check on me and sat down on the bed next to me.

"What's wrong honey?" He said, looking worried.

"Nothin." I said, looking up from my book.

"Then why are you keeping yourself up here alone when we haven't seen you in months. Aren't you happy to be home?"

I could hear the hurt in his voice and I suddenly felt bad. I tried to smile softly and put my book down. "I am. I've missed you all and I couldn't wait to see you. I just felt like reading."

"Are you sure?" His voice sounded a little better. "Is there anything you want to do today? We could pull out the old games or make popkins."

I couldn't help but smile at that. I hadn't thought of popkins in years, but I could really go for some. Popkins are what my family calls pumpkin cookies, because when I was little I couldn't say pumpkin and it sounded like popkin. But it'd been probably six years since the last time we made popkins. It was also the only time, besides steaks and burgers, that my dad would be in the kitchen.

"I would love to make some popkins." I said, sitting up and looking at him. "Do you have all the stuff we need?"

"Bought special for this holiday. Was going to wait until Monday, but what say we pull it out and make them today."

"Oh, yeah." I said, excitedly, getting up and going downstairs with my daddy to make our special cookies. Just like when I was little. I would get to help and lick the beaters and snack on the frosting and candy decorations. I was sure my day was going to turn around.

As we pulled out all the ingredients and supplies, plus some of our usual extras, I couldn't help but feel just like I was ten again. He then pulled on his apron and started mixing the batter. When I was little I mostly just sat at the counter and watched his work, sneaking samples when he let me, but the last few times we make popkins I would get right in there with him and help.

I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go this time, or what he was expecting, but he looked up from the mix and said, "Well, get over here and start getting that frosting going. It's not going to make itself."

I smiled and slipped around the counter to start working on my part, but he immediately stopped me with that loud ticking sound he can make with his tongue. "You know the rules. When you're on this side of the counter you wear your apron. We don't have messy cooks in this house."

It was a rule I've been hearing since I was tiny, both from him and my mother. I knew it before he even said, but I wanted to hear him say it. I smiled at him, but made an fake annoyed sound, just like I used to, before walking over and pulling the other apron off the hooks on the pantry door. I then went back to start working on the frosting.

Everything was great as the two of us joked and had fun while making our parts of the cookies. Then my sister had to come in and try to ruin it. She was just coming in to grab a soda out of the fridge, as she was never really one for our cooking days, even though she always loved eating the things when we were done. But then she saw me and an evil smile crossed her lips again. I didn't realize what she was so happy about at first, but then it hit me just moments before she said anything.

"That apron makes me think about that cafe I read about on your campus." She said, spinning back to look at us. "The one with the special apron dress code."

I cringed and glared at her, trying to make her shut up.

"Really?" My father asked, curious. "What's so special about the aprons? Some kind of gimmick or fancy logo?"

"Nah." She said, with a casual air. "The aprons are just normal aprons, of various sized and kinds even. At least from what I read. It's just that the aprons are a required uniform at the cafe."

"What makes that so special?" He asked, looking a little confused. I just tried to will the conversation to end, but knew it wasn't going to.

"Well," She went on. "Since the cafe is on campus, the dress codes are still in effect. That means that all the employees can only wear the aprons, since they would count as layering otherwise. Like what you guys are wearing would both be against the rules there. Lucky for you, daddy, you don't work there so you can keep your pants on."

I cringed, realizing that she had just singled my father out as safe, which only pointed out that I wasn't. My father seemed slower to realize this, but then soon turned to me, looking slightly worried.

"She's right." He said, almost in a comforting voice. "You aren't dressed correctly. If this was your school you'd be in trouble wouldn't you?"

I cringed again and tried to shrug nonchalantly. "Yeah, good thing this isn't my school."

"No," He said, "But we're supposed to treat you like you are at school. So you better dress according to the rules."

"Fine." I said, feeling good that he didn't mention it as a violation or that he was going to do an inspection. "I'll just put the apron back."

I started to pull the apron off, but my sister had to speak again. "You can't take the apron off. You're on that side of the counter."

"But dad just told me to." I said, pulling it off the rest of the way.

"No, she right." He said, looking down at me with an apologetic shrug. "You have to wear the apron. But you can remove the rest of the outfit while we cook, just like they do at that cafe on campus."

"Or I can just not be on this side of the counter." I said, starting to slip out from the cooking area, still holding the apron in my hands. Ready to put it away. "I can sit there and watch, stealing tastes like when I was little."

"If that's what you really want." He said, but sounded hurt. "But we started this together and it was your idea to do this today, so you should be a part of it."

I let out a long sigh and once again started to strip in front of members of my family. It still felt strange and wrong, but I really should have just accepted that it was going to be a part of my life this holiday, instead of trying to fight it each time. But hindsight is 20/20, right?

So once I was naked again I slipped the apron back on and tied it off. I knew my pussy was covered just fine, as the apron went down to my mid-thighs, but my ass was on full display and I had plenty of side-boob going on. Then I stepped back behind the counter and started working on the frosting again.

My sister, having watched me strip and fidget, finally smirked and left now that I was back doing mundane things. I guess I wasn't as entertaining when I was just mixing ingredients half naked in the kitchen with my father.

After the initial discomfort, I started to have fun again as we made the popkins and prepared the oven. While they cooked we cleaned up the mess we made and prepared the counter for our favorite part: decorating. As usual, we had tons of things to put on them, in addition to the several colors of frosting, but since it was the holidays we decided to try and make most of them Christmas themed.

After they were all done, we set them aside while I started in on the dishes. This was also a usual part of the process when I was older. I wasn't allowed to eat any of them until after all the mess was cleaned up. So dad did the counter and I did the dishes. It also allowed them set and the frosting to harden slightly, keeping the other goodies stuck to them better.

What I didn't realize was that my brother had come in while I was doing the dishes and sat at the counter, waiting for the cookies. At least that's what he told my father when he asked what he was doing. When I turned my head around to look at him I caught him staring at my exposed ass, although suddenly looking away when he noticed me. The little perv was only in there to stare at my nakedness, but there was nothing I could do about it. I simply worked faster to get the dishes done.

Once finished I turned back around, blocking his view of anything for the moment, and catching him quickly looking away again. I then stepped up to the counter to see if they were ready and my dad handed me the first one. It was delicious. Although I was half naked in my family kitchen, at that moment it all felt worth it.

"Here." He said as I finished my cookie and handed me a small tray of others. "Why don't you take these out to your mother and sister? I'm sure they'd love to see what you made and have a few."

I wanted to get dressed first, but he practically pushed me out of the kitchen, so proud of what we had done and thinking I would enjoy sharing. I gritted my teeth and walked out into the living room to share my popkins. My brother hopped off his stool and followed me, making sure to stay well behind me so he could watch my bare behind as I went.

Once in the living room I could see my sister smirk again when she saw me, still in the apron, but I tried to ignore her and only focused on my mother. I offered her a cookie, which she took, and then gave one to my sister, after my mother motioned for me to do so, and got the expected praise from mom I always got in these situations, but it still felt good. She then motioned to the coffee table and said I should leave the plate, as they would want more.

I placed the plate down, but realized too late that doing so meant bending over and my brother was sure to position himself right behind me. I bet he got a good view for a second. I then left the room and headed back into the kitchen to retrieve my clothes.

My father was just finishing up moving all the popkins onto a large tray when I returned and smiled at me. I smiled back, but walked over to the place I placed my clothing, but they were gone. I looked around for them, but couldn't see them anywhere. I was about to ask when my father spoke up. "Your sister took them back to your room since you didn't need them while cooking and we needed the counter space."

Of course she did.

I turned to leave, heading back upstairs to get dressed again, but my father stopped me. "Where are you going?"

"To get dressed, since we're done here."

"Right." He said, looking a little confused. "But the aprons stay down here. They always do, except when in the laundry. You know that."

"Right. But I'm naked without it. I can bring it back down once I get dressed."

"Oh pish tosh." He said dismissively. He always used odd old expressions like that. Usually I found it amusing, but at this moment it was frustrating. "We've all seen you naked before. No need to worry about that if you just going upstairs."

Again, I couldn't argue with him and slipped off the apron, putting it back on the hook I got it front. Then, after once again being naked in front of my father, I walked out of the room and right past the others in the living room. My sister struggled not to bust up laughing, since my mother was right there, and my brother openly just stared this time. I half expected him to follow me up the stairs, and bet he would have if my mother wasn't right there with him.

It was one thing to be naked in front of my peers at school and showing off for the guys and girls at the clubs, but this constantly getting stripped in front of my family was starting to wear on me, and it was only my second day home. I still had over a week to go.

Posted on: 2013/1/8 22:59
I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home
Senior Chatter
2011/4/20 22:38
From Harlowe Dorms Room Q-215
Posts: 134
OH MY GOD!!!! Ashley, how did you survive!!!?? Just the thought of my whole family seeing me naked like that... I'd have died from embarrassment!

I have to ask though... why didn't you just tell your parents that the whole "rules and inspections" thing was making you uncomfortable? I've gotten the impression from your story that your family is very concerned with rules and tradition, and I understand that you felt your parents were trying to do something nice for you and you didn't want to hurt their feelings, but still! I hope you eventually said "enough is enough" and had a heart to heart with them. I'm sure they'd have understood.

Anyway, I have to know what happened next! I know it's all over and done with now, but I'm certainly pulling for you, even though things look pretty grim. At this rate, you're going to end up opening Christmas presents in the nude! Christmas dinner in the buff! Visiting relatives in the raw! OMG! What about all those family Christmas photo's everybody likes to send out every year!!! There are so many ways this could go wrong! I'm biting my nails waiting to find out how it all went down!

Posted on: 2013/1/16 23:20
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My Holiday At Home Pt 3
Junior Chatter
2011/1/11 20:59
Posts: 73
I was already pretty frayed by that evening, and really wanted to kill my sister for pushing things further at ever point, but I made it through most of the rest of the day without an another incident. At least until that evening, when the whole family gathered again.

Dinner passed without an incident, which was a relief, and afterwards everyone decided to sit around and watch a movie. When all of us are present, there's barely enough room in the living room for the whole family. Dad sat in his chair, as he always did (That's why we called it "Dad's chair"), and mom sat opposite him in the other recliner. That left the couch to us kids. All three of us.

Still not trusting or really liking my sister at the moment, I sat at one end of the couch and had my brother between the two of us. It's not like I thought that would protect me from her, since most of her harm has been caused by her mouth, but it kept me attacking her, which would only lead to more trouble for me.

The movie started up and we watched in silence for a little while, but I could hear my sister and brother whispering occasionally. At first it was simply and I ignored it, but after a bit I could tell there was a little bit of an argument going on between them, although I couldn't hear what it was about. It came to an abrupt end when my brother yelled, "Fine! I'll ask her."

Of course their argument was about me and I was sure it was going to cause more embarrassment for me somehow. He turned to me and I braced myself. All eyes were on me again as he fumbled over his words and stammered a bit, as if he was afraid to say whatever it was he wanted to ask.

"She said you had rules at your school." He said, not really making much sense. "I don't believe her, but she said you do. That you have to. I mean, like, let others and stuff. So, do you? Is it true?"

I had no idea what he was talking about, but it sure seemed to have everyone's attention for being complete nonsense. My sister then elbowed him in the side and mumbled under her breath, "Say it correctly."

My brother gulped and didn't look directly at me, focusing somewhere to my side. His voice then came out smaller. "Is it true that you have to allow people to touch you at your school?"

So that's what she was up to. She wanted to point out another embarrassing part of the rules in front of our parents. Sure, I liked this part of the rules most of the time, especially around certain people, but not around my family. I knew she knew the truth, and would call me out as a liar if I tried to deny it, so I had to tell the truth as best I could.

"Not everywhere." I said, "It's a rule designed to keep us from wearing inappropriate outfits, so they are only allowed to touch us where we don't have clothing covering us. And not on our faces or hands either. So if we are dressed fully, they don't really have anywhere problematic to touch."

"Seriously." My brother now looked shocked, so I just nodded.

"They call it the 'Groping Rule'." My sister added, trying to make it sound as bad as possible.

"They do not." I chided. "It's called the touching rule and it's designed to encourage appropriate dress."

"But." My brother said with a confused look on his face. "Like, if you were dressed like you are now, they'd get to touch you like there." He pointed at my thigh as he finished speaking.

I was still dressed in a fairly short skirt and tee-shirt, so most of my legs were exposed, especially since I was sitting on the couch with my feet tucked under me. This always causes my skirt to ride up a little while I'm sitting, so more of my thighs were showing that normally would in that skirt, but if I adjusted it right then it would only bring more attention to it. Especially since everyone was still looking at me. All I could do was nod and say, "Yes."

"Aren't we supposed to follow the rules while you're home?" My sister said in an overly loud inquisitive voice. "Does that mean the touching rule is also in effect?"

I couldn't believe my sister asked that. We are family here and I couldn't imagine who would take advantage of the situation like that. Then I saw the dawning look on my little brother's face and realized he would, but not when my parents were around. I could handle him in those cases and he would never tell on me for fear of getting in trouble with my fathers.

"Technically, I guess it would have to be." My father said, although not sounding too certain. "But I don't anyone here would actually choose to do that."

I saw the worry glint in my brother's eye and I knew for sure I would be able to stop him from ever touching me, even when it was just us alone. Hell, even if my sister was around. I'm sure she would still touch me, but that wouldn't really amuse her as much as making him do it and there was no way he would be able to now. I felt safe.

"But that won't make her visit here just like being at her school." My sister said and I started to worry. "That's what you said you wanted to do, but the people at school wouldn't let off for a whole week, so why should it happen here?"

My father furrowed his brow and thought for a long moment before speaking. "You're right. It won't be for the same reasons some of the boys at school do it, I'm sure, but we should at least occasionally do the same to keep it true. I know you won't all be comfortable with this, but I want you all to make sure to occasionally touch Alison here on her exposed areas to remind her of school and her duty to dress right."

"All of us?" My sister said, actually sounding a little annoyed. "Can't it just be the boys, like it would be at her school."

"I can imagine it would be like that." My father then turned to me and asked, "Is that true? Is it only the boys at school that take advantage of the touching rule?"

"Not at all." I said, knowing this wouldn't stop me from getting touched, but would at least annoy my sister. It was all I could do at the moment. "Girls and boys all follow the rules, so everyone occasionally does the touching."

"Well then," He said, smiling. "That settles it. Everyone will have to do their part here too then."

Glancing up at my father with worried eyes, my brother slowly reached out and placed his hand on my thigh. It was a little sweaty and twitched, but didn't move. I wanted to swat him away, but not with my father looking on, so I turned to see how he was reacting to it. Unfortunately he smiled at my brother and gave him a small nod of approval before turning back to look at the movie.

The hand started to move around, slowly at first, and I saw the smile on his face get bigger as he realized nobody was putting a stop to it. All I could do is sit there and let him do it, making sure his hand didn't wander up under the skirt. At least that I would be able to put a stop to. But he never pushed it that far. He just enjoyed what he was allowed at the moment.

I was nearly at the point of exploding at my parents and telling them how much I was hating what was going on, but then I'd have to explain how I still wanted to go back to a school where this happens. They would most likely just pull me out of there and make me go to the local state college, like they wanted me to go in the first place. So I just had to sit there and take it like this.

When the movie ended I finally felt I was allowed to get up, adjust my skirt, and leave the room. Mainly I just wanted to get away from my siblings and what they would try to do to me next.

By the time I got back to my room I felt dirty just thinking about what my little brother had been doing while we watched the movie. I wanted to lie down, but I just felt icky, so I wouldn't be able to get comfortable. I needed to take a shower to feel clean and get make me feel refreshed, so I grabbed my towel and headed to the upstairs bathroom just outside my room.

The shower felt good. The stress of the day and icky feelings were just washing off of me as the warm water flowed over me. I was soon not as worried about what was going to happen the rest of the week and felt like I would be able to relax once I got back to my room. Then the bathroom door opened.

Our upstairs shower was one of those corner booth kinds with the glass walls and door, so I could clearly see my father as he walked into the bathroom. It also meant that he could see me and I had nowhere to hide from view. I wanted to tell him to get out, but he spoke first.

"I'll just be a moment." He said, opening the cabinet next to the sink. "I had to get a couple things and your sister said that you don't have private bathrooms at school, so you'd be okay with me just jumping in here to grab them real quick."

I didn't say anything, just made sure my back was towards him as I tried not to think about it. All I wanted to hear was the door close again, so I could get back to my shower, but it never came. I finally turned my head to look and saw my father standing there smiling at me.

"I'm really proud of you." He said, widening his smile. "You've grown up to be such a special, strong woman. I couldn't imagine going through some of the things you had to get used to at your school, but you seem to have taken them in stride and really shine. You are amazing."

I didn't know what to say. I mean, I was really happy to have him say these things to me, but not while I was standing naked and wet in front of him. I was so torn. On one hand I wanted to hug him and say thank you, but on the other I wanted to find a hole and hide in it until he left the room. Instead I just stood there with my mouth agape, unable to move.

"I love you honey." He said and nodded back over his shoulder. "I should get going. Your mother wants these and I was supposed to be back in a minute." On that he left the room and closed the door.

I was still in shock, just standing there in the running water as it slowly lost its heat. His words seemed to make everything that had happened so far seem far less horrible than they had been. Don't get me wrong, I still hated how my sister has been pushing to get me stripped and messed with in front of my family, but knowing that my father thought I was strong for being able to go through it so well made it feel almost okay.

Once I realized the water was turning cold I jumped out of the shower and dried off. I then wrapped the towel around myself, grabbed my things, and headed back to my room. I threw on a tee to sleep in and crawled into bed, feeling a lot better than I had all day. It wasn't too hard to get to sleep this night, but I didn't know what was coming the next day either.

Posted on: 2013/1/17 21:15
I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home
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2011/4/20 22:38
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Oh, wow... Now I see why you were so hesitant to say anything. Your dad seems like a really sweet guy, even if he is apparently a little misguided about how to make you feel at home. I'd have had a hard time bursting his bubble too. Your siblings though boy, whoa! You make me glad I've only got one sister to worry about... even though she can be a little mischievous herself too...

Anyway, I hope this was a turning point for the better for you and your vacation. That last sentence doesn't sound very encouraging though...

Posted on: 2013/1/18 13:28
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My Holiday At Home Pt 4
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2011/1/11 20:59
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When I woke up the next morning I was shocked wide awake by the sight of my little brother sitting next to my bed and staring at me. Well, at parts of me at least. See, I sleep on my belly most of the time and apparently my blanket had slid off me while I moved in my sleep, so my bare ass was out in the open and his eyes were glued to it.

I would have rolled over and gotten up, but then I'd be showing him even more, so I simply glared at him and started to claw for my blankets to pull them back up. I wanted to get covered again before I flipped over and gave him a piece of my mind.

"Oh, good, you're awake." He suddenly said, noting my movements. "Now I don't have to worry about waking you up."

On that he lurched forward and started to rub and grip my ass like it was a squeeze toy. I couldn't believe it. The only reason he hadn't already been doing it was that he was afraid to wake me up. Most likely because he knew I'd be angry and put a stop to it instantly. Just as I did at that moment. I swatted his hands away from me and growled.

"Hey!" He blurted out. "You aren't allowed to do that."

"What?" I glared at him as I continued to reach for my blankets. "You come into my room and tell me what I can't do? You little shit."

On that he grabbed my blankets and pulled them down off my bed completely, yelling at me. "She told me about your school. You aren't allowed to stop me. I can touch you wherever you have skin and you can't stop me. Or I'll tell dad."

I glared at him again, but didn't know what more to say. I couldn't dispute what he said about my school and I couldn't have him telling dad, or worse still, my sister. But, at the same time, I didn't want to deal with this. At least not right now. Not first thing in the morning. I had to put an end to it.

Taking the only chance I saw, I rolled out of bed on the opposite side from my brother, making it impossible for him to keep touching me for the moment. The downside was that I exposed my pussy to him again. At least that distracted him enough that he didn't complain about not being able to keep touching my behind for the moment.

Seizing the opportunity and using the distraction I quickly stepped over to my dresser and pulled out a skirt. I didn't care which one, since I just wanted to get covered, but it ended up being a relatively short one. Nonetheless, I pulled it on and covered myself the best I could with it. I also wanted to change my shirt, but that would mean exposing my breasts to y brother again and there was no way I was going to give him a free show like that after what he did to my morning.

Realizing I was dressed again and his show was over, my brother groaned and seemed to start pouting, although he said nothing. It pleased me on some level to see that, but I also said nothing for fear of him somehow turning it into a problem for me. Mostly I just didn't want him to tell on me.

I sat down at my desk and started to do my hair and make-up in the mirror, which I guess was enough to bore him. After watching me for a few minutes he seemed to not see any opportunities to harass me any more and gave up for the moment. With a quiet sigh he turned and left the room, which I was more than happy to see.

Once I was sure he was gone I got up and closed the door, so I could properly change and dress for the day. I put on the longest dress they left me, a nice short-sleeved that almost came down to the knees. It would have been perfect for a summer day, but wasn't exactly what I'd call winter wear. I guessed it would do, since I wasn't planning on going outside.

After breakfast I spent some time hanging out with my mother as she did laundry, mostly talking about classes and what's been going on with the family since I've been gone. Mom didn't push for embarrassing details about the school codes and I found out my cousin was pregnant with twins. It was nice to catch up and not feel like I had to be on guard.

When it was all finished we each grabbed a basket and I followed her upstairs to help her fold and put it all away. If I had been thinking clearly, or been at school, I would have seen it coming, but as it was I was blindsided when my sister called out to me along the way. I was nearly at the bottom of the stairs, after walking through the living room behind my mom, but her voice made me freeze where I was.

"What do you think you're doing?" Her voice was shrill and full of malicious glee. I saw my father look up from his paper to see what was going on.

"Helping mom with the laundry." I did my best to keep my voice calm and even. I even saw my father smile. "We just have to take these upstairs and fold them."

"That's all fine and dandy," Her wicked smile not faltering. "But that doesn't mean you can break the rules while doing it."

"What rules?" I knew exactly what she was going on about, but I wasn't going to make this easy on her. She'd have to talk it all out and try to get my parents to go along with it. I had a good feeling that this was one I would be able to beat her on, especially since the rule always sounded stupid to me. I was sure I could convince my dad she made it up.

"About carrying clothing that would violate the dress code." The smugness in her voice was practically dripping. "And you seem to be carrying a lot more than you could possibly legally wear right now."

I started to reply, but was interrupted. "You can't possibly mean..."

"I remember you talking about this." My father said, looking at my sister. "Since they can't know for sure if clothing someone is carrying was hastily removed to avoid being caught in violation or not, they made it against the rules to carry anything."

"Unless they have the tags." My mother said from up on the stairs. "Remember, I asked about that part. If they go shopping and have to carry the items home they can get away with it as long as they have the tags on still and a dated receipt for that day."

"That's right." My father said, smiling up at my mother. "But she doesn't have tags for these things. In fact, we even discussed doing laundry when we talked about it and it would appear that Ashley is in violation here. We can't deny that."

I felt my heart drop. She had already set this one up and I fell right into it. All she had to do was wait for me to do some laundry or, in this case, help someone else with theirs. And since she had prepped them, there was nothing I could do, but I had to try.

"You can't be serious." I gasped.

"I understand that." My father said, "But rules are rules. You know we can't bend them all the time or else they become meaningless."

"This isn't all the time." I said, "I was helping mom. You can't punish me for helping her do the chores."

"Excuses, excuses." My sister chided. "You can't get away with breaking the rules like you used to. You have to accept the punishment this time."

"I'm afraid your sister's right." My father said with a frown. "We all agreed to this, so we have to go through with it. There will be a short hearing and then we will assign a punishment."

"What?" I asked. "Even if I prove I'm not guilty? That's not fair."

"Of course not, honey." He said with a kind smile. "If you are found not guilty there will be no punishment, but we all know what's going to happen. The evidence is pretty clear here. But we have to follow through properly anyway. So there will be a hearing and not just assigning punishment. Now go upstairs and finish what you were doing. We'll handle the hearing later, this afternoon."

That's right. I was going to have a hearing with my family and then get punished. I couldn't believe it, but I also couldn't argue with it. If I tried to fight this too much, then I would have to explain to my parents why I really want to keep going to the school and most likely get pulled out of it by them. It was a no win situation. All I could do was accept it and deal.

I tried not to think about it while helping mom finish the laundry, but that was no use. It was like I had the Sword of Damocles above my head. Time moved far too slowly as the hour approached. My nerves grew rawer and the tension inside me just kept growing the whole time. I was a ball of anxiety by the time the hour approached.

My father decided to hold the hearing in his office, as he felt it seemed the most like a courtroom out of all the rooms in the house. Although small, I had to agree there. The desk was large and on one end, much like the judges bench, and the chairs in front of it would work as the prosecution and defense. In this case, I was the defense and my sister was going to act as the prosecution. That left my brother and my mother to act as the jury. None of this helped my nerves at all.

I sat fidgeting in my chair as he explained how this truncated form of a hearing was going to take place. It was pretty simple and cut and dry, so there was no need for the long deliberation or drawn out examples. It was going to be a simple cut and dry case of me breaking the rule and them choosing a punishment for me. A no win situation.

My sister got up first and said her case simply. "I don't think I need to say too much. The rules of her school are clear when it comes to clothing. You are not allowed to have more than one top and one bottom, or a single dress, which counts as both, on at one time. Carrying items counts as wearing them, so you are also not allowed to carry anything if you are wearing anything of the same kind. It's clear that Ashley here was carrying far more than that when she was caught. That is a clear violation of the rules and should be punished severely. I rest my case."

"Very good." My father said with a nod, and then looked at me. "Now we'll here from the defense. Do you have anything to say Ashley?"

I stood up and cleared my throat. "I was just helping mom with the laundry. So she wouldn't have to take two trips up and down the stairs. I wasn't trying to pull some fast one over on the rules. You don't need to do this."

"True," He said, "You were being very nice, helping your mother, but that's no excuse for ignoring the rules. You wouldn't get away with that at school, so we can't let you slide here. I think it's time for the jury to discuss this, so you and your sister should leave the room and wait for us to call you back in."

I got up and walked out of the room, followed closely by my sister. She seemed almost giddy and I felt drained. I slumped down against the wall and she stepped around to stand in front of me. I could feel her smiling down at me, but I refused to look up at her.

After a few minutes my brother came out into the hall and I started to get up, expecting to go in and find out what my punishment was going to be. Instead he looked at my sister and said, "Dad wants to talk to you. He has some questions about the school."

"Oh, goodie." My sister said and followed him back into the room, closing the door behind her.

I felt my stomach drop even further. They were looking to my biggest tormentor for advice on what they could do to me. This was not going to go well for me.

Several minutes later the door opened again and my brother came out with a large grin on his face. "Time to come back in and get your punishment."

I slowly rose and plodded back in. My father waved me to my seat and I sat down. I didn't know what to expect, but I was sure I wasn't going to like it.

"We have discussed the problem and decided to give you the option of choosing your own punishment." My father said in a serious tone. "Your sister explained to us that this is often the case during your hearings. The court will give you around three options and let you choose the one that you are willing to take. One usually being short but more extreme, another in the middle on all accounts, and one being longer term but more subtle."

This sounded like good news. I wouldn't be at the complete mercy of whatever my sister put into their heads. I would have the chance to choose the one I could best handle and try to minimize the damage. I only wish I could get back at her for all this somehow.

"The first option is simple." He continued, "I understand that they use some basic forms of corporal punishment at your school, so we have one of those here. You will submit to a small series of serious spankings on your bare behind. These will be done in front of your cousins when they arrive tomorrow, as embarrassment is supposed to be a strong component of these punishments as well. These spankings will be performed by myself, your mother, and both your siblings in turn."

Spanked in front of my cousins did not sound like a good option. Not only would it be embarrassing (I mean I wouldn't be able to completely hide my liking for spankings) but it would also mean explaining to them why it was happening and that would just lead to more problems. What if they started to act my brother and sister? I would not be able to handle that.

"Your second option is a longer term one." He said, glancing down at his notes. "Since this was a dress code violation about too many pieces of clothing, the most fitting thing to do would be to take away your clothes. You would have to spend the rest of your week here without anything to wear. No other punishments or anything, just that."

I was not going to spend my whole vacation at home completely naked. That was in no way a real option. I couldn't imagine how much my brother would be messing with me and touching me if I chose that one. Besides, that would have had me naked in front of my whole family all through Christmas. Not an option.

"Finally," He said, looking right at me. "You could choose the middle ground. There is a lot of cleaning and preparations that have to be done before the house is ready for the holidays and all the company coming over, so you will be doing that for the rest of the day and as long as it takes tomorrow. But your sister reminded me that it had to somewhat fit the crime, so since this is a clothing dispute, you will have to do all the preparations wearing nothing but something that would be fitting: An apron, like a housekeeper."

So those were my choices. I was going to be paraded around naked in front of my whole family for the whole vacation, or repeatedly spanked in front of my cousins, or spend the next day doing housework half naked. It wasn't much of a choice and none of them were really good options.

After thinking it over I said, "I'll do the housework. Just tell me what I need to do and give me my uniform and I'll get to work. The sooner I can get it all done, the sooner I can be done with this punishment. Right?"

"That's correct." My father said. "Your mother will go over your duties while your sister runs to get your apron. Then you will relinquish your clothing until you are finished. The only thing you get to wear until done is the apron."

My mother then started to go over all the preparations with me. It was mostly a lot of cleaning and reorganizing furniture to make room for guests, but there was also some decorating to do, which actually sounded like fun. I was starting to think it wouldn't be all that bad, but then my sister came in with my uniform.

What she held was not so much an apron, but half a loincloth. It was like that thing you see on the front of a French maid's dress; A little white doily with a strap to tie around my waist. It would completely leave me topless and my ass would be on display the whole time. Not to mention the front would barely cover my pussy.

Seeing the outfit and how little it covered, I knew would be at the mercy of my siblings the whole time I would be trying to clean and get the place ready. And I had no choice in the matter, as I already picked my poison. It was going to be a long day.

Posted on: 2013/1/27 21:38
I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home
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2011/6/10 3:00
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Awe, you poor thing. I have to say though, I kind of like your sister's style. Seems like she put a lot of thought and preparation into all of this. I mean seriously, who keeps a little french maid doily just lying around? From one schemer to another, that's the kind of Batman-like preparation that really shows you're a pro. I hope it wasn't too embarrassing cleaning the house with your T&A on full display, but hey, fortunes of war!

If your ever in the mood for revenge though, I am available as a consultant... for a modest fee of course...

Posted on: 2013/1/28 19:22
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My Holiday At Home Pt 5
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2011/1/11 20:59
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I didn't get as much done as I had hoped throughout the rest of the day. It was kind of hard to focus on the work with everything else going on. You see, since my punishment left me mostly naked, the rest of the day was increasingly hard to deal with as it meant my brother was always there taking full advantage of the touching rules. And with my sister egging him on, it only got worse as the day wore on.

The only time I got any kind of respite was when my father was in the same room with me. It seemed my brother wasn't as willing to get up and openly touch me when he was around and my sister played coy and innocent around him. It annoyed me to no end.

Unfortunately my father is not one to stay up late and spent much of the evening in his study, and most of my work was out in the living room area. So that meant I was constantly having hands grabbing my tits and rubbing my ass for most of the evening.

I was not going to get all my chores done on time at this rate. The whole point of choosing this punishment was to not get seen naked by anyone other than those who have already seen me, and therefore not have to explain why I am being punished to anyone else, but my cousins are going to arrive tomorrow afternoon and I was not going to make it at this rate.

I had to do something to put an end to the constant harassment and hands-on distractions, so I could get done before they arrived, but I had no idea what I could do. If my sister wasn't around it would have been easy. All I would have had to do was glare at him and he would back off, but with her around he wasn't afraid of me at all.

Well into the evening, long after my parents went to sleep, I finally gave up and headed off to bed. Much to my dismay my brother still followed me, playing with my ass all the way up the stairs. I was so annoyed. How could he not be bored with it by this point?

When I walked into my room I hoped I would finally be left alone, but he came right in with me started to slide his hands back up my sides and around to my breasts. I had had enough. My sister wasn't in the room with us and I was tired and annoyed, so I whipped around and growled at him.

"Haven't you had enough already?" I said, glaring at him from inches away from his face. "You've already ruined most of my day and there is no way I'm going to let you keep it up. Get out of my room and leave me alone."

He blinked and looked worried for a moment, but then his face hardened and he spoke in a soft, although croaking, voice. "I don't have to."

I couldn't believe it. He actually didn't back down from my angry voice and my glare together. He never stood up to me before. Our sister must have really done a number on him to get him to this level. I could see it in his eyes. He was still a little scared of me, but he wasn't going to back down without me really pushing hard, and that would definitely wake the parents and get my sister involved.

I was stuck. He wasn't going to stop and I wasn't going to finish my punishment before the cousins showed up. I had to change my tack and find a way to speed things up. I was going to have to try and make a deal with him. Something my sister wouldn't be able to undermine or talk him out of going along with, but I had no idea what that could be.

"No, you don't" I said after a moment of thought and sounding resigned. "You could just keep on going like you have been and making me angrier and slowing me down, but you have to be getting bored of it by now."

"Are you kidding?" He said with a huge smile. "I've never got to see real boobies before, much less touch them. This is awesome."

I groaned. It was worse than I feared. "Isn't there anything I can do to get you leave me alone so I can finish my chores tomorrow?"

I couldn't believe it was possible, but his smile got bigger. He blushed and looked away from me for a moment, but said nothing. That told me what I feared. He wanted his hands on more than just my tits and ass. I was going to have to let him touch all of me if I was going to get out of this before the cousins arrived.

"What if I let you touch everywhere for a while tonight?" I said, trying to sound calm. "Would that be enough to have you leave me alone tomorrow?"

I could tell he was thinking about it and I watched his eyes slide down to look at my tiny little apron. He then bit his lip before speaking. "Is this like one of those bribes she said sometimes students do to get out of inspections and stuff?"

"Sorta." I said, not sure why that mattered. I just wanted him to answer. "I just want to get my punishment over faster. So, do you agree?"

"I was told bribes could be almost anything, but people aren't allowed to ask for them." He was still looking at my apron and occasionally glancing up at my breasts, but never at my face. "The girls just have to keep offering more until it's enough to make the inspector accept. Is that true?"

She had tough him well. Told him just enough to give him the ammo he needed and to cause more trouble for me. I was going to have to pay her back for that when I get the chance. But right then I was going to have to see what kind of deal I need to make with my brother. I was starting to fear how much I was going to have to let him do.

"Yes, that does happen sometimes." I said, trying not to let my worry show. "But the rules are clear that inspectors are not allowed to ask for or initiate them. And they can't punish people for not offering them what they may want."

"Right." He said, sounding a little confused. "But they can accept deals, right? Any deals, no matter what they are, right?"

"Yes." I said, trying to stay calm. "Just like the one I offered you. I let you touch me all over and you leave me alone so I can finish quickly tomorrow. You agree?"

"I also heard that these deals sometimes go all the way." He said, once again ignoring my question. "That the girls have to do it. Is that true?"

I couldn't believe what my brother was insinuating. Did he really expect me to let him screw me? I had to put an end to that idea fast, but I couldn't just tell him no. He would know I was lying. My sister saw to that.

"No, they don't have to do that." I said. "They always get to choose what to bribe with."

"But I was told they are made to do it sometimes." He said, looking skeptically at me.

"As a punishment." I said, "Not a bribe. And even then they have to be offered other options and choose to take that punishment. Nobody can be made to do it."

"Oh." He looked disappointed. "But you can offer it as a bribe still, if you want, right?"

"Technically, yes." I begrudgingly said. "But I don't have to. But I did offer to let you touch me all over if you leave me alone tomorrow. That's the deal. Are you going to take it?"

He thought it over for a moment before speaking. I could see he was thinking seriously about it by his pained expression. "But I don't have to accept any deal I don't like. I can just keep touching you as much as I want as I have been as long as you are doing your punishment. And the more I do that the longer your punishment will take, which mean I get to touch you longer."

He figured out the flaw in my offer. I may have offered him the one small area he couldn't touch, but I couldn't stop him if he wanted to keep touching the rest of me. He wasn't going to take it and I was going to end up naked in front of my cousins the next day. I was really stuck, unless I reconsidered my offer and what he really wanted. It was either give in and let my brother have more or expose myself to more family and run the risk of them being just as bad as him.

Finally, I said, "Would you accept a hand job in exchange for leaving me along tomorrow?"

He laughed. "No way. I can do that do myself while looking at you if I wanted. No deal."

After an agonizingly long moment of thought I resigned myself and said. "Okay, how about I suck you off when I'm done tomorrow? If you leave me alone until I finish."

He smiled, started to say something, and then suddenly looked skeptical. "How do I know you won't back out and not give me what I want after all of that? I could leave you alone all day and then you could just not do it pretend like you never agreed to it. Not like I can complain to dad."

"I wouldn't do that. I promise."

"How can I trust you? You break rules and get punished." He smirked at his own joke. "How about you go first? Like tonight."

"Right." I rolled my eyes. "And then tomorrow you forget all about it and just go on touching me as you have been. Not like I can complain to dad either. So that's not gonna work."

"Well, then I guess I'll just keep touching you." He smiled evilly. "Tonight, tomorrow, and as long as I can."

I groaned, knowing he meant it. I had to come up with something that he would agree to and that would make him keep his promise. And I knew that most likely meant I would have to give up or do more.

"Okay, how about this?" I finally said, after thinking about it for a bit, while he went back to groping my tits. "I suck you off tonight and then you leave me alone for the rest of my punishment, so I can get my work done in time. Then, after I'm all done, if you fulfilled your part of the deal, I blow you again. We both win and you get double."

I could tell he liked the offer and was thinking it over seriously. I just hoped he would accept and I would be able to put this whole thing behind me.

"I dunno." He finally said, shaking his head.

"What's not to know?" I grumbled. "You get two blow jobs and have to do nothing to get them. Literally nothing."

"Yeah," He shrugged. "But it's two of the same thing. Sounds kind of repetitive."

"Are you kidding me?" I couldn't believe my ears. "What kind of guy doesn't want more blow jobs?"

He smiled wickedly. "One who knows how desperate you are and knows he could get more."

Fuck. He was right. He kind of had me over a barrel here. Perhaps that's what I really had to let him do. Have me over a barrel. Or at least have me. I bet that's what he really wanted and I was going to have to do it.

"Fine." I said, "I'll let you fuck me when I'm done with all my chores. Is that what you really want?"

"That would give it some nice variety. I accept. A blow job now and then I get to fuck you when you're done."

"No!" I gasped. "That's not what I meant. You don't get both. Aren't I doing enough?"

"Then we have the same problem as before." He said, shaking his head. "How can I count on you following through? You obviously don't want to do it and I wouldn't really be able to complain if you backed out of the deal."

"Fine." I groaned, dropping to my knees. "Let's get this over with."

He stepped forward and stood in front of me, looking smug. It was hard to believe he was my little brother seeing him from this angle. Normally we are about the same height, since I'm a bit short, but he was towering over me at the moment. I felt completely powerless at the hands of him. I'm being controlled and manipulated by both my siblings into doing all sorts of things I would never have agreed to.

He smiled as he looked down at me. I sneered back at him and reached up to start working open his jeans. He didn't help at all, making me do all the work, but I could definitely tell he was ready for it. His member was already straining to get out, which actually made the jeans harder to get off him. But soon I had them down around his knees. I wasn't going to take them all the way off. No point in that. At least this way he'd be hobbled if I ended up trying to run away.

With his pants around his knees I could clearly see the large bulge in his briefs. It wasn't the largest I've seen (hell, it wasn't even the largest I've had in me) but it was much larger than expected to find on my little brother. Definitely more than a mouthful.

Not wanting to waste more time on this than I had to I pulled his undies down and released it. The pull length of the cock popped into view and stood up hard, pointed right at my face. It was pulsing with anticipation and looked about ready to burst already. At least I didn't have to worry about this taking too long.

I took a deep breath, readied myself, and then lowered my mouth down onto his eager cock. It was hot on my tongue as I licked around the head and slipped it into my mouth. I could feel his heartbeat through the pulsing shaft as I started to suck and lick up and down it. I've never felt someone so eager before. If I had to guess, I would say I was his first.

It wasn't long before he was shuddering and getting wobbly on his feet. I knew he was close to blowing and I was close to being done with this part. I quickly pulled back, removing him from my mouth, and grasped the shaft to finish him off. I may have had to suck him off, but I wasn't going to swallow it. But before I could get it too far away it exploded and covered my face and chest in his sticky seed.

I'd never seen so much of it in my life. I didn't think one person could make that much, but there I was. Covered in it. It was dripping off my face, in my hair, all over my breasts, and oozing down my body. I was a mess and it was disgusting. He shuddered a few more time and stumbled backwards, losing control. Collapsing back onto my bed he was spent, leaving me to deal with the mess he made on my own.

I groaned and got up, heading off to take a shower. At least that part was over and I wouldn't have to deal with the second part until later tomorrow. And I would have until then to be free from my siblings. My brother wouldn't dare risk losing his second go at me, no matter what my sister did to egg him on, and I was pretty sure she wouldn't act directly.

It felt good to be free for the moment, but I had no idea what was still in store for me throughout the rest of my visit.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 6
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2011/1/11 20:59
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My brother was good for his word and left me alone throughout the next morning as I worked. My sister wasn't at all happy about that, trying to egg him on every chance she got, but he never let her push him to act. It was nice to see, but I also knew it was more because he didn't want to risk losing what he knew he'd get at the end.

As the morning grew into early afternoon my sister was starting to get really frustrated with my brother's inaction. She didn't dare act directly with me, preferring to make him do her dirty work, but did smack talk to me as much as she wanted. Luckily, I'm well trained to ignore this from her and just kept working.

About three in the afternoon I finally finished all the chores on my punishment list and could finally relax. I went in to my father's office to tell him I was done and be let off of my punishment. I was mostly looking forward to getting dressed again. Especially since it was well before my cousins were scheduled to arrive.

He congratulated me on a job well done and told me to watch myself in the future, so he wouldn't have to punish me again. I could honestly tell he didn't want to have to do it again, but he would if he had to. I didn't want to disappoint him, so I just nodded and left.

I headed upstairs and walked into my room, expecting to finally get dressed, but the door closed behind me when I stepped in and I heard my sister's voice. She had been waiting for me behind my open door.

"Well, well, well." She said in her most irritating voice. "You made yourself a little deal with our dear brother. That's why he's been leaving you alone all day."

I spun around and staggered back from her, trying not to stammer. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play coy with me Ash. He told me everything. All I had to do was ask nicely... and you know how nice I can ask."

I knew exactly what she meant, and nice had nothing to do with it. She most likely threatened him with something or even already had some kind of blackmail on him she pulled out to get her way. There was no doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth about knowing everything though, but I wasn't going to let her know that.

"What are you talking about?" I did my best to look confused.

She didn't answer, just smirking at me, and pulled open my closet. Inside I saw my brother cowering in the dark with a scared and apologetic look on his face. She then looked at me with her most smug expression and said, "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You let this thing spooge all over your face last night and told him he would get to do more if he left you alone."

I glared at him, but found it hard to be too angry considering how miserable and scared he looked. I had no idea what my sister actually did to get it out of him and I'm sure it was no more pleasant than the crap she's been putting me through since I got home. She really did seem to have our numbers.

I simply shrugged and turned my back on her, so I could get some clothing out of my dresser. I may not have had anything left to hide from her, but that didn't mean I was going to keep exposing my body to everyone. I pulled out a skirt and shirt and started to pull them on.

"Not so fast Ash." She said, "Don't you have to pay your final part of the deal with our dear brother here?"

I cringed at the thought. I had hoped that her interference would have put an end to the deal, but apparently she wasn't going to allow that to happen. I didn't see a way out of it at all now, so I turned around and glared at her. "Fine. Get out so we can get this over with."

"Oh, no. I'm not going anywhere." She smirked and took a sit at my desk chair, spinning it around to face my bed. "You think I'd miss this show for anything?"

"I'm not doing this with you here. That wasn't part of the deal."

"Fine, then I guess I'll just have to go tell dad all about what you two have been up to. You think you've been in trouble already? You ain't seen nothin' yet."

I groaned. "You wouldn't dare."

"Why wouldn't I?" She smirked. "I had nothing to do with it. I'm innocent."

Damn it, I knew she was right. Either I had to go through with this in front of her or she would get both me and my brother in trouble with my father. Real trouble. We wouldn't be doing some stupid chores for a few hours if he heard about this one. I can't imagine what he'd do to us... and I didn't want to find out.

"Fine. Let's get this over with." I dropped my clothing on the foot of the bed and untied the apron from around my waist, rendering myself completely naked once more. I then crawled up onto my bed, lying back, and looked over at my brother, hoping he would back out.

Unfortunately, seeing me naked and giving in was enough to get him out of his fearful funk and on his feet. He stumbled towards the bed, ignoring everything but my naked form. Apparently he wasn't going to back out and I was going to have to go through with it. The best I could hope for was to get it over with quickly.

He crawled onto the bed next to me and started to run his hands all over my naked for, but mostly focused on those areas he normally didn't get to see. He clumsily groped my tits and roughly grabbed at the bare slit between my legs. It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but there was no way I was going to let him take me dry like this, and unfortunately I left all my lube at school (didn't think I'd be needing it at home). I had to do something or this was going to hurt.

The only way to get through this at all comfortably was to teach him how to do it correctly. I was going to have to show my little brother how to please a woman... using myself as the example... while my sister watches.

I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from my pussy. This seemed to snap him out of his lusty daze as he snapped his head around to look at me. "Hey! You're supposed to let me."

"I will." I said, giving his hand a soft squeeze. "Just let me show you how to do it right. Let me guide you."

His eyes grew wide and he simply nodded at me, losing all his sudden hostility. Taking the lead I placed his hand on top of mine and started to move it back between my legs. I gently started to rub myself slowly and deliberately. I first moved around the outside and traced the soft slit. I then slowly moved between and gently found my way to my pleasure button. This started things the way they needed to be for this to work.

After gently playing with myself a little I moved my hand away and let his take over. He was still a little clumsy at first, but as I started to slicken up he started to move more comfortably around my parts. I have to admit it even started to feel pretty good, but I still just mostly wanted it to be over with.

"That's good." I told him. "You feel how the body is reacting? How it's getting all wet and slick? That means it's getting ready for you to go deeper. Are you ready to move on to the next part?"

Again he looked up at me with those big surprised eyes and smiled. "Yes." His voice was little more than a deep whisper, but the nod was unmistakable.

"Come on." My sister commanded from outside our moment. "Get your pants off and give it to her."

I saw my brother flush red and he pulled away from me slightly. The sound of our sister brought him back to the real situation he was in. I could tell he half wanted to run, but also wanted to keep going with me. Either way would be fine with me at this point. I just wanted it to be over.

I put my hand on his cheek and turned his head to look back at me. "Ignore her. She can't make you do anything."

"Don't listen to her." My sister chided. "She's just trying to get you to back out."

I saw internal struggle on his face. How much he really wanted to go through with it, but now wanting to have our sister watching and teasing him. I was hopeful his embarrassment was going to win out, but his eyes seemed to harden as he steeled himself and looked back at me. Without looking back he started to undo his pants and pull them off.

I sighed and plopped my head back on the pillow again, waiting for him to get ready to mount. Finally being slick enough down there all I could do at this point was wait for it to be over. I still couldn't believe I was about to do this, especially in front of my sister.

I felt him start to climb on top of me and my sister's voice rang out. "You aren't even going to take your shirt off?"

He froze a moment and I looked down at him. He was cringing and nervous, obviously considering if he had to do what she said or not.

"Don't listen to her," I said, "Just keep going and do this the way you want to."

He smiled and started to move again, positioning himself between my legs and half on top of me. I then felt it. The head of his penis was sliding against my slit, but not going in. I felt it slip back and forth a few more times and heard him make a small annoyed sound. I struggled not to laugh as I realized he was trying to get into me by only moving his hips. He must have watched too many bad pornos or something to think it was that easy.

"Use your hand to put it in." I said, stifling my laugh.

He reached down, almost falling over as he tried to balance on one arm, and worked his cock into me. Finally in, he started trusting roughly, once again trying to act like some of the porn films he must have watched, but I didn't care. I knew the faster he worked, the sooner he'd be done, and the sooner I'd be free.

I could hear my sister giggling while trying to cheer him on, but luckily I didn't have to deal with it for very long. My brother groaned loudly and exploded into me, finishing off only seconds after he really started. He then collapsed onto me and was done.

I rolled him off me and slid out of bed, glaring at my sister. "There. He did it. I'm done. Now get out of my room and leave me alone."

I didn't wait for her to reply and simply walked out of my room to go take a shower. By the time I got back to my room they were both gone and I was finally able to get dressed, for the first time in nearly a day. And just in time too.

Right as I finished my hair I heard the doorbell downstairs and knew it was the arrival of my cousins. I just hoped with more people in the house it was going to be end of my torment. I should have known better.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 7
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Sorry about not keeping up with the story. After seeing what I wrote I got a little embarrassed and wasn't sure I wanted to continue telling it. After thinking about it for a few months though I decided it wasn't fair to leave it undone. So here I am to hopefully complete the story.


Feeling pretty good about being able to dress (as well as I could), and not having any more deals to pay off or punishments to deal with, I made my way downstairs to greet my uncle and my cousins, Candy and Tiffany.

I was genuinely excited to see the twins again, since I hadn't seen them for a couple years. Not since I left to college, in fact. They were only a year or two younger than me so we used to get along famously. Plus, they always loved to team up with me to tease and torture my sister, so that was going to be a huge plus after recent events.

I always cared less about seeing my uncle, since he was always just one of the grownups when I was younger and never seemed all that fun, but since he brought his kids I was always happy when he'd come to visit and this was no different. Who knows, now that I'm older and have been living on my own (more or less) while away at school, maybe I'll feel differently about him, but I doubt it. I still feel like a kid around my parents no matter what seems to happen.

My aunt was pretty much out of the picture, since she left my uncle for her diving instructor when the girls were only six and he's been raising them on his own since then. I know she's had some contact with them over the years, but has never really been a part of their life in any major way. It was kinda sad, but the twins seemed to deal pretty good with it over the years, so it never really came up.

Excited to see my cousins, I made my way downstairs and saw them sitting in the living room with my parents and uncle talking. Their backs were to me and it was my sister who first saw me coming down. She smiled at me and it made my blood turn cold. What had she been able to say to them before I got there? Was she going to try to ruin this part of my vacation too?

Seeing her glancing up at the stairs, my parents also looked at me and smiled, although it was more sweetly—as if happy to see me. That felt good, at least. All their reactions made my cousins and uncle turn to look at me too. I wasn't planning on making a grand entrance, but I guess I made one anyway. I smiled at all of them finished walking down the stairs, rounding the couch and standing next to my father.

My uncle was the first to greet me, "Hey there Little Lee Lee, how you been doing?"

He's been calling me "Little Lee Lee" as long as I can remember. I never asked why and I never think to ask when he's around. It's just something he does and it would feel wrong if he changed, so I guess I don't want to risk him stopping. I smiled and said, "Pretty good. Busy, but good."

"That's right," he said, "You're the big college girl now. Hard to imagine my Little Lee Lee as a college girl. I still think of you as that tiny thing I knew when you were a baby. I guess we all have to grow up... Or old, in my case."

"You're not that old." I told him, but before I could say anything else my cousins interrupted.

"Tell us about your school." They said in unison, as they often did when excited. The one would finish out the thought alone. It always amazed me how they did all this without appearing to communicate at all. Candy then continued, "Is it true what you sister told us? Is it really that crazy? Are they really that strict?"

There it was. She had been talking to them, but I didn't know exactly what she told them. From the way they were asking it didn't sound like she told them about anything too scandalous, but I couldn't know exactly what she did say. I didn't want to tell them about anything they hadn't already been told about, since that would just lead to exposing more that I want, so all I could say was, "Yeah." Let them think whatever they think and don't add to it.

"And do you really have to follow it over your break too?"

I glared at my sister and then tried to smile at the twins. "Not exactly, but it's good to keep in the habit."

"Mom and Dad thought she should." My sister added, before I could say anything else. "They are acting like the school board and the house is like the campus. While here, she has to follow the rules or get in trouble."

"That sucks." Candy said, "Isn't this supposed to be a break from school?"

"Yeah." Tiffany said, "We're on break, so we don't have to do any of our school stuff right now."

"That's not exactly true." My uncle said, "You both had homework you have to finish before break is over, remember. School isn't over just because you're out on break. But you should get to relax and have some fun on your break. That much is true."

"Whatever." The twins said to their dad.

Tiffany then said, "So, you have to follow the school rules or get punished while home on break? That really sucks."

"Yeah," I said with a sigh of agreement, "It does." We were always close, so it was nice to know that connection was still there. It felt good to know they were on my side in this thing.

"And she's already had to be punished too." My sister had to speak up.

That perked the interest of the twins and they both turned to look at me with a strange expression that seemed to mix surprise with excitement. "Really?" They said in unison.

"What kind of punishment?" Tiffany asked.

"I had to clean the house up and get things ready for company." I said, trying to keep the rest of the punishment secret. "It took me forever too."

"That's not all." My sister, as I suspected she would, had to add. "She had to dress in a tiny little cleaning uniform too."

"Really?" Candy said with a growing smile. "What kind of uniform."

My sister started to answer, "It was a little..." But my father cut her off.

"That's enough of that." He said, cutting her off. "Ashley's already been punished and it's over. Let it go so she can get on with the holiday. This is supposed to be a vacation."

I was grateful to my father for that. He wasn't going to let my sister keep tormenting me after all. Unfortunately I knew this wasn't going to be the end of the questions though. I could see the gleams in my cousins' eyes. It was just going to postpone them until I was alone with the girls later. I figured I could handle that though, at least as long as my sister wasn't around. In the meantime I was just going to enjoy my holiday and time with my family.

"So," My uncle said, turning to me with a smile, "Other than that nonsense, how has the college life been treating my Little Lee Lee?"

"Pretty good." I said, happy to be talking about something other than my punishments. "The classes are awesome, although a lot tougher than I thought they'd be, but I'm doing pretty good right now."

"And I hope you are having some fun too." He said with a wink. "College isn't just supposed to be about classes."

"Yes it is." My father said sharply. "You are there to learn."

"Of course." He said, turning to look at him. "But not all learning is done in classes. College is a place to also learn about yourself. That's where the fun comes in. College kids are supposed to go a little crazy and goof off. It's all part of learning who you are and what you want to become. I just want to make sure my Little Lee Lee here isn't just sitting through classes and missing out on the rest of the experience."

"I can't really agree with you there." My father said, "The halls are for learning and that's why my Ashley is going there. Not to party and goof off. Her grades have been showing that too."

I wasn't sure what to say and just sat back and fell silent as the two of them went at it. It was strange to hear them arguing over what my life should be like, and it wasn't really like what either of them seemed to think it should be. Eventually it all ended when my sister broke them out of it with an outburst.

"Boring!" My sister said, loud and dramatically, as she stood up and flopped her hands into air, before letting them fall back down to her sides. "I'm going upstairs to do something interesting. You girls want to come?"

She then dramatically stomped around the couch and headed up the stairs. The twins looked at me and then up the stairs at my sister. I sighed and rose to my feet, silently agreeing to go with them, even though I kinda worried about what my sister might do once we're up there. Luckily my brother was trapped and didn't follow us.

As soon as we were at the top of the stairs—and out of earshot of the parents—Candy turned to me and asked, "So is it really true about your dress code?"

"Yeah?" Tiffany added, looking curious. "Are you really not allowed to wear panties?"

I blushed slightly, but just shrugged. "Yeah, but that's not so bad. I'm actually kind of used it to it now."

"And you have to be following it on your vacation?" Tiffany said, awestruck.

"Yeah." I shrugged again. "But it's really not a big deal."

That was when my sister stepped out of her bedroom door smiling at us. "And I'm an inspector and can have her strip down to show us all that she is really following the rules."

I froze in place and glared at her. I both couldn't believe she would do this to me in front of the twins, and was surprised at myself for not realizing that she would do something like this as soon as she had a chance to.

"So, come one Ashley, don't dally." She said, tapping her foot.

"I'm not going to follow your stupid orders." I said, still glaring at her. "Stop being such a bitch."

As soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew it was a mistake. Her smile hardened and her glare sharpened. Then the words coming out of her mouth were no longer playfully mean, but cold and malicious. "You want me to go tell father you refused to follow his rules? Right in front of uncle and our brother? Come on Ash, let's go."

She started to walk past me, but I grabbed her arm and lowered my head. "No, fine. Let's go in your room and do the inspection."

"I don't think so." She said, smiling cruelly at me. "I called for it right here in the hall, so you better start right here or I'm going to turn you into father."

I sighed and started to pull up my shirt, exposing my bare breasts to my sister and cousins right there in the hall. As soon as I pulled it off over my head I saw my sister with her hand out, so I gave it to her.

She took the shirt and pretended to be examining it while making me stand there topless in the hall.

The twins simply stood where they were in shock, watching me with huge eyes.

After a far longer than was necessary my sister looked back up at me and nodded for me to continue. I simply sighed and started to remove my skirt, leaving myself completely naked in the hall, and in front of my cousins.

My sister then took the skirt and did the same thing, pretending to examine it, as my cousins continued to stare and started to blush slightly. I simply just stood there and waited for it to be over, knowing there was nothing else I could really do that wouldn't make it worse.

Eventually my sister handed me back my clothes and let me get dressed. That action seemed to give my cousins their voices back and the questions started.

"Does that really happen at your school?" Candy asked.

"For real?" Tiffany said, "Like in front of people and everything?"

"Yeah," I said, resigned to answering truthfully, since my sister would just make it worse if I didn't. "Not all the time, but if you are caught looking suspicious or something, the inspectors can call for an inspection like that."

"And they strip you?" Candy asked.

"No," I said, "They inspect your clothing to make sure you aren't wearing illegal things or breaking the codes. You remove your own clothing to let them do that. They are not allowed to touch you."

"That's not what I read." My sister said, her voice dripping with pleasure.

"Well, it's the truth." I said, looking sternly at her. "They aren't allowed to."

"What if you resist?" She said, "They can get directly involved then, can't they?"

"Not exactly." I said, "They can call for onlookers to help, but they still can't directly get involved."

"Really?" Tiffany said, her eyes huge again. "They can make other people strip you?"

"Only if you really fight them and refuse to follow inspection instructions." I said, "But who would do that? Just do what you're told and get it over with faster."

My sister looked annoyed at that answer, as if she thought I was wrong, but couldn't exactly remember why. I knew I wasn't and smugly smiled at her. It was a small victory, but at least it was something. I shouldn't have pushed it. It only made her more determined to find what she thought she remembered and she had the will to find it. But she said nothing at the moment and simply walked back into her room.

"That place sounds crazy." Candy said, shaking her head. "Why do you want to go back there?"

"It's not that bad." I said with a smile. "And you really do get used to the occasional oddity. But most of what's there is awesome. I have made so many cool friends and the clubs are great. And my classes are actually really interesting. I can't wait to go back, in fact."

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 8
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Since my sister left us in the hall in a huff, I lead the twins into my room to hang out, instead of having them follow my sister—as was their original plan. I liked the idea of getting to hang out with them alone for a bit. More like we used to, instead of having my sister hanging around.

Unfortunately all they seemed to want to talk about was my school and the rules I have to deal with there. I wasn't so hot about talking about it, but they were pretty persistent and I knew if I didn't talk about it they would go talk to my sister or even parents to try and find out. At least if I told them about it I could control they way the information was being told and make sure there was no crazy spin on it. If I controlled the information I could keep them from going crazy with it. At least that's what I thought at the time.

That doesn't mean they didn't have a million questions and were constantly pulling me off topic to pursue them. They asked me about the dress code, court system, punishments, and everything else that goes on here. They were most fascinated by the concepts and reasons behind the rules, especially the ones surrounding the court system (most of which I don't even know or understand myself), but I did my best to tell them what I knew.

They even asked about times I personally had been in trouble and had to go into court. They wanted all sorts of details about what happened to me and what I did. It was really embarrassing to share those stories, but I couldn't lie to them. I told them all about some of the biggest cases I was involved in, including time a whole group of us got in trouble together.

It was several hours of talking and telling stories and answering questions. So much so I didn't even notice that it was nearly dinnertime until I heard my father calling us all downstairs. The twins seemed disappointed, but still got up and we all went downstairs to eat.

All around dinner my sister seemed to try and talk to the one or both of the twins as much as possible. It was obvious that she was upset about being on the outside after what happened in the hall upstairs earlier and wanted them to hang out with her during their visit. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but since I knew what they would most likely end up talking about and how my sister would get them into some scheme against me.

As soon as dinner was done they were on me again and wanted to talk some more about things. I really didn't feel like going through it all again, but knew I had little real choice if I wanted to keep them away from my sister. We all went up to my room and they immediately started to ask specific questions about the dress code. Like the really little nitty-gritty details about it, especially regarding what counts as what within the rules.

It all started with the idea that panties and jeans were in the same category, and therefore illegal in the rules. I had to draw them a detailed image using tons of interim steps along the way. Going from panties to hot pants, then from hot pants to shorts, shorts to cut-offs, and so on. They finally understood that one, but then it was on to the next one, and the next one. Each time they seemed to get more and more confused.

The one that really had them confused was the concept of the line between dresses and blouses. They got the idea of the rule conceptually, but not how it actually could work in reality, especially since the same piece of clothing could fit two people differently and count as two different items of clothing on them. They just couldn't understand how an inch difference in length could make one into the other. I tried explaining and gave numerous conceptual examples, but it just wasn't getting through to them.

Finally Tiffany said, "Why don't you show us?"

I was confused at first and only replied with, "What?"

"Yeah," Candy said with a big smile on her face, "Show us. It can be like a fashion show example of the rules."

"But, I don't..." I tried to complain, but they interrupted before I could.

"Come on Ashley," Candy said, "We've already seen you naked today, it's not like it's anything more than that was."

"Besides," Tiffany added, "We used to try on each other's clothes all time. This would be just like that, only with more of a reason and just you wearing your own clothes."

I didn't see any reasonable arguments that would end well for me and it was pretty much the same as we used to do, only with just me trying on clothes, so I agreed to go along with it. Plus, it meant I wouldn't have to be talking about school as much and could show off some of the new clothes I got this year.

I started out just showing off some nice new shirts I got recently, all which were well short enough to clearly be shirts only. They let me do this and genuinely seemed to like the shirts, telling me how cute they were and everything, but soon were back on target about wanting to know about the line between shirt and dress. And they meant the actual line. Like on the body.

I explained to them that there were two main lines that mattered on the body, creating a safe overlap range. One was created for the top edge that skirts were allowed to go up to and the other was the lowest point a top could go down two. Between these two points was the overlap range, although no two items could overlap more than two inches within this area. Most of us rarely ever allowed things to overlap even that much.

The easiest way to avoid it was to simply wear shirts that were shorter, like these ones I had was showing off to the twins. Belly shirts, half-shirts, and tube tops were all popular for this reason. When there was skin showing between the shirt and the skirt there was no risk of tempting a layering violation. They seemed to understand the concept of how that made sense, but not where these lines actually fell.

I tried to explain, "Skirts are not allowed to go higher than your belly button or the thinnest part of your waist, which ever is lower. And shirts are not allowed to go down below the widest part of your hips or the bottom of your torso, whichever is higher."

"But what does that mean?" Tiffany said looking confused. "Isn't your belly button always above your waist? They don't move."

"No, they don't move." I couldn't help but smile when she asked that. The idea of a moving belly button really struck me as funny. "But they aren't talking about a waistband on clothing, which is usually below the belly button, but your actual waist. This whole area in the middle is your waist and the thinnest part is somewhere between your ribs and hip bones."

"Oh, and your belly button could be anywhere within that area because everyone is a little different." Candy said, starting to get it, but Tiffany still seemed confused.

"Exactly." I said with a smile, "And the thinnest part could be above or below that part."

"I still don't get it." Tiffany finally said after trying to grasp it for a moment.

"Take off that shirt and show her where yours is before you put on the next example." Candy suggested.

Caring more about getting them to understand what I was talking about than my modesty at the moment I pulled off the shirt without much though. I then proceeded to show them how my Belly button fell a good couple inches below the thinnest part of my waist, even though the skirt I had on had a waistband at least a couple inches lower than that even.

"See," I said, drawing a line across my belly, "The top line for skirts would be right across here. Anything I wore that rode above this line would have to count as a dress and not a skirt, even if it wasn't tall enough to cover my top half. It's just the line they created to have a set rule. But most waistbands are always well below by belly button, so I don't have to worry about it too often."

I could see the understanding dawn on Tiffany's face as I showed her what I was talking about. But I could tell she was still confused when she asked, "So you can't have skirts higher than that or shirts lower than that?"

"No," I said, "That's just the line for skirts. Shirts can fall much lower, as long as they don't drop below the other line. The one about the widest part of the hips or the bottom of your torso."

"What is the lowest part of the torso?" Tiffany asked, looking confused again.

Before I could answer, Candy said, "Why don't you just take off the skirt and show her. It would save a lot of time and be way easier."

I couldn't really argue that she was right. More than likely I would try and explain it to her and still have to end up showing her in the end. She really seemed to be having trouble with the concepts of how these body parts created lines that the rules used to determine what was what kind of clothing.

I undid the snaps on the skirt and let it fall to the ground, leaving it pooled around my feet as I stood there at attention now fully naked in front of my cousins again. It's funny, I should have been embarrassed, but without my sister there egging me on I was actually pretty comfortable this time. It's strange how the context of a situation can really affect things.

"See, the widest part of my hips goes across here when I stand like this." I drew a line across my lower torso just an inch or so above my top of my pussy. "This is as far as any top can go down and still count as a top. Anything lower than this and it counts as a dress."

"Even if your pussy can still be seen?" Candy said, looking shocked.

"Yep." I nodded. "Doesn't matter what can be seen. Only the lengths matter, not what they expose, as far as the rules are concerned."

"But what about the lowest part of your torso?" Tiffany asked, "You said it could go down that far too."

Put my hand between my legs and laid it flat against the opening of my pussy, doing my best to keep the hand flat and level, trying not to get excited as my fingers brushed the sensitive flesh. "This is the bottom of my torso. As you can see, this is lower than the widest part of my hips and it's the highest of these two points that create the line for the bottom of shirts."

"Oh, and since your hips curve higher than your pussy you have to use that." Tiffany said, finally getting it. "But other girls might be different."

"That's right. That's why they can't just have a plain and simple single rule listing. They have to give this range thing so that it works for all body types." I then placed one hand at my hip line and the other at my belly button, framing the area between them. "It creates this safe zone where you can have skirts and shirts overlap a little without breaking the rules."

"I thought there was a rule about layering though?" Candy said, "Can't you get in trouble for having things overlap like that?"

"Only if they overlap by too much or do so outside this safe range." I said, still holding my hands there to show the area I was talking about. "You are allowed to have up to two inches of overlap within this area, but no more. But I find it's best to not even push it that far. An inch or less is best to be safe."

That only seemed to lead to a number of other questions about layering and overlapping and what was and wasn't allowed. I did my best to explain it all, but again I found that examples seemed to work best. So I found myself again slipping on a number of different skirt and shirt combinations to demonstrate how they worked together, or didn't in some cases.

I showed them how when you wore a high-waisted skirt that went almost all the way up to my belly button I couldn't really wear much of a long shirt, since that two-inch allowed overlap was also much higher now. I also showed how belly and half-shirts were always safe no matter high the skirt was (as long as it didn't break the rules itself).

I then showed them how you could also run into trouble by wearing a really low-waisted skirt, although I rarely wore those. You know the kind. The ones where the skirt barely starts high enough to cover the top of your pussy. They are also usually really short. I only owned one that worked for this and even had to wear it lower than I normally would to give the example to them. I showed them how if I allowed for two inches of overlap it would make the shirt too long and be counted as a dress.

"Really?" Tiffany asked. "Even though the skirt is so low on you?"

"Yeah." I said, and then without thinking pulled off the shirt I had on and pulled on that I knew was too long to wear with a skirt. "See, the overlap is less than two-inches but the shirt goes well below the wide part of my waist."

In fact, the shirt actually even went slightly below the lips of my pussy, so it didn't matter which line I got to use. This shirt was one I only wore out to Rock Bottoms as a dress when I knew I would be giving it up for the evening anyway, but it worked perfectly here for the example I was giving.

Just then I heard a throat clearing from over my door, which had been slightly opened without my noticing. I couldn't help but jump at the sound and saw my sister standing there with a smile wide on her face, just like the cat that are the canary. Before she even spoke I knew what was coming and that I was in trouble.

"Inspection time." She said, stepping into the room and leaving the door wide open. I could just make out my brother peeking in from behind her.

"I was just giving examples to the twins about the rules." I said, knowing the pleading would do no good, but having to give it a try. "This isn't really a fair time to give an inspection when I'm teaching them about the rules and what is against them."

"There is never a good time to break the rules." She said, canary eating grin still on her face. "So get in position and prepare for inspection."

I sighed and did as I was told, standing up straight and waiting for her to tell me the next step. I was still wearing the too long shirt and the tiny skirt, so I also knew I was screwed. Sure enough, with my brother and the twins watching from just feet away, she made me strip down one piece of clothing at a time and stand there naked while she inspected the articles.

"Well, well, well." She said, shaking her head. "It looks like we have a clothing violation here. You appear to be wearing both a dress and a skirt, which is a clear violation of the layering rules. I'll have to turn these into the court and let them handle it from there."

"No, don't!" I screamed as she started towards the door.

She turned back to face me momentarily and said, "You can't bribe me out of telling with sex Ashley." She then slipped out the door and was gone.

I could see my brother turn red slink back into the hallway, although never actually going away. I could still see his eyes peeking around the doorframe as he watched me stand there naked and in shock.

The twins both looked up at me from where they were sitting on the floor with wide eyes. There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence as I stood there in shock, unable to move. I couldn't believe my sister had said that. It was bad enough that she was going go tell mom and dad about my violation, but she didn't have to talk about the bribe or even possibly elude to what I did with my brother before.

Finally Candy broke the silence. "You bribe people with sex to get out of trouble?"

I sighed and started to turn red. My voice came out in a small croak. "Sometimes."

"And that works?" Tiffany asked, wide-eyed. "Isn't it illegal?"

"Not technically." I said and proceeded to explain the rules as they pertained to bribes and their odd legality as long as the inspectors don't ask for it. At least the line of questioning lead them away from discovering what I had done with my brother. But it sure did open a lot more doors to uncomfortable conversations with them about the codes.

Since they didn't require examples of these rules, I was at least allowed to get dressed again. Well, at least until my father showed up at my door looking upset.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 9
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2011/1/11 20:59
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I was sitting there on the floor talking and giggling quietly with my cousins, as the conversation was finally off of the codes and onto boys. It was actually pretty easy to transition it away since what they were talking about was usually sex to bribe inspectors. That quickly moved things onto other boys I did things with at school, and then just onto all the boys in general.

They were most fascinated with my stories about the dance clubs in town, where I would usually end up naked and dancing sexy with several boys throughout the night. They couldn't believe that I would be so brash and naughty. It was fun to see their eyes light up as I told my stories, although I was keeping my voice down so that nobody outside my door could hear me. Last thing I needed was my dad to learn about all the things I did with boys at school.

I was in the middle of telling a story about one of the contests I had with several other girls down at Rock Bottoms one night when my door burst open and I saw my father standing there looking upset. We all stared up at him and fell silent, not knowing what was going on, although I had an idea what it was about (thanks to my sister).

"Ashley ****** Lightning." He said (and no I'm not telling you my middle name, even though he did use it, so I knew I was in real trouble), "How dare you put me in this situation when we have family over like this?"

"What?" Was all I could say, shrinking back into the floor.

"Your sister just told me what she discovered you wearing." He raised his hand and showed the two pieces of clothing clutched in his left hand. "Now you put me in a real pickle. Either I have to go back on what we said earlier and ignore this or I have to follow through even though we have company here."

"I'm okay with letting it go." I said in a small voice. "Really."

"Oh, I considered it." He said, but not looking happy about it. "I really did. But you sister and your mother and I talked it over and decided that we need to stick to this plan we set down and make sure your school codes are honored, even if that makes this uncomfortable for us at all. So you are in trouble little lady. I mean, last time we followed through and that was kind of an iffy technicality. This time you committed a real violation."

I gulped and tried to give a pleading, sorrowful look. The puppy eyes usually worked to soften my dad up.

"Your sister already told us what was supposed to happen in cases like this." He went on, not exactly looking at me. "She said that you would be issued a notice about a court hearing and then you would have to show up wearing what you were inspected in or what they left you with. You would then have to go through a hearing, where the evidence would be presented and witnesses could be called, while you and the inspector both made your cases. Then the judge would issue a punishment if found guilty. But you already know this since we've already had to go through this once with you since you got here."

I lowered my head, knowing there was not going to be an easy way out of this any more.

"Consider this your notice." He said, "Your hearing will be first thing in the morning, since it's already pretty late, right after breakfast. You will come down for breakfast ready for the hearing and we will hold it as soon as we are done."

"Fine." I said, giving up. "Just give me the clothes and I'll wear them down in the morning for the hearing."

"These clothes were confiscated." He said, shaking them in his hand again. "From my understanding they would remain that way until the hearing, so you couldn't tamper with the evidence. So you need to come down only wearing what you were left with after the inspection ended, just as you would at school."

"But I was naked!" I gasped.

"Then you'll be showing up for breakfast naked." He growled back. "Not like we all haven't seen it all before thanks to your misbehaving recently."

I gulped again the thought. I would have to come downstairs and eat breakfast naked in front of everyone, including my cousins and uncle. I gasped at the thought. "Not everyone! Uncle hasn't seen me. It wouldn't be fair to make me have to come down in front of him."

My father actually seemed to give this some thought before speaking. "That's true, but he will be seeing it soon enough since he will be part of the jury at our trial, so I don't think it matter that much. You will come down as you are supposed to and just deal with it."

He then turned and left the room, not bothering to close the door. Nobody ever seems to bother closing my door any more. Just because they'd all seen me naked now they think they can just leave me exposed all the time. It really wasn't fair, but I didn't see any way out of it.

The twins both looked shocked and a little excited at the thought of getting to see me actually go through some of what we had been discussing before. They both got up and started for the door.

"We better get going," Tiffany said, "It is getting pretty late and we don't want to sleep through breakfast."

Then they too were gone too and I was left alone for the evening to dwell on my own miserable situation. I tried to sleep, but it didn't work out great and I was up half the night worried about what was going to happen in the morning.

I was finally woken up from my restless sleep by my mother's voice as she knocked on my door and pushed it open. "Time to get up Ashley, breakfast is almost read and you have a lot to do afterwards so you'll need to eat."

I groaned and rolled over to look at her, but she was already gone. All I could see was my once again open door the empty hall beyond it. I sat up and thought about getting dressed, pretending to have forgotten about the rules set down my father the night before, but I knew he'd never believe that. Plus, it would most likely cause me to get into more trouble.

I sat up and slipped out of bed, taking off my nightshirt and tossing it back onto the bed behind me. So this was it. The moment of truth. I was going to have to walk downstairs naked and face my family, including my favorite uncle, completely naked. How could I ever face him again after this?

I took a deep breath and slowly started to make my way out of my room, walking down the hall towards the stairs. Just then a heard my father's deep voice sound loudly from downstairs, "Ashley, get your ass down here for breakfast. Don't make me come up and get you."

"On my way." I said from the top of the stairs, cringing at the sound of his voice. I could tell he was still a little upset with me.

I walked down and rounded the corner, suddenly in full view of everyone at the table in the dining room area. My sister and the twins were on the far side of the table and the first to see me. I could see the evil gleam in my sisters eyes as she smiled and the slight shock and enjoyment of the twins was clear on their faces as their eyes went wide.

My uncle seemed to notice the change of expression on the girls and turned his head to see what they were looking at. I would swear his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he caught sight of me. His mouth fell slightly open and I could see his eyes scan up and down my whole body as he watched me walk over to the table. I couldn't tell exactly what he was thinking, but the majority of it was certainly shock of some kind.

I tried not to think about it and simply walked over the only open chair at the table, between my mother and brother, to take my seat. As soon as I sat down everyone turned to look at me, even those who didn't watch me walk into the room.

"It's about time you got here sleepy head." My mother said as she started to serve me.

My brother said nothing, but just kept looking me up and down from up close again as he slowly ate. I swear more of his food seemed to slip off his fork and fall into his lap than went into his mouth. I could even see a few times when he wanted to reach out and touch me, but stopped himself at the last moment because our parents were right there. I could tell that if they weren't he would have forgone his food altogether and just started groping me again.

I didn't look down the table at my uncle and mostly just kept my head down as I ate. I knew that only my breasts were clearly visible over the table, but I still didn't want to see how he was looking at me. I was sure he was looking though. I could feel it. Just as I knew the twins were too.

As soon as I finished my father rose and said, "Okay, it's time for Ashley's hearing. Everyone head into my office and take your seats."

I started to get up and he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. "Not you yet Ashley. We have to get ready and inform the others of their responsibilities in this. You are going to just have to wait here until we call you in."

Like that I was left alone at the table, still covered with our dirty dishes and everything, waiting to be called in to see my fate. I bet my sister was more than ready to prepare them to humiliate me again, like she did the day before. Not wanting to just sit there and stew I got up and started to collect all the dirty plates and silverware from around the table.

I was about to carry them all into the kitchen when my sister came out and said, "It's time bitch. Get in here and take your punishment."

I was already resigned to my fate, so I just shrugged and followed her into the small office. My uncle and the twins were seated on the sofa off to the side and my father was behind the desk. My mother and brother were sitting along side the sofa on folding chairs they apparently brought in earlier to set up for this.

"Have a seat." My father said, waving to the same chair I sat in last time. "Your sister, being the inspector in this case, is going to act as the prosecution and she has the floor first."

She stepped up to the desk and grabbed my outfit off it, holding up the two pieces to show everyone as she talked. "Last night when I went to say goodnight to everyone before going to bed I walked into Ashley's room and saw her dressed in these two pieces of clothing. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I realized that two things were very wrong with them, as you will clearly see. Here, put this on."

She tossed the shirt to me and I slowly got up to slip it on. It fell where it always did on me, coming down to just below the bottom of my pussy and covering me completely. She had me stand there facing the couch and made sure to stand me right in front of my uncle, who was seated in the middle.

"As you can see," She said, as she pointed out what she was talking about on my clothing and even body, lifting the shirt when needed to point out things under it. "This shirt is rather long and falls down well below the line that shirts are allowed to fall to, which would normally be about here on Ashley. This is at least a couple inches lower than is allowed and therefore the school would consider this a dress and not a shirt. And if she was only wearing this it wouldn't have been an issue."

She then handed me the skirt and went on as I pulled it on. "Here put this on. Unfortunately for Ashley here, this was what she was actually wearing when I walked in. As you can see, the skirt is a normal bottom, covering what it should, but shouldn't also be worn with a dress, since they both count as bottom covers. As her school rules clearly state, you are only allowed to wear one bottom and one top at a time. This is a clear violation of the layering rules and should be punished severely as a blatant violation."

"Very good, now take your seat." My father said, waving my sister off. "It's time to let Ashley give her defense."

"Yes sir," My sister obediently said, playing the goodie-two-shoes part well. "But she needs to take off the evidence before starting her defense. I am not allowed to leave her with it at the end of my presentation."

"Very well," He said, looking at me again. "Place the evidence back here on the desk until it's needed for demonstration purposes."

I sighed and pulled them off, once again getting naked in front of my uncle and cousins. I tried not to think about that and just started presenting my case, even though the twins were actually there when it all happened and should know the truth already. But I still started to explain about how I was teaching them about the school code by giving them examples of what I was talking about and that my sister just happened to walk in while I was demonstrating about how layering worked and how you had to be careful when choosing certain clothes, like this shirt. I even put them both on again as I did my best to reenact that part of the lesson for them, so they could see I wasn't doing it to break the rules, but to teach them.

When I finished my sister got up to make her final remarks, "As you can clearly see from Ashley's own demonstration, she knowingly broke the rules when she could just as easily just told them about that part or even worn the two items separately to show where they would overlap. But she blatantly broke the rules to show what rule breaking looked like. I can't think of a more clear-cut case than that. I rest my case."

I got up and tried to make my closing argument. "Yes, I did wear an illegal combination, but I believe the circumstances of using them to teach others about the rules should take precedence in this case. Sometimes an actual visual example serves as a much better teaching tool than simply saying the words. You can't really understand something until you see it for yourself sometimes, as this very hearing should be able to show you."

"Okay, the two of you can leave now as the jury considers the case." My father said, pointing me and my sister towards the door.

We weren't left sitting in the living room for very long before my mother came out and said, "Ashley honey, they want to see you inside for a few more questions."

My sister looked upset that she wasn't allowed to come back in with me, but said nothing. I simply followed mother back into the room and saw everyone still sitting where they were. I stepped in and waited to see what they wanted.

"The twins here told us about your demonstration to explain the rules for shirt, dresses, skirts, and the overlap area." My father said. "I think we would all benefit from learning as much as we can about this before deciding on this case. Please give that demonstration again so we can all learn from it."

The twins were beaming and I groaned quietly as I started to try and quickly go through the rules about the two lines that set up the safe overlap zone. Unfortunately the twins kept making me slow down and show it the same way I showed them, placing my hands against my belly and drawing lines with my fingers and everything. They also made sure I stood in front of and facing each person in the room so they could get a close look at what I was talking about, including the two of them, even though they already got the demonstration last night.

After showing my naked pussy off up close to everyone in the room while supposedly demonstrating where the lines fall on my body, my father finally said I could leave again while they finished discussing things. I was made to head back out with my sister, who wanted to know what happened in there. I didn't tell her, just keeping quiet and brooding.

After several more minutes we were called in again and took our seats.

"The jury has come to a conclusion." My father said. "It was mostly unanimous, although your mother thinks we should be more lenient since you were helping to teach others. But in the end the case seemed pretty clear to everyone and you have been found guilty of breaking the dress code again. And this time for real, not just through a silly side rules."

I groaned and slumped in my chair. Now I was going to have to get punished in front of everyone.

"All that remains," My father went on, "is determining what your punishment is going to be. And this time it is going to have to be a little more severe than just doing some chores around the house."

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 10
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2011/1/11 20:59
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I just stood there and waited to hear what my choices were going to be. I was already found guilty and was going to have suffer some kind of punishment, it was just a matter of choosing what that was going to be. Once again they were going to make me choose my own suffering from a list of horrible choices. One would be short and horrible, one would very long and easy, and one would be in the middle of those two. This was really starting to feel like the school court. They really did a good job with it.

"Choose one of the following punishments." My father said, "Spend the rest of your vacation here without any clothing. Explain the details of your dress code, including demonstrations, for the whole family when they are over for Christmas day. Or get spanked ten times right now by each and every member of your family currently present in turn."

I cringed at the idea each time he mentioned one of these options. None of them seemed appealing or something I would even consider doable, but I had no choice but to choose one of them. If I chose to be naked during the rest of my vacation I would have my brother all over me the whole time and would have to explain to the rest of my family on Christmas why I was naked when they came over for Christmas day. I could not see this as being a viable option at all.

The second option was just as bad, since it would require me to not only tell every member of my family clearly about the dress code, punishments, and everything, but I would have to get naked several times while doing it just to demonstrate what I was talking about. This would actually be worse than just being unexplainably naked around them. I would actually have to perform in front of them and explain that it was all my idea to do it. I would die of embarrassment.

The final choice, which was supposed to be fastest of them, would involve me getting spanked by everyone in my family. That would include my uncle and cousins. With so many of them spanking me it would be even harder for me hide the fact that I enjoy spankings, especially since my cousins already know I do after I told them the night before about all my trips to Rock Bottoms. I don't know how I could choose this one either, but I had to choose one of them.

After mulling it over for a long moment I made the only real decision I could. "I guess I'll have to get spanked." At least that way it would stay between the family that was already here and not have to include any more people. Plus it would be over relatively quickly.

"Very good." My father said, getting up from his desk. "These spankings will proceed immediately right here. I can't ask others to do this unless I am willing to do it as well, so this will start with me and your mother, then the rest will take their turns."

He then took a seat in the chair my sister had been sitting in and patted his thigh while looking at me. I gulped and stepped over to him, slowly lowering down to lie face down across his lap. I was positioned so that my bare ass was pointing right at the couch where my uncle and cousins were seated. He then rested one arm across my back and placed his other hand on my bare behind. It was a strange feeling having my dad's hand on my ass, but this had been a strange visit since the beginning.

He then proceeded to spank me. It wasn't the hardest spanking I've ever had, in fact it was pretty light compared to some of those I've had, but it was the first spanking I've gotten from my father in my life. That part was the worst of it, not the ten swats he placed on my behind.

"Get up, honey." He said, his voice sounding a little softer than normal with a hint of trouble in it. "It's your mother's turn."

I stood up and tried not to look at anyone. I didn't want to see their expressions or see them looking at me. I just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. My father rose and moved back around his desk to let my mother come over and take a seat in what I guess was becoming the spanking chair. I then moved back down, only this time across her lap.

Unlike my father, my mother was always the stern disciplinarian in the family when we were little. There was always the threat about waiting until father came home, but that was mostly because we would feel bad if found out we did something wrong and not because he would actually punish us. Mom was the one who always did that. So this wasn't the first spanking I've ever received from my mother and she didn't hold back the way dad obviously did.

This time the smacks stung a bit and did make quite a nose in the small room. I couldn't help but jump slightly with each hit, which I'm sure was entertaining for my sister. It sure sounded like she was enjoying herself as she watched me get tortured by our mother. Luckily ten swats passes pretty quickly, even if they do hurt a bit, and I was again getting up from one of my parent's laps.

My mother moved away and my sister practically bounced into the chair. "Come on sis, get down here so I can give you your spanking you naughty girl."

I gritted my teeth and once again put myself across a lap, only this time belonging the one person I disliked in the house the most. I knew there was no way to avoid her turn, but I just hoped she would blow through it quickly and the ten swats would be done. Then she wouldn't have any more power over me and I would be able to move on through the rest of this torturous morning.

I then felt her hand come down and gently rest upon my behind, giving it a little pinch. "I want you to count off as I deliver these spanks Ash. Got it?"

"Yes." I said though gritted teeth. Then in a quieter voice that she would barely be able to hear I added, "Bitch."

"You will be polite with you speak to me too." She said squeezing my behind hard. "I want you to count out each swat and add 'Thank you sister, can I have another.' After each one."

"Fine." I grumbled, just wanting to get it over with.

"Fine, what?" She said, sounding like a scolding teacher.

I let out a deep sigh and said, "Fine, sister."

"Very good. Let's get started." She said and I felt her hand leave my behind for the first time. It was then brought down with quite a lot of force and a very lout smack.

It was enough to make me jump and let out a little startled noise. I gritted my teeth and said "One. Thank you sister, may I have another."

That seemed to please her and it was only a few seconds later that her hand came down on my bare ass again. The sound was just as loud and the swat was just as hard, but I was at least ready for it this time and didn't make a sound. "Two. Thank you sister, may I have another."

That was quickly followed by another, although I noticed it was slightly lighter than the previous two. Not soft by any means, but I could tell she was holding back a little. I think she must have started to feel the sting on her hand and realized she was going to hurt herself as well if she kept hitting harder and harder. I was pretty sure my ass would win if it came down to a contest as to which one of us would give in first. "Three. Thank you sister, may I have another."

The next one was slightly softer again, making me smile. She was not only going through them quickly, but also getting wimpier as she went. "Four. Thank you sister, may I have another."

I then noticed that her hand didn't immediately leave my behind after the swat, resting it against my ass and squeezing lightly. Then, in a soft voice she said, "Oh, you think this is going to be easy? You're going to suffer before I'm done."

I then felt her fingers pinch my tingling behind hard before being lifted off of it again. She then paused, doing something that seemed to catch the attention of my father. He was the only one I could see in the room, but his eyes moved to look up a way at what I assume was her hand doing something in the air. Whatever it was didn't matter, because it was just a distraction. I suddenly felt her other hand grab a handful of my hair and pull it tight, making my head yank back as she brought her hand down extremely hard on my ass again.

The combination of the swat that was even harder than her first two hits and the yanking of my hair caused me to let out a little cry of surprised pain again. My voice then cracked a little when I spoke. "Five. Thank you sister, may I have another."

She didn't waste any time and there was another very hard swat on my ass, eliciting a little groan from me. I realized I was starting to enjoy it and I had to decide to let these sound come out natural or force them to sound more pained. There was no longer going to be the option of being quiet. "Six. Thank you sister, may I have another."

When the next swat came down I went with the latter option and let out a small cry of pain to cover my growing excitement. My sister also tightened her grip in my hair, making sure my head was pulled hard back as she struck with her other hand. "Seven. Thank you sister, may I have another."

Crack! "Eight. Thank you sister, may I have another."

Crack! "Nine. Thank you sister, may I have another."

She then paused again with her hand resting on my burning behind and squeezing it tightly. She was resting up for her final swat. I could imagine her hand must be tingling pretty good too, but she was determined to follow through with her threat. She then suddenly snapped back and quickly brought her hand down hard one last time, harder than ever before.

"Ten!" I gasped out from gritted teeth, happy it was over.

She gripped my aching behind hard and spoke in a rough voice. "Ten WHAT?"

"Ten. Thank you sister." I replied, answering as I figured she wanted.

"Say it all."

"No," I said, trying to get up but her arm against my back and tangled in my hair still holding me down. "You only get ten and are done."

"Say it all anyway." She grumbled. "You aren't done until you say it."

"Fine!" I groaned. "Ten. Thank you sister, may I have another."

Then, just as I expected she said, "If you insist." and brought her hand back down on my behind one more time, making me grunt with pain once more.

"That's enough!" My father said, rising from his chair. "You are done with your ten, let her go."

"Fine." My sister said and lifted her arms off of me, letting me stand up and rub my sore behind.

"I can't watch any more of this." My father then said, stepping around his desk.

"Good." I said, "I'm glad it's over. My behind is really sore."

"What!?" My sister gasped. "But her punishment was for everyone to spank her."

"Yeah!" My brother said, adding his two cents. "I want my turn."

"I know." My father said, still walking towards the door to his office. "But I can't watch any more. It's too hard. She's my little girl. I'll be out in the living room watching TV loudly while the rest of you finish."

I felt my excitement about it being over suddenly deflate as I realized I still had four more spankings to go through. My mother then rose and followed him out of the room without saying a word, leaving me alone with the others.

My sister looked worriedly after them and said, "Do I have to leave too? Can't I stay in here and watch the others?"

"If you wish." My father said before closing the door once my mother was through.

My sister then turned to my brother and waved him towards the chair. "Your turn little brother. Might as well get your hands on her again while you can."

I could see my cousins trade interested glances at each other when the heard that and then turn back to look at me again. My brother quickly plopped down in the chair and reached out to grab my arm, pulling me towards him. I obeyed the tug and laid down across his lap, ready to take my spanking from the little pervert.

Sure enough, before he even started spanking his hand started to rub and caress my ass all over, squeezing and pinching as he went. I figured he would try and get away with some of this before starting his spanking, especially since mom and dad were out of the room. I was just annoyed that he was doing it front of my cousins and uncle. To my surprise, however, his other hand reached down under my front and started to squeeze my tits.

"Hey!" I complained and tried to swat his hand away from them. "You are supposed to spank me not that."

"He can touch you if he wants." My sister said loudly. "The rules clearly state that anyone is allowed to touch any exposed skin you have at any time. He is also supposed to spank you for this punishment, but nothing says he can't also touch you however he wants while doing it."

"Is that true?" Tiffany gasped in surprise.

Shit, she was right and now both my cousins and uncle know about this part of the school rules too. I was turning red and knew I now had a whole slew of new questions to answer and stories to tell once the twins got me alone again. Sometimes I really hate my sister.

I sighed, putting my hand down to let my brother have access to my tits again, and said, "Yeah, they call it the touching rule. It's supposed to make you dress more modestly so people can't touch you, but I am kind of stuck right now."

"Enough talking." My sister chided. "Get to the spanking."

My brother, always afraid of his sister, did as she commanded and made his first swat against my behind. It wasn't nearly as hard as hers had been and he seemed more interested in playing with my breasts than actually doing the spanking. After the swat he even left his hand on my behind again and groped it some more before taking his second swat.

That was going to be the way it was this time around. I was going to be groped and played with in front of my cousins and uncle more than spanked. I wasn't sure what was worse. This was certainly more overtly embarrassing, but didn't have the added punishment of an actual painful spanking and the embarrassing pleasure it brought me.

After his sixth actual swat, my brother took a little break to more thoroughly play with my behind. This time he actually slid his hand between my legs a little and brushed his fingers against the lips of my pussy. This caused me to let out a little shudder, although I tried to hide it as best as I could. He noticed, however, and quickly did it again, going a little deeper this time.

After a few moments of this I was about to complain about him taking too long, but he must have sensed that and made his next swat down on my ass. It was almost as if he could read my mind and knew when I was about to speak. Either I was starting to lose my control or he was actually getting better at reading me. Either way it was a frightening though.

The next couple swats came and went as all the others had done and I knew he only had one more to perform before he would have to let me up and be done with his turn. I figured he would try and drag it out as long as he could, but I just wanted him to get it over with. I was about to say something, either to egg him on to spank me one last time or to guilt him into it, but before I could even think of what to say he did something that completely surprised me. He slipped two of his fingers right up into my pussy.

I let out a surprised little "Eep!" and jumped, causing my breast to pop out of his other hand. Now, this would totally not be allowed by the rules, since he was well more than a knuckle deep and it was obviously not by accident, but I was far too surprised to even say anything for a moment. He wiggled the fingers a little bit inside me, making me shudder slightly, and got his other hand back to where he could grope my tits.

As if he could read my thoughts again, right as I was about to tell him off for what he was doing and how he was breaking the rules, he pulled out and gave my one last hard swat on the ass. The combination of the sudden shift in actions and surprising hardness of his swat caused me to jump and let out a loud gasp of pain and surprise.

"All done." He said, pulling his hands back from me. "You can get up now."

My chance to complain had passed and all I could do now was rise up and let him move away. He stood over by sister, who looked smug and amused. I simply stood there somewhat in shock still and realized that the only three left were my cousins and uncle.

As if to punctuate that thought, my sister said, "Who's next?"

My cousins and uncle all looked at each other as if silently questing each other about which one of them wanted to go next. None of them seemed to move or eager to be first, but Candy finally leaned in and whispered something softly to Tiffany, which their father must have heard because seemed to nod and say something quiet in response to it. For some reason the whole exchange seemed to cause a cold shiver pass down my spine.

Finally, Tiffany rose up and stepped over to the chair. "I guess I'll go next, but I don't know if I really feel comfortable with all you watching."

"But we still have to take our turns." Candy said, looking at her.

"They don't." Tiffany said, glancing at my brother and sister for a moment.

My uncle nodded, smiling comfortingly at his daughter, and turned to look at my brother and sister. "Would you mind leaving the office so my daughters can do this in private? I think they'd be much more comfortable if it was just us."

I could see the mix of emotions fighting inside my sister. Her face seemed to hide none of it, but she finally gritted her teeth and said, "No problem. Just don't go easy on her. Ten spankings from each of you." She then glared daggers at me, as if it was my fault she had to leave.

"Thank you." My uncle said to her with a pleasant smile.

She simply nodded and left the room with my brother in tow. I was then alone in the room with my uncle and cousins, standing naked before them and waiting for their ten smacks each across my ass.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 11
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Now that I was alone in the room with uncle and cousins they seemed to relax a little, as I got more nervous. Tiffany took a seat in the power chair and smiled up at me, patting her lap. I sighed and laid back down across another lap, preparing for another round of swats on my already tingling behind. Before she started, however, she seemed to have some questions for me.

"Do they really get to spank you like this at your school?" She asked, resting one hand across my back and the other firmly on my ass. "Or is this just a special family punishment since parents are allowed to spank their kids?"

I tried to look back at her as I replied, but her arm held firm and prevented me that much movement. Instead I spoke to the side of the chair. "Sometimes. They can assign spankings or other similar punishments, but they are usually one of several choices."

"Oh," She said, "Like your dad did?"

"Yeah," I said, still talking to the side of the chair, unable to see anyone. "They are usually given in threes, with varying levels of severity versus time. They usually range from fairly easy but very long lasting to quick but very severe."

"I see," She said, "Just like you dad gave you three."

"And a spanking is often given the quick one?" Candy asked from her place on the couch.

"No, not very often." I said, answering honestly. "Usually if spankings are included they are in the middle, and usually done slowly over a somewhat extended time in public."

"In public?" Tiffany gasped. "You've been spanked in public?"

"Yeah," I could feel myself reddening as I said it, but at least they couldn't see my face. I was thinking about all the times I've been down to Rock Bottoms and at parties, but those weren't what they were asking about. "Only been punished that way a couple times though by the school court."

"Well, I guess I better this over with." Tiffany said and raised her hand off my ass.

A second later she brought it back down hard on my behind and made me jump a little. I let out a little grunt of surprise, not expecting her to suddenly start to quickly. I could tell she wasn't holding back either. They may not want the others to see, but it certainly wasn't because they were feeling sorry for me and going to go easy on me.

She followed it up with a few more silent swats, only taking a few moments between each one and not saying a word. They were still pretty hard hits and I could feel my behind starting to sting again with each one. I was pretty sure my ass was turning pink by this point and I had to disguise my groans of pleasure behind exaggerated grunts of pain with each hit.

After the sixth swat she stopped for a moment, resting her hand on my tingling behind again, and said, "Was that really true what your sister said about the touching rule at your school? Were you just going along with that to get her to shut up?"

"Yeah, it's true." I said, lowering my head as I said it. "It's really not designed to be used during a punishment like this, but there's nothing in the rules against it either, so I couldn't stop him without breaking the rules."

"So I could do this if I wanted?" She asked and started rubbing and squeezing my ass. It felt pretty good and was really making the tingling in my ass sharpen into needles. It took all my self-control not to let out a moan right there.

"Yes." I finally said, "The idea is to encourage you to wear more modest clothing by allowing touching on any exposed skin that isn't your face and hands. But when I'm stuck like this for any reason it kind of allows all kinds of other touching that I don't think the rule was designed for."

"Yeah, I bet." She said and then suddenly brought her hand up and down hard again, continuing her series of swats.

Within a minute or so she was done and I was allowed to get up off her lap. I couldn't look at them, so I didn't turn to face them I simply stood there with my head down and waited for the next one to take a seat on the chair. Tiffany got up, but didn't leave the room. Instead she went and sat back down next to her father.

Candy moved in to my field of vision and took a seat in the chair. Then, to my surprise she carefully slid the hem of her dress up to expose much more of her bare thighs than it normally would. In fact, from my angle I could actually see her yellow panties under it peeking out, but I doubted the others on the couch could see that much. With the skirt now draped across the top of her thighs, leaving their entirety exposed, she patted the bare skin for me to lie across.

It was only when I got into position that I realized why she did what she did. I could feel her warm bare skin on my own. Her thighs were touching me low on the belly and just below my breasts, with the under-side swell of them actually pressing into the side of the thigh. This extra skin contact sent electric shivers through my body and I knew that was exactly why she did it. She was going to make this so much worse for me than the others had been.

She then proceeded to reach underneath me and grope my bare breasts, just as my brother had done, but with more grace and care. Her other hand stared to caress and squeeze my stinging behind, making me start to lose control of myself again. I would have told her to get on with the spanking, but I had to work very hard to retain my control and keep myself from moaning as she played with me.

After a couple very long minutes she finally raised her hand and brought it down hard against my ass with a loud smack. I grunted with the hit and lurched my body slightly, completely out of my direct control. The motion even caused her other hand to slip off my tits, but she soon recovered and went back to caressing them as she went to spank me a second time.

After the fourth hit she stopped, much like her sister, and started to play with my behind again. "So your school has rules that strip you naked, spank you, and let people grope you as much as they want. What else can people do at your school?"

"Learn." I said, trying to keep the conversation from going anywhere further in the direction it was headed.

She smacked my ass in response to my answer and said, "Smart ass. I mean what other things can they do with these strange rules they have. Like, can they do this?"

Then, without warning I felt her fingers slide right up into my pussy. I couldn't help it and let out a little yelp of surprise and bit my lip to keep a moan from following. She simply kept her fingers inside me and moved them around a little, waiting for my reply.

When finally able to reply without an accompanying groan of pleasure I said, "Not without permission. There is no penetration allowed unless I allow it. You would be breaking the rules at my school and be subject to punishment yourself."

She quickly pulled her fingers out at that and placed her hand back on top of my ass. I could feel the wetness of the slick fingers as they touched me. She also quickly said, "I didn't know, sorry."

"It's okay." I said, not sure what else to say. "We're not at school and you don't go there, so how could you know? Not like they are going to punish you for it."

"So that permission thing is like the bribes you talked about." Tiffany asked from over on the couch. "They can't start it but you can allow it if you start it?"

"Bribes?" My uncle said in a suddenly booming, but confused voice. I had totally forgot he was in the room and turned bright red again as I realized what he just watched his daughter do to me and what we were talking about.

"Yea," Tiffany said, "It's not against the rules for people to bribe the inspectors, but they can't ask for it. And it can't be like money or things they can keep, since inspectors are not allowed to take anything from the people they inspect without getting in trouble themselves."

"If it's not money, then what do they bribe with?" He asked.

"Come on, you know." Tiffany said, sounding somewhere between embarrassed and teasing.

"No," He said, almost sounding like he was teasing back, but I wasn't completely sure. "What?"

"You know." Tiffany repeated. "Other things."

"Sex, dad." Candy said, taking the heat off her sister. "Or at least sexy things if not always the full thing."

"You mean some of these kids offer to have sex with the inspectors if it gets them out of trouble?" He still didn't sound completely real as he spoke, but it could have been shock. "You haven't done that, have you Lee Lee?"

I couldn't believe he asked me that. I didn't want to like to him, but at the same time I didn't want to tell him the truth and admit that I've sucked a few cocks and licked a couple pussies to get out of some inspection related trouble before. I didn't know what I was going to do, but as soon as I was about to speak my voice was stolen from me by another hard swat across my ass, making me gasp loudly and out of control.

"Oh My God!" Candy said, "Did you hear that? I think Ashley here enjoys being spanked. Is she getting off on this?"

I couldn't believe my cousin just said that, but I guess my last outburst wasn't a normal pain-based reaction. I was off guard and the truth was showing through. I was about to say something again when she hit me with another surprise swat and garnered another unvarnished reaction from me.

"She is!" Candy said, this time reaching between my legs and rubbing the surface of my pussy. "And she's soaking wet. Ashley is totally getting off on being spanked. No wonder she gets in trouble at school. She likes it."

I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment. Not only were my cousins and my uncle seeing me naked and spanking me, but they were now talking about my wet pussy and how much I like to be spanked. And there was nothing I could do to really deny it without flat-out lying to them, even though all the evidence to the contrary was pretty damn clear. So I said nothing and just hoped this nightmare would end soon.

Sure enough, a few seconds later I felt a wet hand come down hard on my behind and make a really loud smack noise. It's amazing how much louder it gets when there is moisture involved. I just lied there and waited for the next one to come, hoping this would end soon. I had lost count and didn't know how many more she had to go, but was soon informed.

"Get up Ashley," Candy said, raising her hand off of my behind and letting go of my breasts. "That was ten and I'm done. Unless you want me to give you some more. I know how much you love them."

A small part of me was tempted to tell her to keep going, but instead I quickly got up and stood with my head down again. I was clearly not wanting to make any eye contact with any of them and was really glad that the rest of my family had left the room. I don't know what I would have done if my mom and dad heard about my enjoyment of spankings. Not to mention how my sister would use that bit of information against me.

Candy got up and went over to sit on the couch with her sister as her father, my uncle, got up and came over to sit in the chair. He was going to be my final spanker and I was both happy it was almost over and horribly embarrassed that he was now going to do this after all the stuff that was talked about in front of him. Especially since he was going to be doing it knowing that at least part of me enjoys spankings.

As soon as he was in position and motioned for me, I got down across his lap and waited for what was to come. His large hand rested on my bare behind for a moment, but didn't move around to rub or anything. I figured he was preparing himself to do it, most likely just as confused and conflicted as I was.

"Now Lee Lee," He said after a long moment. "I don't think you actually deserve as many spankings as you were given for the supposed crime you committed. I thought that this many spankings was a little severe for you accidentally breaking a rule while trying to teach my daughters about how the rules work. But your father felt it was appropriate and this is his house, so I am going to follow through with it as planned. Knowing that you might like these on some level makes it a little easier on me, so please don't be ashamed of my having heard about that."

I didn't know what to say to that. The fact that he admitted that he was more on my side than the rest of my family about this whole thing gave me some real affection for him. I knew he was a nice guy, but I never figured he would actually take my side over my father's. The rest of what he said, however, was almost like he wanted me to admit I liked it to make him feel better about spanking me. I was tempted to tell him, but I kept my mouth shut.

He didn't wait for my reply and started to spank me with fast, short strikes. They were obviously not as hard as he could make them and not even as hard as my sister had given me, but with my ass already as tenderized as it was they still stung pretty good. I couldn't help but let out a mix of pained whimpers and moans of pleasure as he finished his ten strikes in short order.

I then went to get up, finally happy to have this ordeal over with, when he put his arm around my waist and pulled me into a sitting position on his lap. That set off another wave of stings through my behind and I couldn't help but groan at the sensation.

"Oh, sorry about that." He said, sounding sincere. "But I wanted to talk to you a moment before you left and we were interrupted by the rest of the family again."

"It's okay." I said through gritted teeth, trying to smile at him, but sure it came across more as a grimace.

"I'm just a bit confused about all this crazy school stuff." He said, "There are all these strange rules of dress and the way people can act, and according to what your father and sister have told me they are pretty strict about how it all works. I just want to make sure I understand and that my Little Lee Lee is really happy being there."

"Oh, I am." I assured him. "I love it there. Sure the rules seemed strange at first, but you really get used to them and they don't seem so odd after a while."

He then proceeded to ask me for specifics about several of the rules he had heard about over the course of the evening last night and this morning. I did my best to tell him as honestly as I could about how they worked and what was and wasn't really part of them. I did learn that my sister was purposely misinterpreting some of the rules to make them sound way worse when she told others about them, but set them straight and would have to get back at her for that later.

While we talked I even forgot that I was naked and sitting on my uncle's lap, with his arms around my waist and hands resting on my hip. It wasn't until he seemed to finish asking me questions and removed his hands, patting me on my bare behind to scoot me off his lap, that it came back to me that I had been naked this whole time. I couldn't help but blush slightly as I did.

He frowned at me and said, "Poor Little Lee Lee. I'm sorry you are so embarrassed by your situation here. I really don't want you to feel so bad about it. I don't think any less of you for it and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a lovely girl and I am actually very proud of how you have been handling things. I can't imagine your sister would have done as well if she was put in the same position."

I smiled at that thought and thanked him with a hug. I then turned to head towards the door, but he stopped me one last time.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 12
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Smiling down at me he said, "Before we go I want to do one more thing to help you feel more comfortable while we're here."

I stopped and looked at him confused. I couldn't imagine what he could do to make me more comfortable while standing naked in front of him than letting me go get dressed, but I have to admit I wanted to hear him out.

"You are not going to have go through this alone any more." He said, "I'm going to have my girls follow the dress code while we're here too."

He then turned and looked at the two of them, who had just stood up from the couch to leave, but were suddenly frozen in place. Their faces looked a mix of shock and amusement, like they couldn't really believe what they had just heard. It was almost funny to see the twitching curves of smiles tempting the edges of their lips as they couldn't decide if it was actually a joke or not.

"You two better get your panties off and make sure you're following the rules." He said, looking at them. "I will be checking, and I give Lee Lee here the power of an inspector to make sure as well. She did her part teaching you all these rules, didn't she? Even got in trouble while teaching them to you. So you better be able to follow them for the next few days."

The girls were still standing there in unmoving shock. I could see them glance at the door, as if looking through it, and their eyes widened. Their father seemed to notice this too and cleared his throat to get their attention back on him.

"Don't worry about them." He said, "This is between the four of us. As long as you girls are good and follow the rules, I won't be telling any of them about it going on. If you get in trouble, that's another issue, but unless that happens none of them need find out about it. But you have to start right now."

That seemed to snap them out of their frozen shock and they both bent forward to reach under their dresses or skirts to pull their panties down. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I had to just stand there dumbly and watch. Pretty soon they both had their panties on the floor at their feet and were standing at attention, but with their heads down so they wouldn't make eye contact with either of us.

"Why don't you just take it all off and let me check to make sure that it all fits the rules." He said, "Then I'll give you back the pieces that are allowed."

They both froze again for a moment, but Tiffany then started to unsnap the side of her skirt. When it fell to the floor, letting me see her neatly trimmed little pussy, it seemed to snap her sister out of it too. Candy then started to pull her dress off over her head, while her sister did the same thing with her shirt. Both of them also had bras on, which they removed in unison to render themselves completely naked.

I was rather impressed by the two of them. They may be twins, but they aren't exactly identical. Sure they did their hair a little differently, but it always seemed to be pretty close. Their breasts are also almost exactly the same size, but for some reason Candy's seemed slightly perkier and her nipples were hard. Their hips were nicely curved and they looked pretty good naked, but it was the way they trimmed their pussies that really differentiated them.

Tiffany had a very small, thin, little stripe of sandy-blond hairs above her pussy. It was about an inch and a half long and only about as wide as a pencil is thick. It looked like she had waxed or shaved very recently, because there was no stubble around it or anywhere down on the lips below. I wondered why she even bothered to keep it if there was going to be so little left. I figured it would be way easier to just shave it all off like I did.

Candy, on the other hand, had a lot more sandy-blond hair down there, although it too was carefully groomed. Unlike her sister, hers was shaved neatly into the shape of a heart, with the point at the bottom almost touching the top of her pussy slit. It too looked freshly done and free of stubble everywhere else too. I had to admit that it looked really cute, so I could understand why she kept hers that way.

"It's a good thing I did this." My uncle said, looking down at them and the clothing on the floor. "I didn't even think about the bras. That would have certainly been a rule violation. Now let me see your clothes, I have to check them out."

He put his hand out and the two of the slowly bent down to pick up their smattering of clothing, which they put into his outstretched hand. They then returned to their standing positions and did their best to keep their hands at their side, as I had told them was the official inspection position. They really did seem to learn something from all the stuff I had talked about and shown them the day before.

My uncle quickly sifted through their clothing and pocketed their panties and bras. He then tossed Candy her dress and said, "You can put this on."

She wasted no time and quickly pulled it down over her head, letting it fall into place. You could see the relief spelled out on her face once she was dressed again. It was a feeling I knew all too well so far this vacation and couldn't wait to feel again soon.

He then handed Tiffany her skirt. "Put this on and let me see that it doesn't break the rules."

Tiffany did as told and pulled her skirt up and fastened it. It fit her well, riding a little high on her hips, but well below her belly button and the thinnest part of her waist. I could clearly see it was within the rules, but her father leaned forward and seemed to take a little extra time trying to determine if it was good. After a moment he seemed to decide it was and handed her the shirt.

"Now let's see if this works with the skirt and doesn't break the overlapping rules." He said, and then turned to look at me. "You said it was no more than two inches, right?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah."

She pulled the shirt on quickly and I saw the same sense of relief cross her face as she moved back into inspection position, only this time fully covered. Her father leaned down again and looked closely at the shirt, even lifting it up slightly to see how much it overlapped. It was clearly less than two inches, but was close enough to have inspectors take note at school and pull her aside for a full inspection. I wasn't going to say any of this, of course, but I couldn't help but think of it.

"Alright." My uncle said, standing back up straight. "Everything seems to be in order now and you are no longer alone in this Lee Lee. Let's get back out there and let your father know the spankings are over so you can get back to having a good vacation."

I smiled at him and said, "Thanks. I'll just be glad to get dressed again."

I could see some nods of agreement from my cousins before I turned to walk towards the door again. This time nobody stopped me and I walked right back into the living room. I considered walking right on through and going upstairs to get dressed, but figured I should probably stop and let my dad know it was over.

"It's done?" My father said, looking up at me with both relief and sorrow in his eyes. "You going to be good now for the rest of your vacation?"

"Yes dad." I said, nodding at him. "Can I go get dressed now please?"

"Yes, go." He said, waiving me towards the stairs. "The punishment is done, so you can go do whatever you want again. Just follow the rules. You know."

I said nothing, but smiled at him before spinning on my heels and quickly rushing up to my room. I didn't stop until I was in front of my dresser and pulling out a nice dress. I pulled it on and let out a sigh of relief. I was finally dressed again and wouldn't have to face my family in the buff any more.

When I turned around I was shocked to see the twins standing behind me smiling. I just about jumped out of my skin and let out a little "Eep!" I did stumble back and almost fall on my ass. If it wasn't for my dresser being right there I would have.

"Sheesh you two." I said after catching my breath. "You scared the crap out of me."

"I can't believe that just happened." Candy said, ignoring what I said. "And you were getting so turned on by the spankings. That was crazy."

"And did you see the big hard on dad had while you were spanking her." Tiffany said. "He was totally turned on too."

I couldn't believe the two of them were going on like this about my spanking and their father's erection. The two of them had just been stripped in front of their father, by his order, and they seemed more interested in what happened to me.

"I know." Candy said, looking at her sister. "It looked like it was about to burst out of his pants when he got up to move over to the chair."

She then turned to look at me. "Didn't you feel it when you laid across his lap?"

I was again shocked by this question, but then thought about it and realized I didn't even notice. If it was as obvious as they seemed to think it had been I don't know how I didn't feel it against me, but maybe he did something to try and keep it from touching me or something. So I simply shook my head and said, "Nope."

"I can't believe that." Tiffany said, "It was so huge. How could you not feel it? I could practically feel it and I was sitting across the room."

I simply shrugged and looked confused. I didn't know what else to say. I hadn't noticed and no matter how obvious it was, that didn't change the fact that I missed it. But the more they talked about it the more intrigued I was to know just how big it actually was. The way they were talking it had to be gigantic, but then perhaps they haven't seen very many. Or any. And didn't know how big they can actually get.

"I bet you wanted to feel it." Candy said to her sister with a laugh.

"Yeah, right." Tiffany said, sticking out her tongue at her sister.

"You gonna use that or are you just teasing?" Candy chided back.

Tiffany looked taken aback at that and then looked at me, suddenly changing subjects. "So you happy to be dressed again finally?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "Felt like forever since I had something on."

"I can't believe you actually walked around naked like that all morning." Candy said, also dropping their former posturing. "Do you have to do things like that a lot?"

I blushed slightly and said, "No, don't have to, but I do seem to end up like that a lot of my own doing. It's kind of fun when out with your friends and many of them are doing it too. But not in front of my family."

They both nodded in understanding. Then Candy said, "But you like getting naked with your friends a lot?"

I shrugged and thought about it moment before replying. "Yeah, I guess I do. I sure do seem to end up that way a lot, especially when going out clubbing or to a party with my friends."

"Would you do it with us?" Tiffany asked. "Or are we too much family for that?"

I thought about it for a moment and realized how much fun I could have taking my cousins out to Rock Bottoms or even Foamie's for a night. Too bad New Town is so far away from home. I smiled at the thought and said, "Yeah, I'd love to go out with you guys and see what happened. It would be a lot of fun."

The looked at each other and then spoke in unison. "Then let's do it."

"We can't." I said, "The clubs are way too far away for us to get to."

"Not the clubs." Tiffany said.

"Let's just get naked and have fun." Candy said.

"You know, together." Tiffany said.

I blinked and looked back and forth between them. They were serious. I could see it in their eyes. And I was seriously considering it. It could be a lot of fun. They are both very cute, I had just seen them naked and they looked good, but my family was right downstairs and my sister could walk in at any moment. I just couldn't risk that happening after everything that happened already.

"I'd love to, but." I said, "There's nowhere really that private here. Our parents are just downstairs and my sister could catch us. You know how bad that could be? She's been horrible to me this week and I don't want to give her more fodder to use against me."

The seemed to mull that over and then looked disappointed, but nodded at the same time. Candy said, "Yeah, too risky right now."

"We'll just have to figure out a safer time," Tiffany added, "when your sister won't bug us."

"Totally." Candy said.

"Yeah," I agreed, "but not right now."

"Yeah." Tiffany said, sounding disappointed again.

"So what do you want to do instead?" Candy said.

I shrugged, not really having any ideas. I was so set on just getting to be dressed that the idea of making plans beyond that never crossed my mind. "I dunno."

"How about we play a game?" Came a voice from the still open bedroom door.

We all jumped slight at the sound and turned to look at my uncle, who was smiling at the three of us.

"Sorry," He said, "Didn't mean to startle you. I just thought we could all play a game if you guys wanted to. I brought a couple new ones you might like and just came up to see if you'd be down for it."

I looked at the twins and they both looked back at me and shrugged. I nodded and smiled as I turned back to look at my uncle. "Sure, why not. What kind of game?"

"Just a couple board games I picked up recently." He said, waving us to follow him. "Been wanting to try them out, but you know how that is? Always tough to get friends together around the holidays. So I figured I'd bring them here and see if any of you guys would be interested. I tried to get your father and sister to join, but neither of them had any interest in it, so it will just be us right now."

We followed him down to the recroom in the basement, where we had a card table we could use, and darts or ping-pong if we got bored with his game. It seemed like it was going to be a simple afternoon of fun and games, but I never expected it go where it did.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home Pt 12
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Ashley, your uncle sounds like he is a very good father and could be a very good uncle to you too. Only a very caring and loving father and uncle would be comfortable enough to put his daughters through something like that just to make his niece feel better and make her not have to spend her time alone feeling uncomfortable. You should really thank him a lot for doing that for you. Perhaps your cousins could help you thank him. I bet he would love to have three such lovely girls as yourselves all to himself for for evening being extremely thankful to him. I know I sure love it when my girls thank me all night for something nice I did for them, which I why I try and do things to them all the time. It makes them very happy and want to thank me even more.

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My Holiday At Home Pt 13
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Uncle had the three of us sit around the small card table while he set up whatever it was that we were going to play. It had a large board and several small colored wooden pieces in different shapes and some cards. I was surprised that much stuff could fit into a box that small. Most games I've played came in much larger boxes and had far fewer pieces.

The board didn't even look like you could move around it any way clear way that made sense and I saw no start square. I also didn't see any dice anywhere, so I was totally lost how this would work as a game. It was pretty obvious that he was going to have to teach us a lot before we could even start.

"Have you ever played a euro-game before?" My uncle asked as he shuffled some of the cards together.

"No." I said, honestly not understanding what he was talking about. "What's that?"

"It's a style of game that started in Europe." He said, now shuffling another set of cards. "They're starting to get more popular here, but a lot people still don't know about them. My girls have played a few with me, but not this one, so I'll have to teach you guys a lot to get started."

He then started to explain what the main goal of the game was and how all the pieces worked. Turned out there was no dice or even moving around the board involved. It was all about buying the little wooden pieces, which all represented different kind of products you could farm or make, and trading certain groups of them in to get points. The cards had different things on them that effected the way you could do all this and what trades gave you points.

It was a very different kind of game than I was used to and it took him a long time to explain it all. And that was before we could even start playing. But I started to listen real closely when he stopped in the middle and got a funny look on his face, because the next things he said set up a situation that meant I wanted to win bad.

"Will all this explaining I feel kind of like a teacher here." He said. "In fact I am being a teacher and this is my classroom. Advanced Euro Games 201."

He chuckled at his own joke and the three of us simply nodded in agreement to the actual facts he spoke, not wanting to encourage more of the stupid joke though. He then looked right at me and said, "Don't your teachers have control over the rules within their classrooms?"

I looked confused for a moment at this sudden change in direction and said, "Uh, yeah. They can make any kinds of rules they want as long as they don't break the major school rules about safety and stuff."

"Okay then." He said with a smile, looking around at all of us again. "This is my classroom down here and you are all my students. That means I'm going to institute a few new rules for my classroom."

I gulped and my cousins looked a little confused. They didn't seem to realize what this could mean. I've seen what some of the professors at school hat set forth as special class rules, although I had no idea what my uncle would do with the power, but after seeing how he stripped his own daughters already once today I imagined it wasn't going to be good.

"This game has eight scoring rounds." He said, noticing our reactions. "Whoever scores the lowest in each round will be penalized. First by losing their top piece of clothing, then their bottoms. After that, they will have to perform certain silly acts to entertain us. That should encourage each of you try really hard to do well."

My eyes went wide at the thought. I was most certainly going to end up naked again and who knows what kind of acts he would think of making us do. I wasn't so sure coming down here to play games was a good idea any more, but I couldn't exactly leave. That would be rude and he seemed so excited to teach us his new game. Plus, my cousins were really stuck, since they couldn't disobey their father's orders, and I wasn't going to abandon them. So I just buckled down and tried to understand the rules as best as I could.

Even though it had a lot of rules, once we started playing a practice round the game didn't actually seem that difficult to learn. It did seem hard to actually get what you needed to score any real points, but at least I seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. I actually didn't even come in last in the practice round either, which meant I wouldn't have lost any clothing if we were actually playing. That gave me some hope, but then it was time for the game to start for real.

All the cards were shuffled and the player's starting pieces were handed out, which looked like fat little people or starfish that could stand up. The pink ones reminded me of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. We used them to mark what we were doing each round, only getting to place one at a time as things moved around the table.

After the first round was over and we scored what we could, uncle took the lead (of course) and I came in dead last, scoring only two points. I guess the practice round was a fluke or something. Everyone looked at me and I realized I was expected to take my top off, but I wasn't wearing a separate top and bottom. I had a dress on.

"Umm, I don't have a top on." I said, blushing slightly. "This is a dress. Can I wait and if I lose again take it all off?"

"That's not the rules of this classroom." My uncle said with a smirk. "You have to remove your top. Just pull it down and let it stay around your middle. It's not like it will go anywhere while you're sitting."

I sighed and did as commanded, pulling my arms in and sliding the dress down off my breasts. So there was half naked again and showing off my tits to my uncle and cousins once more. The girls giggled a little and my uncle just smiled at me, like I was being a good girl. I then started to get my pieces and cards together to start the next round.

The second round went better for me and Tiffany lost, having to take off her shirt and show off her cute titties again too. Then the third round came and I lost again. So there I was, once again completely naked in front of my uncle and cousins, only this time with the risk of anyone else in my family walking downstairs and seeing what was going on. At least I wasn't completely alone in it this time.

When the fourth round ended, Candy was finally forced to join us by removing the top of her dress too. Unfortunately for her, the dress she had on was not designed to work that way and she couldn't pull it down. The neck hole was too small for shoulders, since it was designed to be pulled on over the head. In the end her father made her take it all the way off and lie it across her lap to cover her lower half, but that didn't mean we didn't get to see her lovely heart-shaped pussy again briefly while she did that.

She was so flustered by that whole situation that her cover didn't last long, since she lost the next round (the fifth) and had to give up the dress completely. So now two of us were naked and Tiffany was topless. My uncle was still winning, although didn't come in first every round, but we were pretty sure that even if he did lose a round he wouldn't be taking anything off.

When the sixth round ended we finally got to find out what happened if you were already naked, because I lost. He looked at me and said, "Stand up on your chair and wiggle dance for us for a minute, and don't cover up at all. That'll be the fist penalty for losing after you are naked."

I did as told and stood up on my chair, feeling very exposed and on display. My shaved little pussy was now at about face height for my uncle and only a couple feet away from him. I started to dance and wiggle to music that wasn't there, which I'm sure looked really ridiculous, but I just tried to zone out and not think about what I was doing. After a moment he told me to get down and we started the next round.

The seventh round ended and Tiffany lost, losing her skirt and ending up as naked as the rest of us girls. All three of us were now naked and on view for our uncle, although the table did hide our lower halves pretty well if she scotched in close. It was then time to start the final round of the game.

I lost the eighth round and the game, but uncle said that I had to deal with each loss separately. First I had to do the punishment for losing the round, then when that was done he would tell me what happened because I lost the game.

"The second time you lose after running out of clothes," He said, telling me my fate. "You have to walk around the table doing your wiggle dance, stopping in front of each of us for a moment, until told to move along to the next person."

I got up and stepped to the person on my left, which was Candy, and started to dance like I did on the chair. This time she was only a foot or less away from me and was watching with a big smile on her face, as if trying not to laugh. In the background I could see Tiffany get her clothing from her father and eagerly put it on.

After a moment I was told to move on to the next person, which was the now dressed Tiffany, and I did the same thing. Candy put her dress back on while I danced for her sister. Tiffany seemed more overtly interested in enjoying the show than her sister, but still didn't make a sound as she watched.

Finally I was told to move on to the final person, and I stood right in front of my uncle and started to dance and wiggle. He was looking me up and down intently as I danced, with a big smile on his face. He told me to make sure I turned around as I dance so he could see me from all sides. Basically telling me he also wanted to check out my ass. This time I could see the huge bulge in his pants and knew what my cousins had been talking about earlier. He was really getting off on seeing me naked in front of him. I wasn't sure what to make of that.

After what seemed like much longer than I had done for the others, he finally told me to stop. "Now it's time to tell you what happens when you lose a game." He said, "You don't get any of your clothing back, meaning you have to start the next one naked. It puts you at a disadvantage outside the game, but doesn't actually affect your ability within the game at all."

"You mean I have to stay naked?" I said in shock. "What if I don't want to play another game?"

He mulled that over slightly, with a frown on his face, then said, "Then you have to just watch us play for a while, staying naked anyway. When the game ends you can then leave."

I looked at the twins, hoping they would support me, and said, "What if none of us want to play any more and there are no more games? Can I just get dressed and leave then?"

His frown deepened and he too looked around at his daughters, who didn't seem to show an opinion either way. After thinking about it for a moment longer he said, "You still need to suffer a penalty for losing, so I would say you have to stay naked for at least fifteen minutes and in clear view of me. But after that you would be able to go. But only if we were all done playing games, and I don't think we are."

I looked at the twins, again hoping they would support ending this, but both of them just sat there and waited for the next game to start. I finally sighed and sat back down too. "Fine," I said, "Let's play again."

It wasn't that I didn't like the game, I actually did, it was just that I was once again to be naked in a room of dressed family members. At least I knew the twins would most likely be joining me in that again soon. I just wanted to do better this time so I didn't have to do as much dancing.

Somehow the first round ended with both Candy and I tying our scores as the lowest score. We had ties last game, but they were for first and second place, never last. I hoped that it would be that since nobody got fourth place neither of us would be punished, but it was of course that since we both got last place we both had to suffer.

Candy had to lose her top, which meant her dress was laying across her lap again. I was pleased to see this. It felt good not being the only one showing off again. But then I had to get up on my chair to wiggle dance for them all. They seemed to make me do it longer this time, but that may have just been my own nerves making it feel that way.

Candy also lost again in the second round and was as naked as I was once more. Tiffany then lost the third round and had to take off her shirt. She asked about taking off her skirt first, but her father said the rule was tops first. I was doing much better this time around, even though I started out naked. In the game my score was actually staying pretty close to everyone but uncle.

The fourth rounded ended with Tiffany losing again. They seemed to be happening in back-to-back pairs now. She pulled her skirt off, leaving all three of us naked again, only much earlier in the game than last time. The tie and me starting out that way really seemed to speed up that part of things.

I then lost the fifth round and had to make my round of naked dances in front of everyone. I started with Candy, just like last time, and she smiled at me as she watched all my bits wiggle and jiggle in front of her. After a short while I was told to move on.

I stepped over to Tiffany and she reached up and started to rub her hands up and down my hips while I danced. I was shocked at first, but then remembered that the touching rule would still allow that, unless Uncle told her to stop in his class. Which he didn't. When I turned while dancing, showing her my backside, she rubbed and squeezed my ass while I wiggled it at her. It was pretty sexy and felt pretty good, but then I looked up and saw my uncle, remembering that he was here and watching too. Suddenly I felt really uncomfortable again.

When I was finally told to move over and dance for him I was very nervous. His hard on was extremely obvious and I was almost certain he was going to reach up and start fondling me like his daughter did, but he didn't. I thought I saw his arms twitch a couple times, like wanted to but was restraining himself, but he never actually did. So I just danced and wiggled and slowly spun around to let him see me from all angles, like he wanted. Then I was finally allowed to go sit back down and we continued the game.

Unbelievably, the sixth game ended in another tie, with Candy and I both losing again. This time I had no idea what I was going to have to do and Candy was going to have to do her first wiggle dance on her chair. We both looked at my uncle and he just smiled. It was not really a comforting smile either. More like the kind you saw when someone just won a big prize.

"Well, well, well." He said, "Looks like we are going to have two little dancers this time. Candy, why don't you get up in your chair and get yours over with before I have Little Lee Lee here do hers."

She did as told and stood up on her chair, wiggling and dancing for all of us. I would have enjoyed watching her do it more if I wasn't nervous about what mine was going to be. I had already done my single chair dance and my personal dance for everyone, so I had no idea what could come after that. She finally stepped down when told and I turned to look at my uncle.

"Third time dancers have to come over here and sit on my lap." He said, the smile seeming to grow larger. "They then have to do their wiggle dances right here on my lap."

A lap dance, of course. The first dance was away from everyone. The second was up close. Of course the third would actually be with touching bodies, and most likely hands getting involved as well. At least he didn't say I had to give everyone one.

I got up and moved over to sit on his lap, facing away from him. I could actually feel his hard cock through his pants this time. No idea how I missed it while being spanked by his earlier. His hands instantly rested on my hips and I started to wiggle and dance like I was supposed to. Sure enough, his hands started to roam and explore away from just my hips, venturing all the way up to my breasts a couple of times, giving them big squeezes.

After what felt like a couple minutes he said, "Okay, turn around. You know you have to show me both sides."

I froze for a moment as I thought about what that meant. I then slowly got up and turned to face him as he sat there with his legs together. I realized I would have to straddle his legs to do this, which meant leaving myself wide open before him, but I had no real choice. So I stepped in and spread my legs so I could sit down on his lap facing him. I then put my arms around his neck for support and started to wiggle and dance again, trying very hard not to look him in the face.

He reached around and instantly grabbed my ass, pulling be closer to him in the process. I could see the huge bulge in his pants nearly touching my gaping pussy and wanted to move away, but couldn't. His hands never seemed to leave my ass, groping and squeezing it as I wiggled. I needn't worried about making eye contact with him though. His head never looked up, seeming locked in a downward position to better look at everything I was showing off.

I was finally allowed to get up after a couple more minutes and the dance was over. It was now time to get on with the game. I feared what was going to happen if I lost another round. What could possibly be more than what I just did?

Luckily for me Candy lost the next round and had to move around the table giving each person a close-up personal dance. She seemed to do it without complaint and even appeared to be starting to get into it. Then the final round came and Tiffany lost. She had to get up on her chair and give her wiggle dance for everyone to see before we finalized the scores and saw who lost.

When the scores were finally finished it appeared that Candy lost the game and was not going to get her clothing back for the next one. I was happy to see this waited for my uncle to hand me back mine so I could dress. He started with Tiffany, giving her back her skirt and shirt, but then sat down and started to set up for the next game.

"What about mine?" I asked, "I didn't lose the same so I get to dress for the next one."

"No, you lost the first game." He said, "That means you loose your clothing completely. You don't get them back until we leave the basement. You are free to go if you want, though, but we are staying here to play again so you wouldn't get your clothes back."

I was stuck. I was going to have to stay in the basement until they all decided to stop playing games and leave or else face the rest of my family in the nude again. It was going to be another long day for me.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 14
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2011/1/11 20:59
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With two of us naked now, the next game started and things moved along much faster this time. It really seemed the game was against Tiffany this time around as she was naked by the end of turn three. By the time half the game was over, not only was Tiffany already naked too, but also all three of us had been made to dance on our chairs, including one tie where two of us had to dance at the same time.

That meant we were going into the second half on completely even terms. With only four turns left and each of us only having to fail twice to end up doing a lap dance, the odds said at least one of us and most likely two of us would end up there. It was also possible that one of us would find out what happened after lap dances, but I really didn't want to know. And I didn't even want to think about what could happen if any more ties for last place happened.

The fifth round went on fairly quickly and in the end it was Tiffany who lost again, making that her fourth loss so far this game. It was really out to get her or something. She had to get up and do her personal dance for each of us, starting with me this time and ending with her father. She seemed to be getting into it and having fun with the dancing.

The next round was very close, but in the end I was the one who lost the sixth round, being forced to get up and dance for everyone around the table. Again I started with Candy and ended with my uncle. It was starting to feel routine and there was almost no embarrassment in it any more, as long as I didn't look him in the face.

Now two of us were on the bubble for the seventh game. If either Tiffany or I lost this gave we would be giving a lap dance. Luckily for us the best possible result happened and Candy lost the round. That meant she had to do the round the table dancing, but none of us had to give the lap dance a turn.

It also meant that things were coming down to the wire, with everything resting on the final round of the game. No matter who lost the round, they would be giving my uncle a lap dance. I just hoped it wasn't going to be me this time.

Then the most shocking thing happened, both the twins only got one point in the last round, meaning that both of them lost the final round and had to give lap dances. I couldn't believe it and wondered how they both ended up getting what was really the lowest possible score you could get without actually giving up and obviously throwing the game. One point was almost a given in every round.

"Looks like I'm winning double this round." My uncle said, looking at his two naked daughters. "Why don't you two come over here and both dance at the same time."

He then spread his legs so they could each sit on one of them. They did as told and started to dance with their backs to him, each sitting on one of his legs. He had one hand around each one and was sliding it up and down their side and belly, occasionally reaching high enough to grope one of their nice perky breasts. They even leaned back against him for a while to make it easier for him to do this. They all seemed to be getting into it.

After a little while the two of them got up and turned around, facing him and straddling his leg on each side. They put their arms around his neck, much like I had, and started to wiggle and dance again for him. I noticed that their thighs on the inside of his legs were even rubbing against each other, making sure there was contact between all three of them. His hands rounded them both and gripped one ass in each, pulling them even closer to him.

I was mesmerized by what I was watching, no longer even registering them as my cousins and uncle. It was just three people in the middle of a really hot lap dance. I just about lost it when twins looked at each other and leaned to give each other a huge kiss on the lips. And it was no little nice family peck of any kind. It was a full on sexy French kiss with passion behind it as they grinded on their father's thighs.

The dance went on for nearly twice as long as mine had, but that made sense I guess since there were two of them. I just couldn't believe what I had watched as they pulled apart and got back to their seats. It was one of the hottest things I've seen outside of the club and it was between three of my relatives. I was starting to wonder what kind of family I really had.

"Well then," My uncle said, "Looking at the final scores it appears that Tiffany lost this game, which only seems fair. I guess that means all three of you will be remaining naked for the rest of our game time."

Tiffany smiled and shrugged, accepting her fate and almost happy to be one of us now. I was starting to wonder if all her bad luck in the last game wasn't actually done on purpose, so she could join us in our fate. It didn't matter really, but I was thinking that might have been the case.

"I do think it's time to change games though." He said, continuing. "We've played this one out for hours how and I feel like we should switch to something a little lighter and faster. I think we should also change the terms of losing, since none of you have any clothing to lose any more."

I liked the idea of that on paper. It meant the whole scale of losing could be reworked so we wouldn't be getting into the really bad heavy things so quickly any more. If we had continued with the current game and system we would have found out what was past lap dances in our very next game.

"This game doesn't have round based scoring like that last one." He said, pulling out a small box and opening it. "It just uses a lot of dice and mix of bluffing and pushing your luck to see who comes out on top each game. That means that every game will just have one winner and everyone else looses, being knocked out of the game one by one. The whole thing takes less than five minutes to play, so we should be able to get a lot of games in before we get called up to dinner."

"That seems simple enough." Tiffany said, looking at some of the dice with their funny symbols on them.

"But what happens to the loser?" I asked, caring more about this than the actual game itself.

"I think that should change each time." My uncle said, looking intently at me. "That way it doesn't become stagnant. But it should also be relatively quick, since the game is fast."

"How about the winner gets to choose what the loser has to do?" Candy said with a wicked smile. "That should make it interesting on both sides.

"I like that idea." He said, nodding enthusiastically.

"But it can't be anything that would be against the rules of the school." I quickly added, not wanting to see things get out of hand in the hands of these girls.

"Of course." My uncle said. "But since touching is allowed on bare skin and you are all naked I don't see much of a problem there."

"She means no fingering pussies or making us suck you off or anything." Tiffany said straight out without any pause.

I instantly turned beet red. That was pretty much what I meant by it, but there was no way I could have said it that blatantly. I couldn't speak so I just nodded in agreement and failed to look at any of them.

"Oh my god," Candy said with a smirk. "She's all embarrassed and didn't even say it. She can suck off inspectors at school to bribe them, but can't even hear someone say that sex related things won't be allowed in this game."

"Oh, right, the bribes." My uncle said and turned to look at me again. "You never did answer my question before. Have you actually done that or more to get out of trouble with an inspector at your school?"

I blushed further and continued to stare down at the table top intently. I had to clear my throat before I could even make a sound of any kind. All I was then able to squeak out was a small "Yes."

The room fell silent and I didn't want to see the way he was looking me after admitting that. I was sure he was shocked and upset that I was not the pure little girl he always treated me like. Well, always treated me like before this day that was. The long silence just drug on and I was starting to worry that something serious was about to happen. That I was going to be in real trouble with my uncle and the games were over.

"Can we just forget that and get the game started?" Tiffany said, breaking the silence and tension. "I want to win me something good."

"Right." My uncle said, clearing his throat and starting to explain the rules of the game to all of us. He seemed to be back in teaching mode, so I felt it was safe to look up again and I could see that everyone else was calmed down too. It looked like everything was going to be okay.

After a few minutes we felt we all had the rules down and were ready to start. We didn't need a practice round this time and just got right into it. He wasn't kidding, the game was fast and kind of crazy, but it was a lot of fun. And in less than three minutes we knew who the loser was going to be: Candy. Now it was just a matter of seeing who was going to win and determine her fate.

My uncle won, of course, he was the most experienced with the game and we had all just played it for the first time. We really shouldn't have expected any other outcome, but that didn't stop us from trying while playing. But it did mean that he was now going to have to choose what Candy had to do as loser.

"Okay Candy," He said, looking thoughtfully at her. "Let's start out kind of small. Show us some of your cheerleader moves for a minute. And make sure to include that handstand splits thing you do."

We all watched as Candy did exactly that. I knew she was on her high school cheer squad, but it never really connected with that she would be able to do all those kinds of cheer moves. She jumped and did high kicks, making her breasts bounce amazingly, and then flipped up onto her hands, walking around a little to get her balance. Once she had it, she spread her legs out into an almost horizontal splits in the air. It was amazing to see, but it also really showed off her open pussy and the cute little heart shaped patch of hairs now under it.

She then flipped back to her feet and did a couple quick finishing cheer moves before getting back into her seat and ready to play the next round. This time we seemed to understand the game a little better and were all playing a much better game. That still didn't keep me from losing after three minutes and waiting to see who was going to get to choose my punishment.

It turned out to be Candy this time, going from losing last game to winning this one. She smiled wickedly at me and said, "Get up on the ping pong table and spread your legs. I want you to play with yourself where we all can watch. And really get those fingers in there."

I sputtered and said, "I thought we said none of that kind of stuff."

"No," She said, still smiling. "You said nobody else could be made to touch you that way. There was nothing in the rules about touching yourself, which is what you are going to be doing."

I looked at my uncle and he simply shrugged, appearing to weigh in on his daughter's side. I wanted to argue more, but I couldn't think of a single thing that would counter her point. It was true that I would be the one doing it to myself and not any of them. I was stuck and let out a deep sigh.

I got up on the table and spread my legs, laying back so I wouldn't have to look at any of them. Instead I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that I was alone in my room doing it. I reached between my legs and started to rub my still very wet pussy. None of the embarrassment or anything seemed to have stopped my body from being excited about the naughtiness of it all.

It did feel pretty good once I started, so I allowed my fingers to go deeper and rub more. I was even gently bucking my hips to help with the motions. I knew I didn't want to cum in front of them, but these were supposed to be short things, so there most likely wouldn't be time for me to get to that point anyway.

"What the hell are you doing?" Came a loud voice that hit me like a truck.

I snapped my head up and looked towards where the voice had come from, which happened to be right behind the others, near the door to the stairs. My sister was standing there looking shocked at me, but a large smile was starting to creep across her face as she seeing my reaction. My legs snapped together like a clamp and my hands went up to cover my tits, even though one of them was wet and glistening.

My head was still swimming when Tiffany turned to answer her. "She lost this game and had to do a punishment."

My sister's smile grew larger and she said, "Oh, you guys are punishing Ashley? I guess I'll watch for a little while."

"I don't think so." My uncle said in a strong voice. "You either have to leave or you can join the game. But be aware that if you do choose to take part of the game you will be subject to the same rules and potential punishment as the rest."

My sister then looked around at the others and saw that both the twins were also completely naked, which caused her smile to waver a bit. I could see her mulling it over in her mind and actually consider risking it for the chance to see me get more punishments. I liked the idea of not only possibly getting to punish her in return, but at least seeing her have to do something bad when she lost to anyone, and there was no way she wasn't going to lose at least one game.

"Come on sis," I said, trying to egg her on. "Afraid of a little risk for the chance to get to make me do something even worse? Come on chicken."

Right after I said I realized I pushed too hard and she was going to back out. If I hadn't said that last line I think she would have actually done it.

"I don't think so." She said, "You perverts just keep playing your weird little game and I'm going to go upstairs. Mom just wanted me to tell you that dinner was going to be in about twenty minutes. Ashley, I'll see you tonight after dinner and we'll talk about keeping my mouth shut with mom and dad."

My eyes grew wide at that thought and I just stared at her as she smiled and turned to leave. I couldn't say another word or move. I was going to be at her mercy again, or else I would have to have mom and dad find out about what I was just doing. Not to mention how that might effect the relationship dad has with his brother. This day was turning from bad to worse fast. At least the games were sorta fun between embarrassing parts.

"Don't you worry about her, Lee Lee." My uncle said in a soft comforting voice. "I'll take care of it."

I looked up at him, almost pleading, but unsure how he could fix it. He looked very kindly at that moment and smiled down at me. I wanted to say something, but I still couldn't find my voice.

"You just hide in our room tonight after dinner." He said, sounding very sure of himself. "That will keep her away from you long enough for me to talk to her and make sure she doesn't do anything to you. I don't want you to worry your pretty little head about it. I'll take care of it."

I nodded my thanks and slowly slid off the table, no longer even thinking about the fact that I was just masturbating in front of him or my cousins. They wanted to try and get a couple more games in before dinner, but I was in no shape to pay attention to the game, so my uncle decided it was time to stop playing and told us we could get dressed.

We did, although I thought both Candy and Tiffany seemed almost reluctant to do it. I guess they really wanted to keep playing, but there was no way I could. It was going to take me most of the next twenty minutes just to calm down enough to not look totally freaked out when I went upstairs for dinner, knowing I would have to face my sister again.

I just hoped that whatever my uncle's plan was would work... not that I had much faith.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Pt 15
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2011/1/11 20:59
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Dinner was really uncomfortable for me as I kept catching my sister's eyes glaring at me and threatening silently to say something if I didn't do what she wanted. Even though I had no idea what she wanted yet. I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant, no matter what it was. I don't think she knows how to be pleasant.

I had no idea how I was going to avoid her until whatever my uncle had in mind was to take effect. I also had no real faith that he was going to be able to do something to stop her, no matter what he thought. He may be able to delay her by a few hours or even a day, but she wouldn't stop. I was pretty well trapped and saw no way real way out.

When things started to wind down at the table I could see my sister just waiting for her chance to break off and corner me as soon as I left. I guess my cousins saw it too, because they went into action to prevent it. Candy started to pick up some dishes from the table and handed a stack of them to my sister, wrangling her into helping. She didn't dare refuse in front of our parents, so she begrudgingly took it and followed Candy into the kitchen to drop off her stack.

As soon as they were gone Tiffany stood up and spoke in a very bubbly voice. "Come on Ashley, I want to show you something upstairs." She then grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the table, which was a good thing because I was in too much shock still to react fast on my own.

Once we were out of the dining room area and rounding the stairs she softly spoke in her normal voice again. All the fake chipper bubbles were gone. "Quick, let's get up to our room. She won't think to look for you in there and even if she did she wouldn't dare come in without permission."

I simply nodded and followed along. Not that I had much choice, since she was still dragging me by the arm.

Moments later we were in the room and she had closed the door behind us. It was the spare bedroom in the house, which company used when they were over. I had been in here a million times before, but never when the twins had been staying with us before. I always assumed that they would have sleeping bags on the floor or some kind of extra mats or something to sleep on, but there was none of that in here. Just the normal large bed in the center

It was obvious they were staying here though, since the rest of the room had luggage stacked up in the corners and on top of the low dresser. The room was a little bit of a mess, with them having tossed several items of clothing on the floor and their hair and makeup products littering the top of the sewing table in the corner.

A few moments later Candy came in and joined us. "You should have seen the look on her face when she noticed you were gone from the table. It was priceless. I thought she was going to swear out loud right there in front of your father. Then before she could leave to find you your mother handed her another stack of things to carry into the kitchen, but I was allowed to leave. I think she's still down there helping your mom wash the dishes."

"Oh man," I said, actually smiling for the first time in a while. "I wish I could have seen that."

"No you don't." Tiffany said, looking confused. "That would mean you were still down there and she would have seen you too."

"No, I mean, I wish I could have seen her react to me not being there somehow." I said, shaking my head. "Not that I wanted to still be down there."

"Oh." Tiffany said, but she still looked confused.

Candy laughed and plopped down on the bed. "Don't try and explain it to her. It's not worth it. Besides, she might hurt something if she thinks too hard."

"Hey!" Tiffany yelled and jumped onto the bed to attack her sister. "I'll hurt something alright."

The two of them were wrestling around on the bed and laughing as they tried to tickle and pinch each other. I simply stood there and watched, noticing that their skirt and dresses kept riding up and exposing most of their lower halves while they wrestled. They either didn't seem to notice or didn't care.

They both suddenly stopped at the same time and turned to look at me. I smiled at them and then realized what was about to happen. Before I could step back they grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed as well, starting to tickle torture me the same way they had been doing to each other a moment before. I struggled against them, but it was two against one this time and I had no chance. I just had to take it and laugh as they tickled the hell out of me.

It had been a long time since I felt like a little kid again, but they had done it too me. We were rolling around on the bed and laughing and attacking each other for who knows how long when the door opened and their father came in quickly. He shut the door behind him and smiled down at the three of us, tangled up in each other and laughing like crazy.

"I see you guys wasted no time getting back to having fun." He said with a smile. "But I just thought I should tell you. Your sister is really mad about you disappearing right now, but I managed to at least get her to give us some time. After your parents go to bed I am going to go talk to her seriously and make sure she doesn't do anything to you. As long as she doesn't see you before now and then we should all be good."

"Okay," I said, losing some of the cheer that was in my voice. "But what are you going to do? She won't stop. She will just wait until tomorrow if she has to."

"You let me worry about that." He said, still smiling. "You just have to stay hidden until I can talk to her after she calms down a little."

"Okay," I said, again sounding more skeptical but I wasn't going to push further about his plan right now. "So what do I do until then? Just hang around in here?"

"Sure," Tiffany said with a smile. "Why not?" She then attacked me and started trying to tickle my sides again.

I couldn't resist and started to laugh and fight back. Candy then pounced on the two of us and practically flipped over us completely, ending up on our other side and facing the other direction. I also noticed that her dress had caught on her sister's hand and was pulled up onto her face, exposing her entire bare body and completely blocking her from being able to see anything.

Their father just chucked and said, "I'll leave you three to your little games. I should get back downstairs and visit with my brother for a while, as well as keeping an eye on your sister. I'll be back up later, once they are heading to bed. Just don't destroy the room while I'm gone."

On that he walked out and closed the door on us again.

"Is he gone?" Candy's said in a voice slightly muffled by her dress.

"Yeah," Tiffany said with a laugh. "Can't you see that?"

"Oh, you think this is funny." Candy said, her voice still muffled. "Let's see how you like it."

Rather than fight with her sister, who now was now holding the dress in place, Candy slipped out of the dress completely and surprised Tiffany. She grabbed the bottom of Tiffany's shirt, which was nearly around her neck at this point anyway, and yanked it hard up. Tiffany tried to struggle, but Candy was too fast and caught her off guard, so within moments the shirt was wrapped around Tiffany's face instead of covering her body at all.

Tiffany was struggling with the shirt wrapped around her head, but her very naked sister was firmly holding it in place. In fact, the only real piece of clothing either of them had on any more was Tiffany's skirt, and it had practically ridden up enough to be a belt at this point. It did nothing to cover her almost completely hairless pussy.

I couldn't help myself and started to laugh hard at the sight. The two of them were more concerned with making the other look foolish and winning this little struggle than about their own states of dress. It was nice to be in a place where this was happening and I still felt safe and free to be me. It was the first time since I came home that I actually felt at all like I did at school.

"You think this is funny?" Tiffany said in a very muffled voice. "Get her!"

The two of them then stopped attacking each other and turned on me again. I couldn't stop laughing, and it even became a harder laugh as they did it. Tiffany's shirt flew off her head and the two of them worked together to hold me down and pull my dress up over my face, blocking my view of anything happening in the room.

I knew I was now basically naked and I struggled a little, but it was pretty feeble because I was still laughing too hard. I also didn't really care about my nudity at the moment, since both of them were pretty much in the same state and we were having so much fun. It was nice to just be silly and have fun for once. I missed this.

After a few moments of struggling and laughing I was shocked into silence by a mouth suddenly licking and sucking one of my nipples. Things had progressed suddenly and it caught me off guard. The girls were no longer just rough housing, but now stroking my flesh more tenderly and kissing and licking parts of my chest. I stopped struggling at all, out of a mix of shock and I have to admit pleasure.

I felt the dress being pulled off my face and as soon as I could see again I was faced with Candy's face right up on mine. She was smiling, but before I could say anything she had leaned down and started to kiss me. And this was no simple family peck. She kissed me full on the lips, with tongue and everything. I was still in too much shock to reciprocate in kind, but I also did nothing to try and stop her.

I was then further brought into this confusion of shock and pleasure when I felt another mouth, Tiffany I'm sure, start to lick my pussy. Fingers followed the licks and together they started to pleasure me in the most intimate way a girl can another. It felt amazing and at that moment I had no plans to try and stop them.

Candy pulled back from my face and smiled, realizing I wasn't going to fight them on this, and started to move up to a sitting position. It took me a moment in my haze to realize what she was up to, but soon she was stepping over my head and straddling my face. Her luscious little pussy with its heart shaped pubes was poised just over my face and I wasted no time starting to lick her sweet depths.

She tasted amazing. Even better than most of the girls I've been with since coming to Central U. And her sister working my own pussy felt as good as she tasted. The two of them were great tag team of sensual pleasures, as corny as that sounds.

I have no idea how long we stayed in this position, with the two of them both on different parts of me and pussies being licked at either end, but I didn't care. It lasted as long as it lasted and only ended when I stared to go into a major orgasm and could no longer keep licking Candy's wet depths. Tiffany worked harder and only accentuated the pleasure of the waves as they came and I came hard.

Candy slid off my face and sat next to me, playing with my breasts as I rode the orgasm out. As soon as I could see straight again I saw the two of them both sitting up on the bed and smiling down at me. I was drained but also energized with pleasure coursing through me. I simply smiled back up at them.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time." Tiffany said.

"I'm glad you did." I managed to squeak out. "I needed that."

"Yeah," Candy said, still gently running her fingers across my nipples. "We could tell. You were starting to get way too stressed out and worried."

"And we're not done yet, are we?" Tiffany said, looking at her sister and moving up next to me.

"Not by a long shot." Candy said and leaned down to start kissing and licking my tits again.

"Good." I managed to say before Tiffany closed on my face and started to kiss me deeply. This time I returned the kiss gladly and even reached up to run my hands through her hair.

It wasn't long before the three of us were cuddled up close and tangled in each other's arms and legs again. Only this time we weren't tickle fighting and our fingers were mostly buried in each other's pussies, working each of us into a frenzy of pleasure.

The whole time we did this, two of us were always kissing and it didn't seem to matter which two. Sometimes I was kissing one of them and other times they were kissing each other. As soon as one pair broke off the other person would take one of them and start kissing her immediately. It was all about the pleasure and nothing else.

I no longer cared where I was or what I was doing. I was simply lost in this tangled mass of pleasure and flesh. I must have cum at least four more times while we writhed around on the bed like this.

I also must have completely lost track of all time, because I realized we were suddenly not alone in the room when I heard my uncle's voice. "I see things have progressed since I left."

I was shocked and scared for a moment, but it was impossible to hide or move. I was both too tangled up with my cousins and too exhausted with pleasure to do much of anything but just lie there and look up at him.

He was smiling and didn't look mad or even surprised at all. "I figured my girls would end up getting you into this position. They have a way of doing that."

I wasn't able to process that at the time and just continued to look up at him dumfounded. The twins, however, never stopped and were still rubbing against me and fingering my pussy the whole time we laid there with him looking at us, although they did giggle in response to his words.

"I just wanted to let you know that your parents just went to bed and I was going to go take care of your sister now."

I nodded to let him know I heard him, since it was all I was able to do. There was no way I was going to be able to make a sound that formed any kind of word at the moment.

"Once that's done, I'll be back." He said, turning to head out the door. "Then we can see about how I can take care of you too."

On that he left the room and left me alone with the twins, who went right back to kissing and fully playing with me and each other. I wanted to try and process what my uncle had just said, but the pleasure of these twin sex kittens was too much and I was lost in it again.

The girls kept me pretty well preoccupied until their father returned. That's when I found out what was really going on.

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I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home Pt 15
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2014/6/13 23:23
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Your cousins are pretty much just like my girls with the way they have been acting with you and I bet they are just like that with your uncle too. That means he knows how to take care of his girls and keep them happy. So, it looks like your uncle is really a good father and will be able to take care of this problem with your sister for just as he said he could. So when he returns you should make sure to really thank him a lot for helping you out and make sure he is very satisfied with your thank you. You are already very well dressed for doing this, as are your cousins who can help you thank him a lot too. The three of you should be able to make sure he knows how appreciative you are of everything he is doing to help you and for teaching you all those games earlier.

Posted on: 2014/7/6 22:47
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My Holiday At Home Pt 16
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2011/1/11 20:59
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The twins pretty well kept me in a constant haze of excitement and sex for a completely indeterminate amount of time. There was no way I could even consider calculating the minutes when my mind was exploding with one pleasure after another. All that means is that I had no idea how much time passed before we were not alone in the room again.

"It's done." I heard a distant voice say and the girls started to slow down and untangle from me, letting me start to come out of my pleasure fog.

I then realized the voice belonged to my uncle. "She won't be bothering you for the rest of your vacation."

My sight was still a little blurry, but I could see him standing at the foot of the bed and looking down at the three of us. I could also feel my cousins on either side of me. They may have stopped playing with my body, but they had not moved away from me. I tried to sit up, but I wasn't able to yet, nor was I able to make my lips form words yet. I simply let out a little whimperey sound and nodded at him.

He smiled at me and then looked back and forth at his daughters. "What did you do to her? She can't even speak or move."

Tiffany giggled and Candy spoke in a soft playful voice. "Oh, we were just playing."

He shook his head and said, "Poor girl. I know how you two play. I guess she'll be sleeping here tonight, not being able to move and all."

Tiffany giggled again and I struggled to sit up once more, but was not able to pull it off yet. I did feel some of my strength returning though, so I knew I would soon be able to. Then, when I tried to speak again I was finally able to make a soft raspy sound.

"I'll be fine." I said, "How did you get my sister to agree to leave me alone?"

"That, Lee Lee, is a long story." He said, sitting down on the bed and nodding slightly. "But I guess you are ready to hear it. I didn't think you would be, but my daughters appear to have proven me wrong on this one."

I was even more confused by that one. He says it's a long story, but he was only gone for a little while and only knew I needed his help for a couple hours. How long of a story could it be?

"You see," he said, "Your sister has always been the naughty one. She's always been the one getting into trouble and causing all of it. That's just the way it's always been. She was the troublemaker and you were my Little Lee Lee, the angel."

I blushed when he called me that, but didn't interrupt his story.

"Well, her naughty streak started to take a certain turn a number of years ago during one of our visits here. She jumped on my lap and started to try touching my penis through my pants, showing great interest in it. I tried to keep her from doing it, but you know how she is, that only seemed to encourage her to try harder. She just really wanted to know why it was so hard, but I held firm and said nothing, although I did eventually stop trying to keep her from touching me there as it was a lost cause.

"Well, the next time we came over and she was alone with me, she started in with it again, only that time she said she wanted to see it. She was very interested in seeing it and knowing more about it and everything. She kept pestering me and I finally gave in, as I always seemed to do with you two, only with you it was usually with sweets or horsy rides. Your sister's started to become more naughty in nature.

"So I showed her and that led to her wanting to touch it, which I also allowed, having given up any attempt to say no by this point. And I have to admit I was enjoying it a bit too. So, the next time I was over and you were off playing with the twins, she had me come into her room so she could play with me again, only the play started to get more active and involve more things. Before I really knew it she and I were having special play sessions every time I came over to visit."

I was completely shocked by this. My sister has been having sex, or at least something close to it, with my uncle for years and I never knew. It made sense, in a weird sort of way, but it was still strange to hear the truth.

"Anyway," He continued, "We'd been doing this for a long time and she always looked forward to it each time I came over. The twins would run off and play with you and I would visit with my brother for a while and eventually slip off to spend my time with your sister. She'd usually already be naked by the time I got to her room and she never wasted any time getting me out of my pants. She really loves our time together.

"So, all I had to do was go visit her tonight as I usually would when I was over and set down some new rules. As expected she was lying back on her bed completely naked and playing with herself when I walked in. Usually I'd immediately start slipping off my clothes to join her, but this time I just stood there and looked sternly at her. She tried to ignore the stare and got up to try and remove my pants herself, but I grabbed her hands and stopped her.

"She was not happy, and obviously horny, but I stuck to my guns and told her what I had to say. I let her know that if she did anything to cause you trouble at any point during this vacation, then our fun together would end. Forever. I knew I couldn't tell her to never cause you trouble again, since that would just be asking too much with her self-control issues, but I knew I could get her to go the rest of the week. Especially since she knew I was going to be here the rest of the week too and she would want more of our play sessions before I left.

"So that's how I know you will be safe for the rest of your vacation. I got her to promise and then rewarded her with an hour or so of serious playtime. I will most likely do it again at least a couple times before we leave the day after Christmas. I do still enjoy playing with her, even if she can be a little troublemaker sometimes. I just never expected I'd ever be telling you all of this."

"Dad thought you were a goodie two shoes." Tiffany said.

"That's not what I said." He chided, "I said she was a good girl. What I didn't realize was that she could be so naughty and still be my good girl."

"He's been wanting to play with you for a long time." Candy said from my other side. "He just never thought you'd be the kind to be into it."

"Yeah," Tiffany said, "Today has kinda been a dream for him."

"A wet dream." Candy snarked.

"Girls, stop it!" He growled, then turned to look and me and spoke more softly. "I still don't expect anything from you Lee Lee. Your sister was being horrible to you and I wanted to put an end to it before it got out of hand. That's all. You owe me nothing and I don't want you to do anything out of a feeling of obligation. You are still my Little Lee Lee, my angel, and nothing will ever change that."

I didn't think anything could have topped my shock of finding out that my sister has been boning my uncle for years, but this did it. The fact that he has been attracted to me all this time, but did nothing, even though he obviously has no problems acting when he wants to, meant he really cared about me and wanted what was best. I was filled with a million confused and conflicted feelings all at once. And the fact that I just spent the better part of at least two hours having incredible sex with my twin cousins did nothing to make it easier on me.

"And you are still welcome to sleep here tonight if you want," he said, still smiling, "but feel free to go back to your room if you aren't comfortable with that. You have nothing to worry about from your sister any more, so it's safe."

I wanted to tell him a million things at once; to thank him, to tell him how I felt, to tell him how confused I was, how shocked to find all this out, to tell him I still loved him, and more, but none of them could make their way out of my mouth. So instead I just sat up and gave him a huge hug, pressing my body hard against him and slowly moving to wrap my legs around his waist. I tried to put everything I was feeling into that hug.

He slowly wrapped his arms around me too and held me tight. There was no malice or sexual intent in his touch. He was simply returning the hug I was giving him. He still loved me and I loved him very much. He would always be my favorite uncle and I knew that would never change.

It was a long time before either of us started to let go, and I allowed myself to slide down onto his lap, keeping one arm around his shoulder for support. He kept one around my back and rested it on my hip for the same reason. We just looked at each other and smiled, not needing to say any words at that moment.

I then reached down with my free hand and rubbed his hardening cock through his pants. "So, do I get to see this thing now that everyone else seems to have had the chance?"

He looked shocked for a moment as the twins started to giggle from somewhere behind me, and then let out a booming laugh, practically dropping me off his lap. He then tossed me aside on the bed and started to stand up.

"All you had to do was ask." He said as he started to undo his pants, standing at the foot of the bed and facing me. "Not that ever really expected you would."

"We knew you would." Candy said, moving up next to me on the bed to watch. "He didn't believe us."

"You're gonna love this." Tiffany said, moving up next to me on the other side. "Dad has the best cock I've ever seen."

He wasted no time getting his pants off and stood there in his boxers and button up Hawaiian shirt. Although the shirt hung down too long and covered half his shorts, I could still see the huge tent his hard-on was creating in them. Even after all the things I've seen at college, his member seemed like it could be the largest I've ever seen. I was getting wet just in anticipation of seeing it.

He started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it off next and showing us his bare chest with small patch of sparse hairs in the middle. There was something about that I liked. It was very manly without being overly hairy and gross. The shirt hit the floor and he slid his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers.

"Are you ready for this Lee Lee?" He said, winking at me.

I said nothing and just nodded, not trusting my words at that moment. He accepted that and leaned forward, taking the shorts down as he did. The huge erect cock popped out of them as they lowered and pointed right at me when he stood back up. It was magnificent and definitely larger than any I had ever seen.

No wonder my sister was so interested in it. I couldn't wait to have it inside me too. For the first time since we were little girls I was actually jealous of her over having been able to have this amazing thing to herself for so long. I just knew I had a lot of time to make up for now and I wasn't going to waste any more time.

I slid forward on the bed, dangling my legs off the side and reached out to grab the glorious cock before me. My uncle stepped forward to make it easier for me to reach him and I immediately started to lick up and down the entire shaft. I wanted to get it ready for me and there was no better way than to use my own mouth.

Tiffany slid off the bed and sidled up next to her father, pressing her naked front into his side and wrapping her arms around his chest. He put his arm around her and reached down to grip and caress her beautiful bare behind. Candy moved in next to me and started to kiss and nibble on my neck, while caressing and squeezing my breasts. I barely noticed as all my attention at the moment was on her father's cock.

I took the thing into my mouth and discovered that I couldn't get it all in without choking myself, even though I wanted to. I did take as much as I could and sucked hard as I pulled back and removed it from my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. I was tempted to keep doing this until be popped, so I could taste him fully, but I didn't know much he had left in him, since he had just come from pleasuring my sister into agreeing to leave me alone. I may only get one chance tonight and I didn't want to waste it.

Feeling he was more than ready enough and not wanting to wait any longer I moved back from him and let go of his cock. I then fell back onto the bed and both raised and spread my legs, presenting my hairless little pussy to him and practically begging him to fill it up. Candy, who was still sitting up near where I used to be, reached up and gripped his cock, helping to guide it into me as my uncle lowered down on top of me.

As soon as the huge shaft entered me I knew it was all worth it. My pleasure centers overloaded and my brain exploded. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt inside me before and he sure seemed to know how to use it. Every movement he made only heightened the sensation and I was completely lost in the feeling.

The twins moved in and laid down on either side of me, licking and playing with my tits as their father worked my pussy hard for much longer than I had ever expected him to be able to do. I no longer worried about how much he had left and just wondered how long this feeling was going to last.

Eventually he pulled out of me, which I barely registered in the middle of one of my numerous orgasms, and moved up to straddle my chest. His daughters moved in and started to lick up and down opposite sides of his throbbing shaft, still slick with my juices, and it pointed right at my face. I noticed this and moved my head up to take the tip into my mouth.

No sooner had I done that than he suddenly exploded and filled my mouth with his salty seed. I tried to swallow it all, but there was too much and it came at me too fast. My mouth overflowed and the head of his cock popped out of my mouth, covering my face with more of his sticky load. I didn't care and just kept trying to lick and swallow as much of the tasty treat as I could.

The twins quickly moved in and started lick my face clean, getting in on as much as the creamy snack as they could. Uncle just stayed where he was, kneeling over me with his still mostly hard cock pointing at me, just inches from my face and dripping the last plentiful drops down onto my chest.

Once my face was mostly clean and I could open my eyes again and see him still there I leaned forward again and started to lick and suck his waiting cock dry. There was still more inside that seemed to want to come out and I kept working until I had gotten it all, as well as licking the outside clean. The twins, meanwhile, moved down and licked the last remnants off my breasts and chest.

After he was good and clean, and surprisingly started to get fully erect again, my uncle moved back off the bed and stood before us once more. He had his hands on his hips like a superhero and his huge cock raising up to full attention again.

"I hope you're ready for another round." He said, "Because I certainly haven't had enough of you yet, my Little Lee Lee."

I smiled up at him and bit my lip in anticipation. "Then why don't you get back down here on the bed and let me ride you this time. Because we have a lot of catching up to do, Uncle."

His smile grew huge and he wasted no time collapsing onto the bed besides me. I rolled over on top of him and guided his once again rock-hard member back into my waiting pussy, which I knew is where it belonged all along.

Posted on: 2014/7/8 17:58
I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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My Holiday At Home Epilog
Junior Chatter
2011/1/11 20:59
Posts: 73
After my uncle, cousins and I spent our mostly sleepless night making up for years of missing out on each other's true company, we finally got some sleep. The morning was a little tricky, as I couldn't be seen coming out of their room, but they ran interference and let me slip back into my room to shower and dress before breakfast.

When I came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and starting to do my hair, my sister walked in and leaned down to whisper in my ear. Her voice was low but dripped with malice. "Uncle may be sticking up for your prissy little ass right now, but you just wait until he leaves. I'll get you then. You will suffer."

I just smiled and said, "You'll have to wait until next time I come home then. Uncle agreed to drive me to airport when he leaves, so I won't be here after he's gone."

I actually heard my sister's teeth grind together in anger as she realized her predicament. If she did anything before then, she would lose her favorite playtime with uncle. After what I experienced last night, I knew she didn't want to risk that. But at the same time, she wouldn't have another chance to get at me this trip.

"Fine!" She finally growled. "But next time I won't go so easy on you. Your ass will be mine."

I just smiled at her, knowing who my ass really belonged to and thinking about what I was going to do with him later tonight. Hell, later today if we can find a time and place private enough.

She just glared at me and let out an annoyed huff, before turning and leaving the room.

It felt really good to know she was going to be powerless for the next few days, and I was going to be allowed to spend my time with the family in peace, just as Christmas was meant to be spent. And my nights were going to be spent with my amazing uncle and his delectable twin daughters.

I did worry about what was going to happen the next time I came home for a vacation, though. I knew my sister was good on her word in this case. I might just have to avoid doing that for as long as I could, although my parents wouldn't let me avoid coming home forever.

Besides, maybe there was somewhere else I could go to visit family on my next break. I hear my uncle's place is really nice.

Posted on: 2014/7/8 21:56
I'm kinda liking what this school is doing to me.
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Re: My Holiday At Home Epilog
Sophomore Chatter
2014/6/13 23:23
Posts: 28
Your uncle truly does sound like a good father and a good man, with two very good young daughters at his side, so you should be very happy to have made such a strong connection with him and them the way you did. I imagine you spent several more very good nights during the rest of your vacation being satisfied by them, mostly spending them in your uncles room with him and your cousins, just like you did the first night you talked about in your story. It's too bad however that your sister and you can't make up enough to share these times with the rest of them together. The fact that she who loves to spend time with her loving uncle just shows that the two of you have much more in common than you might think, so you might want to try and make up with her in a way that is more fitting with the way she seems to like to do things. I bet he would love to have both of you as well as his two daughters together with him at one time. I know how much fun it is to have all three of my girls as well as some of their friends with me for the night, as it always seems that the more you have the more fun it actually ends up being. I would probably wait until the next time you are home for vacation when your uncle and cousins are also staying with the family, it would make things a lot easier to make up with her that way since he would be around to also be part of the process, since you know she would love that. In the meantime I hope you get to go visit him and your cousins a lot this summer before school starts again, I know you'll have all lot more fun there than if you go home and I know that they would sure love to see you again.

Posted on: 2014/7/13 22:44
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